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  1. I could have sworn I read somewhere some art from Rotterdam VI was being installed aboard Rotterdam VII.
  2. I've had issues with the 5+5 OBC not appearing. Labor Day Sale has always applied automatically but the 5+5 hasn't, even though it shows on the confirmation under Pax Type?
  3. Exactly. The way this virus shifts and hits each person differently will make it difficult for there to be an effective vaccine. I think it's going to be a seasonal virus from now on.
  4. Tendering at GC is a nightmare. I won't willingly get off there again until there is a dock either.
  5. The part that frustrates me is there seems to be NO plan whatsoever to restart. Just keeping selling new cruises and wait for the CDC to get off their behinds isn’t a good strategy.
  6. Third cruise cancelled this year. Not rebooking until they can get some kind of plan together instead of waiting for the CDC to get off their behind. This is ridiculous and very frustrating at this point.
  7. At the rate they're selling off the Grand class you may not have much choice in just a couple of years...
  8. The terms and conditions state: Prevailing cruise fare for 3rd/4th guests will apply. The cruise related and other travel expenses noted above shall apply to your complimentary guest.
  9. So, just to confirm from those who have taken this offer. They are asking for the $200 per person deposit/OBC and the Port Fees & Taxes at the time of booking?
  10. In essence, I doubt any of us truly know. I just know in conventional land construction large companies have committed capital plans years in advance. So construction at present isn't coming out of their bottom line. I would've presumed it was the same way in shipbuilding? I know they take on the debt of the new vessels when they're ordered.
  11. So you call my facts supposition then provide some of your own to counter? Bear in mind Enchanted isn't due to arrive until November. Do you honestly believe Princess can simply tell Fincantieri "We're not taking it"? CCL has already provided the capital to complete the ship, likely some time ago, they don't pay for these things as they go. It was built into a capital plan likely put into motion a couple of years ago at this point. Even if not taking delivery was contractually possible what would the shipyard do with a completed ship? They will take delivery of the new ship because
  12. Enchanted was due to depart on her sea trials the week the shipyard closed. So the vessel is at least at that later stage of construction. Her transponder was even turned on for the event (just look it up on Marine Traffic). At that time, there was about three months between her sea trials and her handover to Princess. Fincantieri began reopening April 22 and expect to be back at full staffing by mid-late May from all reports. Enchanted's first cruises are now slated to be out of Fort Lauderdale in November. They have approximately six months to finish a ship that was only three mo
  13. St. Thomas is looking to reopen to tourists on June 1: https://www.porthole.com/st-thomas-eyes-june-1st-return-for-tourists/
  14. I get and understand everything here. My point is people are going to go on about their lives whether the doctors want them to or not. People will get sick, many will die. But a growing percentage of the population (whether it's wise or not) seem to be done with quarantine. And in so doing will spread it around until eventually we've all had it. I understand immunity isn't guaranteed but if there is no immunity why hasn't there been recurrences on a large scale in countries that are now on the other side of this thing? Italy is reopening its economy as we speak and has shown no spike in cases.
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