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  1. HI @cruiseguyinorl TY for the 411. I had a TA admit she thinks our B2B in Jan will be cancelled ..that the first out will be 1 ship/short sails.. Certainly this slows down embarkation/debarkation Do you have thoughts on how this impacts YC embarkation/debarkation? If our early 2021 sailings are cancelled, next up is a TP ... sigh
  2. We are thinking our early 2021 sailings are going to get cancelled...and think we will know more by mid Nov... Anyone else hazard a guess on when we start sailing in the US? We are not wanting a "vaccine" before we sail again... MSC has done a nice job in the Med
  3. Social media presents privacy issues - so if thats part of the deal--then clearly these pts here and there - won't matter Like you--unless we cruise suites only- X only-- we won't see Zenith
  4. TY @gerelmx Despite being elite and having bookings-- have no clue what makes one "eligible" as we sailed 3 times w X in 2019
  5. I was wondering about this when I just found this thread. Haven't started our flight investigation yet, nor excursions.
  6. hmmm Plan for the ports IF they allow independent excursions. Do more snorkeling in the ABCs Only do ship tours of things we haven't seen/done IF they offer small groups (not covid fear--just hate crowds/lines/busses which is why we normally do private tours for historical things etc) Eat less, walk the decks more. Certainly the stairs 😉 And fingers crossed that we run into crew we have known in the past.
  7. TY Are you saying the Seaside pool is bigger than Mera? Layout seems very different Also--shade for eating up there? They brought out a canopy/tent to give more shade on super hot days. It was only Feb and the carib and super hot. So days - no breeze. We are shade/dappled sunlight folks. Or a few hrs on a day.
  8. IDK...we had a booking for this year--2 actually...and have never gotten the emails etc The TA for Aug was cancelled. We did lift/shift for one later this fall. So even with 2 bookings- nothing
  9. HOW on earth do you sign up for this? I have looked at the webpage and don't see how to "join" it and have clicked/looked/added email and even checked settings Is this for only certain CC levels?
  10. We have sailed both We really enjoy Blu so that helps Cannot stand MDR We have also done a Concierge room and then ate all dinners in specialty restaurants for the 10 days. If given the choice - it will depend on room location. The problem with the S class aqua rooms is they have public decks above them. On the M class- the deck 11 is very location dependent as folks cut through/slam the doors (wind) and noise from the bar and trough below - and movies above can drive us inside from our balcony. We used the spa twice -- now post covid we will be interested to see how they handle the spa/persian gardens As far as perks and boarding-- we have found boarding process can vary...
  11. @Formula280SS How is it reserving cabanas on Seaside?? We liked Meraviglia for the tinted sunscreens and wonder if we'd be fried on Seaside. Between islands and sea days there only so much sun we need/want. Plus a full day on Ocean Cay etc The YC on Seaside looks a lot bigger deck-wise. I am not certain whether Merav or Seaside has more pax per YC. Thoughts
  12. Just noticed -this Thread is from 2019...
  13. How did you fit 5 in a room? We enjoyed our balcony room (2) and if our kids had been with us- would have put them in an interior. That was our typical SOP -- when they were young. Once they were adults, we put them in a balcony on the same hall I am wondering if they will reduce occupancy because of post covid
  14. YC is a different product and area. How does the price per person compare from a YC Royal Suite?
  15. Aren't there several threads re Grandiosa ? I haven't sifted through them all- so don't know if any recent pax (non YC) responded there
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