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  1. I have a small desk fan that I affectionately refer to as my 'cruise fan' that gets packed every time. Heck, I take it everywhere I travel! Just $14.99 at Target.
  2. Just off Oosterdam last week. The layout is exactly the same as mentioned here except replace the two dancing shows with two different Post Modern Jukebox shows.
  3. I fit into this category as well. I am nearly 30 (will be on the Oosterdam in a couple weeks to celebrate it!) and gave HAL a try after many cruises on NCL, RCI and Carnival because I have determined I prefer a low-key, relaxing style vacation to the constant in your face stimuli that other lines are now pushing. I thought maybe I was a minority but there may be more younger people who feel the same way I do out there than I realized. For example, I did Allure of the Seas a few years back. Beautiful ship, well designed but way too flashy and too crowded. Why pay more for ship amenities (rock climbing, ice skating, flowriding, etc) that I never use? I'd rather spend the money on a more 'premium' cruise or splurge on a balcony than do that again. That's not to say I'll never cruise with anyone else again, I've just noticed my cruising tastes are changing.
  4. Sad, Tampa has long been a home port for HAL, dating back to their early days of focusing on the cruising business.
  5. I think that's alot better than charging for every item. It will discourage food waste but also not overdo it with the fees.
  6. I've not yet cruised HAL but did alot of research before booking my first one and here is my rule of thumb: book on a deck with passenger cabins above and below yours to insulate against sound pollution as much as possible. Also, on the Vista/Signature class ships the mid-ship cabins are recessed back into the hull versus the fore and aft cabins that are 'over the hump' with true views underneath (without lifeboats and the promenade deck blocking the view to the sea). For my first cruise on HAL aboard the Oosterdam, I picked a verandah on Deck 7 Forward.
  7. The opinion of this 29 year old? The old one. HAL has a proud heritage and the old logo reflected its history. I feel like that should be embraced and could be used as a stronger selling point. They are trying to go 'too modern' with this new marketing campaign and are sailing (pun intended) into a very crowded 'middle market' competing head to head with other Carnival Corporation brands (notably Princess). I guess we will see in the long run if it makes any difference to the bottom line.
  8. This tweet was posted by Port Canaveral on Twitter yesterday (Friday): Immigration is always a nightmare after TA’s. This is why I'd never book the first cruise after one.
  9. I feel like Carnival has traditionally only mainly been heavily marketed to Americans. From the very beginning, the brand's hallmark colors have been red, white and blue and the service, food and activities aboard are geared more toward American taste. That all being said, other nationalities cruise Carnival all the time and surely enjoy it but I think that's why they don't branch out further than they do. If you think about it, it's kind of how P&O Cruises (another Carnival Corp. brand) is marketed heavily toward Brits and P&O Australia is marketed heavily toward Australians. Carnival knows who to market to and where they mainly cruise (the Caribbean, Alaska, West Coast, etc.)
  10. You will want to keep the app running for notifications to come through. I have a tendency to shut down every app once done with them to save battery but shutting this app down will keep messages and calls from coming through.
  11. Having just returned from the Escape a couple of weeks ago, I can confirm you go back an hour in the Western Caribbean. They will place a little card in your room advising you to set your clock back so you will be on local time in Cozumel.
  12. I bought and used the "social chat" package on Escape a couple of weeks ago. 1) It isn't available for pre-sale online. It has to be purchased onboard. Thankfully it did not charge the $3.95 activation fee for this package. 2) Most Importantly it does not include Facebook browsing. It is for chatting only. Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger and a few others will work but you cannot send photos at all. That being said, I was able to sneak a couple of photos through and Facebook did update a few times during the week but those were glitches, nothing to be counted upon. 3) As of right now it is only being piloted on Escape and Getaway to my knowledge. That being said, considering I sailed solo, I felt it was a good value to keep in touch. Others may disagree. If you don't have the need to communicate with anyone back home you could always look into iConcierge for $9.95 to text and call others on the ship.
  13. On the Escape they served it during movies wherever they were being shown free. Imagine my shock when I cruised Royal Caribbean afterward and see they charge $4 for a small portion! The horror! haha
  14. Probably some R&R and deep cleaning if I had to guess. Ship will probably be spotless inside and out come Saturday.
  15. As of this time, according to Marine Traffic, practically all empty (or non-rev in the case of Enchantment) Florida based ships are on their way to float around the Yucatan Channel between Mexico and Cuba. Oasis is docked in Cozumel alongside Carnival Splendor with MSC Divina and Norweigan Escape on their way to dock there as well (all have passengers aboard). Allure is heading toward Falmouth.
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