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  1. Seems like a pretty simple system for all concerned. There might be some small added costs for the unvaxed but not too big of a deal really. Swab here a swab there short lines to wait in briefly...simple. All aboard!
  2. It looks like a Medical Doctor will be required onboard cruise ships going forward!
  3. I will not wear a mask while sunbathing outside on the deck above the pool in the wind, will not.
  4. That would be a major problem...so many reason. Not so sure a hotel would want to take this mess on. It sounds like a TLC idea for a series. Like Honey Boo Boo, or married at first sight. Three to five thousand people showing up at one time with loads of luggage, who can't leave, everybody is hungry standing in line for test, hoping they are negative and realizing they could possibly be contagious but not testing positive yet. All the story lines real or contrived....everybody checking out the next day needing transport to the port, breakfast...and on and on it goes...Nah
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like no cruising for 2-3 years. And my 500 dollar deposit for my next cruise will go for a worthless placebo. Maybe I can buy some stock in Astrazeneca and in 2-3 years I will get a Jr. Suite if there are any cruise lines still in business. This is getting depressing I think I will go to MSNBC for some encouragement.
  6. This reminds me of a person who has a car with only liability insurance. The person is involved in a auto accident that they are clearly at fault in and their car is destroyed. The owner calls his insurance company to get the car repaired and finds out that their policy is liability only and is a total loss, They cannot accept this and decide to tell everyone they know how heartless and uncaring this particular company is. I have not read if the OP had purchased insurance but if he did not then who takes on the risk when the proper insurance is not purchased?
  7. Based on this logic, nobody knows anything about anything other than what THEY subjectively want to believe about it. Therefore my truth is mine and I'm sticking with it. Faced with overwhelming video evidence you simply maintain YOUR truth and YOU should not be doubted about YOUR truth. Simply a case of the Grandfather's attempt to shift blame so he can live with himself and in the process get a settlement from RCCL. The video is a lawsuit ender, any thinking person can see that. Even if a jury with people who refuse to recognize the truth because of sympathy for the family on appeal i
  8. It's out of Ft. Lauderdale and I appreciate your quick responses, thanks for the information.
  9. For anyone recently sailing on Adventure of the Seas, at what point in the boarding process did you get your sea pass card? Some posts lately have mentioned getting the card once you reach your stateroom after 1 pm. I don't remember seeing that for the Adventure any info would be appreciated.
  10. The songs are in large 3 ring binders you could make a list but then you would not have time to enjoy your cruise.
  11. It has/will go the way of Karaoke. Used to be...not now. Kind of boring with people looking at their watch making sure they don't miss the YMCA production (yawn...over that as well) on the promenade. Avoid the promenade usually after dinner its always so congested.
  12. Thanks for the copy of the Diamond level benefits while on board. Are the benefits for Diamond Plus the same?
  13. A friend of mine has allergies to mattress material and he has to bring his own down mattress aboard. He has it delivered by a private delivery company. He ships it FedEx and it is on board when he arrives. He coordinates it through special needs on RCCL. They are great to work with. He has to ship pillows as well and it is all included in the package price of $500.00. They pack it up on the last morning set it out in the hallway (roll it up and tie up with bungee cords). The package includes tags for shipping home. They request the sofa be removed as well as the material used in the s
  14. Stop! That is just not cool. A doggie bag for leftover food on a cruise ship...you can't be serious...the whole idea is kinda funny though since it's over the top ridiculous.
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