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  1. I have heard that the train is a good excursion. If you are interested I could see if our tour guide could take 2 more. There are 4 of us going and he was really really good the last time we used him. We are saying to him take us anywhere you want. The only place that the ladies want to see for sure is Carabille batik. Let me know if you have any interest and I could check it out. Yes it is Bob & Lesley and we will also be at the tropical bar. My wife is also from England
  2. NI Great I am glad someone has posted on the same trip. This will be our 4th cruise on Star Clipper line. We also been on 5 trips on the old Windjammer one of which was in 1989 on the same itenerary. In St. Kitts we are taking a tour with the same guide that we used in 1989 That should be great We are going with another couple who have not sailed before. What is your first name and we can see if we can connect aboard. We are arriving in St. Martin on Wed and staying in Grand Case
  3. Star Clipper sends as part of your final invoice for payment form also the form where you give them your passport info etc. I do not know what happens with a TA as we always book direct.
  4. I do not think I would stay in Pireaus, not too much to do and there are lovely hotels in Athens with Acropolis views. A lot more to do at night and you can take a taxi or subway to the port. If I remember right it is quit a walk from the port gate to the ship docking while taxis can pull up to the ships staging area.
  5. Everybody's experience may be a little different: Yes there are computers aboard in the Library. You need to buy an access card. I have not done so I do not know the rate. You do not get estimated port time before you go but I have called Star Clipper office and they have given me estimate times but remember that that can vary and weather may not permit the ship into port. We did not get into Capri last May at all because of strong winds. It is hard to book your own tours ahead of time but we have done private taxis once we were ashore. The tours booked on board are some good and some not so good, no different from any other cruise line. Ask here if there is any tour you are thinking about or ask the cruise director. You are not "suppose" : ) to bring your own alcohol aboard to be consumed aboard and they do not have a corkage fee but you can buy a bottle from the ship and they will cork for you for next meal or use. The ships are really great. We have been on all 3 and have had a great time and are going again in Feb in the caribbean. Are you doing the Athens to Venice trip? If you are it is fantastic!
  6. We are sailing Feb 12 on Star Clipper Treasure Island (BVI) itenerary. Anyone that sailed the November or December dates? Could you please post your experiences. Also anyone else going Feb 12?
  7. The only smoking I have seen is one side of the outdoor bar area. The heaviest smokers are from europe. hope you don't
  8. On the Star Clipper/Flyer in Cat 2 or 3 the best we found were 330 to 339 all about the same. The best bargain and goes really fast are the two Cat 3 328 and 331 About the same as Cat 2 but cheaper. Avoid 311 and 310 they open to the dinning room although there is a curtain. I would also pass on 322 and 325 next to dining room. We have not booked or I guess looked at the Cat 2 at the bow 302 to 309. Ask the res person at Star Clippers and they will give you their opinion. The "D" fixed double bed are just that double bed the rest are two singles that can be put together and usually are and are a little larger. The ^ have a 3 bunk on the wall which folds down. Go to their web site and they have a virtually tour.
  9. Hi Barb How are you doing? Lesley and I are doing Star Clipper BVI in Feb. Hope we can sail with you again someday. Any of the group going with you on the canal trip? PM us and we can catch up Bob
  10. You can certainly call Star Clippers direct to book. We have gone trough a TA once and the other 3 times we booked direct
  11. I did not see too many people barefoot except by pools and deck lounge area. The two little pools are used for more than water aerobics There is NO bare feet in the dinning room at any time-- they use glass and for sanitary purposes. Take closed shoes if you wish to do mast climb (you really should do that !)
  12. We have been on all 3 of the ships and I saw very very few wear jackets, but you can if you want and you won't feel out of place either
  13. If I remember correctly there is an alarm clock on the night stand. Sunrises with a nice coffee, drink or hot chocolate are beautiful. There is coffee and tea available in the bar and early bird breakfast at 6:00am. I am almost sure that there is no wake up service. I bet you will be up with out an alarm
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