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  1. Thanks for the advice, we're booked at the Leonardo Royal Something else checked off! Mary
  2. The Southampton Harbor Hotel is beautiful, but way too expensive for three nights and we need two rooms. We will be staying in Winchester after our daughter flies home. I liked the look of "Leonardo Royal" but reviews are iffy. Thoughts?
  3. We are looking for three nights accommodations in a nice hotel, with a large space to relax in our room, in the evenings before our cruise. We are okay spending a little more on our rooms. We do want to be near shops and restaurants and will hopefully be doing tours from the hotel two days. This will be our third cruise out of Southampton. As my maiden name is Winchester, we want our daughter to visit Winchester, a lovely place, in our opinion. Thoughts?
  4. There is only a charge for the shuttle to the ship, sign up when you arrive. No charge for shuttle from the airport to the hotel
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