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  1. Yes! And despite us telling people who want to sit in that one that you can not see anything. They still insist! Then 30 seconds later leave.
  2. I will agree with Skywalkers, and Adagio Lounge. The ships that have the "Fake" balcony seats in the theater that have 2 rows of 3 we really like!
  3. I am in the agreement of not being confident. Since Carnival (as a Cruise Line) does not have a big presence in Europe it would seem like a lot to take the gamble and send just one ship. April/May is a ways off- but not that far into the future.
  4. I am facing the same issue! Agree- could call. But that is something I prefer to see on my screen. That way I 100% know what I am seeing/choosing.
  5. I think for us, depends on the Ports. Caribbean? I am fine treating is as cruise to nowhere! Europe? Where the excursions can be more pricey, then it depends on the stops!
  6. Yup! As others have mentioned - call for the refund check, some might allow you to do it online. Some even might be able to deposit back into your bank but check is usually the norm
  7. Merchants sometimes do blacklist people when they initiate chargebacks.
  8. Agreed! We been saying this for weeks. This industry is being attacked! When airlines were still flying, theme parks still open etc. They do not have to report to the CDC
  9. Being away from reality! Phones in the safe, no tv, no news!
  10. WIthout a doubt! In a heart beat I would be on a ship! As soon as there is a sailing!!!
  11. I wonder if they just will reschedule anything out of Tampa when normal operations resume or if they will leave her laid up till Nov 1
  12. are you implying that the entire pandemic in the US is a result of cruises not cancelling?
  13. I think that is a very interesting idea. It would sure help the economy in those cities up the coast.
  14. Just because they were on a cruise ship does not mean that this is where they contracted the virus. I do not like turning on the TV and they are blasting the cruise industry because of this. A very small % of the overall numbers could be because of cruise ships. However when you have people on air planes, and theme parks and everywhere else, it is just the cruise industry being 'blamed'
  15. We just got off the Crown this morning. We were only on the 10 day sailing so we did not need to worry about arrangements. The entire time, if you did not watch the news other than the crew serving at the buffet you would not have known there was an issue anywhere! It was nice and relaxing and quite frankly we still wish we were on board
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