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  1. I've used this exact model on many cruises across several cruise lines. Works great!
  2. Had the same offer come up for the 12/1 sailing. Went from an inside to an Aft Deluxe Balcony for $99 per person. Seemed like a good deal to me!
  3. Oh fantastic! I just downloaded it and logged right in, no issues and everything was there! It looks good and I much appreciate only having one app! Kudos to Princess for listening to their customers.
  4. One way to tell if Ocean Ready has been activated for your sailing is to check the Cruise Personalizer Check In icon on the website. If you've filled everything out, it'll show a check mark up top. Once Ocean Ready is activated for your sailing the check mark will become a medallion icon and you should be able to download the app and get started. If that isn't showing yet, your sailing isn't uploaded yet. If it is, you may wanna contact Princess for assistance. There also doesn't seem to be a firm date they activate sailings either. My Regal cruise in December opened up in Ocean Ready in late May! So you never know.
  5. Princess fares are notably higher than they used to be. I mean, you can often find HAL to be cheaper! Even their new ships often price less than Princess. But ultimately it's a supply/demand situation.
  6. So I am sailing on Regal the beginning of December and OR is now available. I have completed all the bubbles except for Cruise Personalizer. I click on it and log in but once I go back the bubble never turns green? Is that an issue at all? I presume as long as everything else is complete all should be well?
  7. How far out is your cruise? Mine isn't until December and up until a few days ago it couldn't find me either. It seems they 'unlock' it at varying times. I had read it wouldn't become available until around final payment but to my surprise it unlocked just a few days ago. The sign that is was unlocked was that on the Cruise Personalizer the 'Guest Check In' tab up top went from a checkmark (indicating I had already completed all check in steps) to the Medallion symbol. When I went onto the app after this, everything was already set up for me! I went straight in to my booking without me doing anything. It was very smooth, at least in my case! I have heard stories of others having issues getting everything to sync and if that's the case here someone else may have more advice. I figured I'd chime in with my experience in case it helps at all.
  8. Princess gift cards can also be purchased from Target.com (both digital and physical cards available). If you use a Target RedCard to pay, you save 5% off the purchase price so theoretically this offer is always available through them. Just an FYI for those unaware.
  9. Not sure that's not completely due to the fine. I have a feeling it's mostly due to Cuba cruises being axed... NCLH is down quite a bit too due to that.
  10. Go to the very bottom of the Princess website and click on 'Gift Cards' under Ships & Experiences. You can select either a physical card that they mail you or a digital one they will email to you. When you add it to the cart, there is a box you can add the promo code DAD25 to get the bonus $25 card added to your cart. It should also be noted that even after this promotion ends, you can buy Princess gift cards at Target (both in-store or online). If you use the Target RedCard to pay you'll get 5% off so in essence this deal is available everyday through them.
  11. I can attest to the fact that they are very generous with this credit. It seems like I got more days than I should've but I'm not complaining!
  12. I have a small desk fan that I affectionately refer to as my 'cruise fan' that gets packed every time. Heck, I take it everywhere I travel! Just $14.99 at Target.
  13. Just off Oosterdam last week. The layout is exactly the same as mentioned here except replace the two dancing shows with two different Post Modern Jukebox shows.
  14. I fit into this category as well. I am nearly 30 (will be on the Oosterdam in a couple weeks to celebrate it!) and gave HAL a try after many cruises on NCL, RCI and Carnival because I have determined I prefer a low-key, relaxing style vacation to the constant in your face stimuli that other lines are now pushing. I thought maybe I was a minority but there may be more younger people who feel the same way I do out there than I realized. For example, I did Allure of the Seas a few years back. Beautiful ship, well designed but way too flashy and too crowded. Why pay more for ship amenities (rock climbing, ice skating, flowriding, etc) that I never use? I'd rather spend the money on a more 'premium' cruise or splurge on a balcony than do that again. That's not to say I'll never cruise with anyone else again, I've just noticed my cruising tastes are changing.
  15. Sad, Tampa has long been a home port for HAL, dating back to their early days of focusing on the cruising business.
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