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  1. Very sorry that you had to endure this. As a minority myself I can empathize and understand what you were feeling. It is a shame that there are still many ignorant people in this world that believe untrue facts and believe they are self entitled and self righteous. Sorry again for you and especially your daughter.
  2. On my very first cruise almost 20 years ago my son got very ill. He was 2 years old at the time. He had a fever that morning somwe didnt get off the ship. We were docked in Antigua. I had him lay down in our stateroom while putting a cold cloth on his head. His fever spiked and he started having convulsions. I raced to the bathroom and put himin the cold shower. When he stopped convilsing I ran out the stateroom and asked for help. A crew member took me to the ship doctor. The bathed him in alcohol but called an ambulance to take me off the shop with my son to the hospital. He had a throat infection according to the doctors. While at the hospital the ship called the hospital to check up on us and the ship paid the hospital bill and for a taxi back to the ship. I did have to pay the ship back for the bill however. But they did check up on us. The hospital gve me a prescription for antibiotics and said I can fill it at the local pharmacy in town. However I ran out m stateroom with my son without my purse or anything so had no money on me and planned to leave to get it when my mom returned from the island so she can watch my son. However the ship doctor called my stateroom to check on us and gave me the antibiotics for my son free of charge.
  3. I will be sailing Jewel of the Seas June 24th and just making last minute adjustments and planning for the trip. I booked this cruise over a year ago before the new website changes. Since the booking was a while ago I cannot remember if we have early or late dining time in the dining room and what time is the seating. Does anyone know if there is a place for this now to check or is it something I would have to call and find out?
  4. Definitely need a new one. I remember my very first cruise. We didn't know anything about cruising and went with a travel agent. It was myself, mom, 17yr old sister, 3 yr old sister, and my 1 yr old son. Had no idea about sizes of rooms, time to arrive on ship, nothing at all. Now this was 20 years ago. Travel agent said we can all fit in 1 room and a crib would be provided for my son by the ship. The ship also left from puerto rico and departure was 10pm that night. We asked her if a late flight was ok and arriving to the ship by 9 pm ok. She said no problem. Well we artived at 9 and were the last ones on the ship. Didnt know we could arrive much earlier. We missed the whole first day. Luckily at that time we were still able to board. When checking in they were shocked that we were all booked in the same room. I asked about the crib and was told that was misinformation. Luckily they put me and my son in another room at no extra charge. Needless to say we learned alot from that experience and did not use the same travel agent ever again.
  5. Not sure if there is any pattern to it. I have a balcony booked for Jewel of the seas at the end of June and received an upsell offer to upgrade to a junior suite for $1,000 extra. I declined. Maybe for $500 more but not $1,000. I will be fine with my balcony.
  6. That won't be too early. Depending on boarding time you may just have to wait a little but you can check in. I've arrived at the port as early as 10am many times. Enjoy your cruise
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