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  1. Thank you for the great review. Like you we mostly cruise Royal Caribbean although we have enjoyed HAL, Celebrity, and have a 2021 cruise booked on the new Carnival Mardi Gras. We have one prior experience cruising with NCL. It was 12 years ago and while nothing terrible happened on the cruise (Hawaii to CA) it just didn't click with us and we have never cruised with them again - until now. Having read some good things about their newer / bigger ships (other than Epic which is an epic failure in design) and tempted by all of the free at seas offers I just booked us a 14 night transatlantic crossing on Getaway for April 2022 to replace the land trip to England we were supposed to do this August 2020 for our 40th wedding anniversary. We also are supposed to be on Harmony of the Seas before the Getaway cruise as we are booked on Harmony for Dec 6, 2020 but I will be surprised if that really happens. We also are from the Nashville area, we live in Murfreesboro! Glad that you enjoyed your cruise on Getaway as after I booked I then checked Cruise Critic passenger reviews and was shocked how bad they are. Of particular concern is seeing many complaints about waiting for hours to get off the ship at ports of call. Depending on the price I may have to splurge for that priorty access you had. We normally also book inside cabins because we like that you can sleep late or take a nap during the day in total darkness AND the cost savings is usually enormous. Our Getaway cruise is for our 40th so I am splurging for a mini suite. Hopefully going back to an inside cabin afterwards won't be too traumatic! LOL
  2. Thanksfor takingthe time to write such a comprehensive review!
  3. I have booked this cruise as a birthday surprise for my wife. It is also our first Carnival cruise! We have 8 cruises under our belt but most were with Royal Caribbean and the rest with HAL, Celebrity, and NCL. I am a big kid at heart so fascinated with the idea of a roller coaster at sea. I am also intrigued by this being Carnivals first LNG fueled ship. In addition I think the deisign is beautiful. I look forward to this great experience in what will hopefully be a post Covid19 world! (right now I am worried about my December 2020 cruise on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas)
  4. As a person about to turn 61 years old who is a diabetic and on medication for high blood pressure I also fear cruising before a vaccine is available. I have a December 6th cruise booked with Royal Caribbean whch will be right in the middle of the typical flu season which is when the experts expect a "second wave" of Covid19. I am hoping when the time nears for final payment Royal will offer the opportunity to reschedule with a FCC, at least for those like me at greater risk. I think if cruises are to resume before a vaccine they should be highly restricted to persons with no underlying health issues and not elderly. This would greatly impact the cruise lines as older people with health issues make up a large percentage of their customers but with ships being giant petri dishes for the spread of this virus I think that would be the responsible thing to do.
  5. This post is my take on the situation as well. We have a December 6th cruise booked on Harmony and I am praying for some kind of miracle that a good vaccine will be developed in 9 months rather than the 12-18 month timeline given as the best case. I am just over 60 but am diabetic so a bullseye for this virus and not with the easy symptoms. I feel like I will be endangering my life to cruise if there is no vaccine by then and I sincerely hope Royal Caribbean feels the same way and at least will offer folks the chance to cancel with a future cruise credit if they feel endangered. Not to mention they are predicting a second wave of this virus during flu season which my December cruise will be in the middle of.
  6. The big difference is that every example you gave was a very isolated incidebnt affecting just one city or one area. This pandemic and the social distancing has pretty much shut down all of the American exonomy. Apples and oranges. The disasters you mentioned did not affect cruise operators for months like this pandemic has and will. It is wishful thinking to think that in a couple of months everything will be back to normal.
  7. I don't know how you can say this when the medical experts expect a second wave of Covid19 this winter during what is typically the flu season. This will most likely be months before a vaccine is available. Plus even if business "rebounds" by the end of the year as you say the period from March until then will have devastated cruise lines finances. Their debt load to service with all of the new ship builds in the past 10 years is tremendous plus the cost of caring for over 100,000 crew they are trying to figufre out how to repatriate to their home countries. Particularly since the government now says those crew members cannot fly commerical.
  8. We have a December 6, 2020 cruise on Harmony. Not cancelling yet but concerned because they do not anticipate having a vaccine for Covid 19 until at least several months after that. My wife and I are in the "vulnerable" catagory. I am over 60 and a diabetic being treated for high blood pressure. She is just old. What causes me pause is now they are talking about the virus probably coming in "waves" with it being suppressed during the summer months but having a second wave during what is typically the flue season this coming winter. My December cruise might be right in the middle ofa second wave. However I am not making any knee jerk decisions and have plenty of time to see what happens. Not so much for our planned 40th anniversary ground trip to England this August.
  9. I am on the September 15th Jewel Greek Island cruise and also purchased the key for $19.99. I think the lower price may be more because Jewel is a smaller ship with less attractions to hae priority use of and no big shows that having reserved seating for would be a great benefit. I booked it for the priority embarkation and disembarkation mostly and because for once I was considering buying the internet package anyway and it was only six bucks more a day to get The Key.
  10. You did not lose the $2000 deposit. You lost $100 per person so $600 total. I understand your angst and hate they have gone to these nonrefundable deposits. However I am 100% certain, at least if you booked online and not on the phone, that during the booking process at least once the word nonrefundable was in front of you. I reluctantly book non-refundable because they have the refundable fares so much highter it makes it worth it to me to take the chance I won't have to cancel because that is a pretty low percentage and I would rather risk that than the more likely event of me paying a lot more for the actual cruise. My advice would be to suck it up and take the $600 loss, rebook for a date that works, and consider this a life lesson. You can blame RCL but all of the other cruise lines have also gone this route as well and your experience would have been the same there as well.
  11. $69 pp for Jewel of the Seas 9-15-19 out of Rome. Caught it on sale awhile back.
  12. Do you remember what the name of the great restaurant you ate at in Athens was? Was it in the Plaka neighborhood?
  13. I hate that this happened to you. I am always a little apprehensive about leaving luggage outside our door so usually wait until just before midnight and we make sure all valuables are in our hand luggage we keep with us. No jewelry, money, phones,tablets, etc in the luggage outside the door.
  14. This is good to know. Something I did not. I did learn when I found that link that you have to be within 30 days of your cruise to inquire if you can bid under the Royal Up program.
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