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  1. Encouraging news! Will be watching closely for our refund!
  2. Our Sept. Med. cruise has been showing on the Princess website under My Account, Upcoming Cruises long past the time it was cancelled by Princess. I haven't logged onto it for a few weeks, but this morning I did and it's no longer there. Does that mean the refund on our deposit might be forthcoming soon?
  3. What about cruises cancelled by Princess going into Sept.2020? We had a Mediterranean cruise scheduled for Sept. 12. We knew we probably wouldn't be doing it, but decided to wait until final payment was due to cancel on our own & see what Princess might do. Princess cancelled it about a week and a half ago, so there is at least another class - cancelled by Princess into Sept. We took the refund option, but obviously we may or may not see a refund. Fortunately, we only had about $800 into it, plus another $180 for a prepaid Princess excursion (which we hardly ever do--of course, this would
  4. Just got off the phone with our travel agent. She said if we cancel before final payment (June 14) for our Sept. Med. cruise, we will get our deposit back. I suppose it could depend on your circumstances, though--maybe it's not true for everyone. Even though we will probably wait until a bit closer to the final payment date, I'm 99.9% certain that we will cancel. We don't want to chance getting on a ship that won't be allowed to stop in the ports. We also don't want to make final payment, tie up a large amount of money, and then have Princess cancel. We don't want any kind of Future Cruise Cre
  5. I agree about the Sept. cruise. We have one as well, for the Med., that we've planned for 2 yrs. for our 50th anniversary. I am sure we will cancel before final payment (scheduled for June), but do wish Princess would be forthcoming with more information. I really think it's already pretty obvious that Italy, for one, will not be allowing cruise ships in Sept.
  6. We've been looking forward to our 50th anniversary Sept. Med. cruise for about a year and a half, but am really thinking at this point that it's probably not going to happen. Final payment isn't until June 12, so we can wait a bit, but we are pretty much resigned to canceling (probably even if Princess doesn't - like others have posted, I'm afraid ports are doubtful as far as allowing cruise ships). Unfortunately, the fall 2021 Med. cruises don't have the same itinerary, so we may be looking at several more years before realizing our dream of the Med.
  7. Thanks for this info! We've been debating about just walking around Corfu on our own & had about decided to do so. This helps confirm our decision.
  8. We are Captain's Circle members & have a 21-day cruise booked for Sept., but didn't get the e-mail. I will do some checking on our profile, as suggested.
  9. I was looking on the official site for purchasing reserved tickets for the Colosseum for Sept. 2020. It looks like I can't get tickets yet for that month; however, I have a question concerning which tickets to buy. I was planning to just get the regular tickets for the Colosseum, the Forum, & Palatine (no guides). I noticed, though, that there is also one of the Full Experience tickets that says "Full Experience - Arena" and the description of it says "Colosseum with Arena". Does that mean that the regular Colosseum ticket does not have admission to the same areas as the one that says "wit
  10. We cruised on the Star in January & really liked her. Comfortable bed, didn't notice any musty smell even though we had an inside cabin. Staff was great.
  11. When we did the Inside Passage cruise on Princess Aug. 2015, we rented a car in Juneau (reserved ahead of time). It only took us about 10 minutes to walk to the rental car place. We had the car & were at Mendenhall Glacier before any of the tours--it was great! Then we drove to the end of the highway going out of Juneau, stopping along the way at a lot of scenic spots. We stopped again at the glacier on the way back (more crowded this time), and still had time to park the car, go up the tram & back, return the car, and get back to the ship in plenty of time.
  12. Sounds like maybe we'll just go into town and wander around. Thanks!
  13. We want to see the Heraklion Archaeological Museum (and perhaps Knossos Palace). Does anyone know how far these are from Chania?
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