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  1. We are on this cruise, just an FYI for the confused, sometimes a guarantee is all that is left! We didn't book until July and all that was left in the balcony category were guarantees. At least the OP has a cabin assignment, we are still waiting. I have no idea how this guarantee category works, balconies were sold out in July but over the last two days some have popped up, tried to get one but it had sold. I don't really care if it's aft, forward or in the middle, I just want it to be between two cabin decks. Just because people know the rules doesn't mean they can't be disappointed!
  2. Not true, we sailed in a family suite on the NCL Dawn that had floor to ceiling windows, the NCL Star has these suites too.
  3. At the top of the page, right side is your screen name, click on the arrow and a menu will drop down, click on account settings and on that page you will see signature. You can edit it from there.
  4. I like to be between two cabin decks, 7, 8, and 9 on most ships. I also like Lido if I book during free category upgrades. My favorite cabin was an aft wrap on the Triumph, deck 8, got an upsale for $75! Like to get an offer like that again.
  5. Our first cruise we went from an OV to a balcony, that was 2003. Decided we'd try an Inside and got a cabin with a window that was over the bed, so had to kneel on the bed to look out. It was across the bow so there was a deck that we could walk onto from doors at the end of the hall, we were sailing back up the Atlantic and it was a bumpy sea and I almost bounced right off the bed! That was the last time we booked a guarantee until last January on the NCL Epic, booked late, only guarantees left, got a cabin in 2 days. Same thing this year, booked late on the Breeze, Nov. 2, still waiting for a cabin, don't think we'll book anymore guarantees, just too stressful waiting for a cabin. ;
  6. We sail on the Breeze on Nov. 2nd, booked late and all that was left was balcony guarantees, still waiting for a cabin assignment. We did get some upgrade offers to a suite, the cost to upgrade was more than we paid for the cruise! I really like to pick my own cabin, concerned that we'll be above a night club or below the pool. Hope we get a cabin before we get to the port.
  7. Signed up for the CC roll call and on one of the facebook pages. I would dress for the 80's day if only I could think of an outfit! Can't remember what I wore in the 80's. 🙂
  8. Yes, we are going on this cruise. Booked late and only had GTY balconies left, hoping to get a cabin assignment soon. I have read about some of the things that they do on journey cruises, really getting excited about it.
  9. I would not sail any of the Fantasy class ships, I like a balcony and they are way too expensive on those smaller ships. So far the only ship we would never go on again is the NCL Epic, cabin was very small and the shower and the toilet are in main area of the cabin, the sink is at the bottom of the bed. We still had a great cruise, not going to let bad cabin design ruin our cruise, we would just not do it again.
  10. Last January we cruised on the RCCL Oasis of the Seas and NCL Epic, both large ships with over 4000 passengers on Epic and 6000 on Oasis, I would not recommend these for your parents, it was a real hike just getting to our cabin! I would not recommend the Epic at all but I do like NCL, they do offer great suite perks. I think they are both similar to Carnival in many ways. NCL does offer many specialty restaurants, we enjoyed most of them. I also like the theater seating on those ships and would agree that NCL has great shows, every night.
  11. OP here, I checked back after my post, got an answer and hadn't been back on CC until today. Imagine my surprise to see it was now 4 pages! For those who have said it's beating a dead horse, well I did a search, phrased it several different ways and nothing came up, I asked more out of curiosity because I was surprised when I heard tablecloths were no longer a thing. Would I stop going on Carnival because they no longer use tablecloths everyday? No. I do enjoy the MDR experience and I think the tablecloths were a nice touch, they made it different than the restaurants at home that we eat in all the time. Some have argued that it's all so casual now, well so are NCL, RCCL and most cruise lines but they still use tablecloths. Also Carnival is not cheaper then NCL or RCCL, the only other lines that I have sailed. Like most cruisers how we pick our cruises depends on a lot of things. We picked the 14 day cruise on the Breeze because of the ports, 7 different ones for us. Booked before I even looked at CC, even with all the changes on Carnival we would still have booked it. It will be interesting to see all the changes in the last 7 years, hope more good than bad.
  12. Do they no longer use tablecloths in the MDR every night? Someone posted that they liked the 80's night because they used tablecloths, fancy glasses and silverware in the MDR like they use too. Now we haven't been on Carnival since 2012 but we've been on Royal and NCL and they still use that stuff every night in the MDR, so just curious if Carnival has stopped doing it.
  13. Thanks for the link, your review was very helpful.
  14. Pixels photo package.................good idea? Thinking about getting this, can you really pick any photo? I always get the welcome aboard photo, would that be included or do they put any restrictions on what you can choose?
  15. On our first cruise in 2003 we didn't get our luggage until after dinner! Luggage arrives much faster now on all cruise lines. Even on the 6000 passenger Oasis of the Seas we had our luggage before muster and we are at the basic level on RCCL.
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