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  1. I’m another original Mardi Gras cruiser 😄. It was our first cruise and we sailed Thanksgiving 1984. My parents, sister and I all shared a cabin and had a suitcase just for our shoes! Lol! Poor Dad! Have such great memories of that trip.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look. I checked out Viator but wanted to see if there were any recommendations for the Disney excursions or non-Disney excursions that members have done and enjoyed. I don't have kids so not 100% sure what an 8 year old would really enjoy - my brother/sister-in-law haven't cruised before and have asked that I look into this for them. My husband and I have cruised many times on Celebrity and this is our first Disney cruise. Appreciate any input on what was enjoyable for other CC members and their family! Thanks so much!
  3. We will be sailing on the Wonder in March to Cabo San Lucas with my niece who is 8. Any recommendations for excursions that would be fun/good for her and the family? Thanks!
  4. Looking forward to Pirate night! We are on a 4 night Wonder cruise in March - will there be a formal/chic/dress up night along with the Pirate night? Or just the Pirate night? Want to make sure we pack appropriately. Thanks!
  5. Could have been when I first joined in 2003 - but good to know not available now. I find this site so helpful in planning a cruise 🙂 Does anyone have any recommendations for Embarkation Day lunch? Thanks all!
  6. Good to know - I haven't used CC for a while and I thought I used to be able to message people. Thank you for the update!
  7. This has been such a helpful thread! We are traveling on the Wonder in March - our window opens on January 10th. Any other ideas for new to Disney cruisers? I am putting together information for my family (group of 7 traveling 🙂 ) Question about Pirate Night - how "themed" is it? Is it just at dinner or are there Pirate themed events/parties all evening? @K8T - I tried to PM you but am having issues. Would love to know more about the Fish Extender group - sounds fun!
  8. Totally get it, 1025cruise! We have the "gold" too and are MORE than willing to pay our own way but they were insistent on paying. I prefer to cruise on lines without a large contingent of kids and do not handle heat well at all. And this trip is all of those things. But VERY grateful my in-laws want to pay for this trip...and completely understand I will be on a ship geared towards families and it will most likely be noisy and hot in/by our cabin. 😀 We are prepared to go with the flow. I know we will have fun with our niece and family- just trying to find out if anything had changed from the old reviews. I saw the ship had been in dry dock so was hopeful. We are truly looking forward to our first Disney cruise - I have heard wonderful things about the line and we are looking forward to being with our niece for her first cruise - she loves Disney so this will be SO fun! (albeit hot and noisy by our cabin apparently lol 🤣 )
  9. Thanks for the information -this is super helpful! Now to figure out a way to tactfully bring up the topic with my mother-in-law... 🙂😎
  10. Hi all - first time Disney cruiser! We have sailed Celebrity, Norwegian and Carnival previously. My in-laws have generously purchased this trip to celebrate our neice's 8th birthday. It will be mother/father-in-law, brother/sister-in-law with niece, DH and me. We just received the reservation confirmation from my mother-in-law and found we are in Cabin 6588. From what l have been able to find - this room is hot and across from the 24 hour laundry facility. (Have not been on a ship that had a laundry facility for guests to use - guessing it would be similar to laundry facilities at college but nicer.) However, all the reviews are quite old - has anyone sailed recently and been in this cabin or near it? Just wondering if I need to graciously/tactfully ask to change our cabin - I do not tolerate heat well at all. DH and I were willing to pay for our trip but in-laws insisted on paying/organizing...Any information is helpful! Please let me know if there is a section on cabin reviews - I couldn't find one -hence the post. Thank you!
  11. I think they are trying to move to less plastic, hence the water cartons instead of bottles. We had the premium package and had Evian bottles provided to us. I was on the 6/29 sailing as well - it was awesome!! Probably one of my favorite cruises even though it had my least favorite ports. The crew were all so friendly and engaging. I have never seen such visible senior officers - and they kept asking if we were enjoying our trip/experience and seemed to really want feedback. Loved the cruise director, Marten. He seemed to be everywhere. I have never been one to really care who the officers/cruise directors were on a ship... after this experience I can see why people ask. This is the first time my husband and I have had so much interaction/connection with them and it really made an impact with us. Our Cruise Connections meet and greet was fun - we enjoyed meeting and speaking with other CC people 🙂 And the Captain stressed how importantly they view this board and our input/thoughts. This was hands down my favorite Celebrity Cruise.
  12. I am so excited to see the updates! We are sailing on her June 29th for our 26th anniversary and will be in a suite for the first time. I am looking forward to the trip!
  13. I did a 5 day Carnival Paradise cruise in February with my friend for her birthday. It was out of Tampa and we went to Cozumel. I went on the ship with an open mind knowing it wouldn't be Celebrity but would still be fun. Some things that stood out to me (other than not being greeted with a glass of champagne lol!) was the smoking. The casino was a smoking area and there was a large smoking area near one of the pool bars. We had to walk by/through the casino every day to get to the dining room. We really didn't care for that... We loved the cruise director Leon and the singer/muscians Emma Jude and Johnny Rocket. I thought the food in the main dining room (there were two dining rooms - one for those with early/late sittings and one for those with "anytime") was good. The service was nice too. However, I feel like it is just a step up on Celebrity. The choices of beer, liquor and wine were limited and the drink packages are capped at 15 per day. That is a lot I know but is amazing how quickly that adds up when having mimosas/bloody mary's in the am, wine spritzers in the afternoon, pre-dinner drink, wine with dinner, and a nightcap. They also make you wait 5 minutes between drinks. So if you don't like something - you have to wait 5 minutes to order again. And if you don't like something, that still counts towards the 15. (I like to try martini's as I don't normally drink them but didn't on this trip - would rather have things I know I liked.) On our trip there were A LOT of bachelorette groups... A LOT.... lol! There also seemed to be a lot of guy groups too. It made for good people watching 😉 Our room was nice (a jr. suite that had a supposedly obstructed view - it didn't) and it was easy to get around the ship. The crew were friendly and there was definitely an emphasis on FUN! lol! I would do it again as it was short, easy to get to, and affordable. But it also made me realize - my heart is with Celebrity. Their service and quality is what I like/prefer 🙂
  14. Thanks everyone! Such helpful information-I really appreciate it! I double checked my flight and it arrives at 11:24... I misread the information. A smidge earlier...hopefully it will help. Unfortunately, I cannot fly in the day before due to work commitments I can’t change. My flight is direct and I am going to really try to do carry-on. I am a notorious over-packer but there’s a first time for everything lol! 😎😂. I’be downloaded the HUB app - it seems really cool and I’m looking forward to using it. I was on a cruise a few years ago and we were saying they needed an app for people to use on the ship (maps, texting, news, bookings etc.) - this seems to be just what we were talking about-very cool! Again, thank you for all the great information. Any other ideas or recommendations/suggestions, please feel free to share!
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