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  1. aussiescouser

    big mistake Princess!!

    There was quite a line at guest svc's on day one! those that purchased Premium package in this cruise have been credited the difference but limit remains 15 drinks per day! soda and coffee prices have not changed! at beautiful Champagne Bay today! overcast but warm 😁
  2. Currently onboard Golden Princess! Premium drink package has gone fm $59 a day to $86 a day and limited to 15 drinks per 24hr period!! and they have done away with happy hour!!! alot of very upset people onboard :mad:
  3. aussiescouser

    Golden Princess

    We just got off the Pacific Explorer and it was the same, hand washing sinks as you enter buffet! its also not self serve! from what i hear all ships are no longer self serve as of 1st July??? not sure how true this is just what we were told onboard! going on the Golden next month and cannot wait :D;p
  4. aussiescouser

    Emerald Princess Review

    Thanks for the review, cruise on her in 45 days! First time with Princess and curious to compare to RCCL! The AUD$ is already a positive :D
  5. Radiance is my fav ship! just a beautiful ship and beautifully set out! think i need to get my self on her again real soon:D:D
  6. aussiescouser

    Emerald Princess pro and con

    Hi Kiwi, hiw does Emerald Princess stack up to others you have cruised on?? Cheers
  7. aussiescouser

    How to dress as a kiwi on the ship.

    just wear a sheepskin coat ;)
  8. Hello, does anyone that has recently sailed and purchased the ultimate drink package on RCI know if starbucks is included in the package for coffee etc? thanks :)
  9. aussiescouser

    RCI tipping

    hi all, havent cruised with RCI in a couple of years and you were able to cancel daily tipping of $12 per person per day and just tip who you wanted at end of a cruise! is this still an option??:confused:
  10. aussiescouser

    Tipping question

    have not cruised RCI in a couple of years but does anyone know if you can still remove the $12 per person per day tipping and just pay who you want and how much you want as this has always been my preference:confused:
  11. Hi guys just a quick one in regards the premium drink package onboard RCI ships, can not see anywhere on their page that mentions spirits in any of the drink packages! cocktails, beers, wine and soft drink but not spirits? can anyone that has recently purchased one of these packages confirm that spirits are still included? i know they were a couple of years ago but just the wording of their packages has left me a little confused:confused::confused::confused: thanks in advance
  12. Wow I hope its before I sail on her early next year:D:D
  13. Id definately recommend a tour for suva!!! try and stay out of the city as its not a nice place!!:eek::eek:
  14. aussiescouser

    Royal Caribbean's new gratuity set up

    [quote name='gaechann']Hi Pete & Rose We are also sailing on Rhapsody next Monday! Might see you on board. We also received the email yesterday but because we elected My Time Dining our gratuities were pre-paid so we are able to ignore it. My point though is that at $12 per day for each person I'm wondering how you have worked out that you will have to pay a total of $720? :confused: At $12 per day x 12 days = $144 per person For 2 of you that = $288 Considerably less than $720 Even if you are a family of 4 the total would be $144 x 4 = $576 STILL much less than $720 Being Aussies we have NO IDEA about the practice of tipping and when it's expected so we always elect the MTD option then just lock in a preferred dining time in the Main Dining Room which is easily done online. Eliminates the problem of tipping as it's required UP-FRONT for MTD though we still obtain some small $USD notes on-board to leave for our room steward each day as they are always so amazing the way our room is kept. Hoping for some FINE weather for our cruise! Gae[/QUOTE] Hi Gae, Yes - hope to see you on board...... I have a family of 5 sailing on Monday so it = $720.