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  1. Has anyone looked at this? How does this apply? https://www.statnews.com/2021/02/23/federal-law-prohibits-employers-and-others-from-requiring-vaccination-with-a-covid-19-vaccine-distributed-under-an-eua/
  2. Yes absolutely. and butlers know who belongs in YC and who doesn’t. On one leg of a B2B butlers removed 6 people during the YC lunch buffet. I’ve seen them ask for YC credentials in the lounge and on pool deck.
  3. Good morning, Over the course of the year we have faired rather well as we have been able to shop etc as we like to and we did take out to support small biz Our governor in FL has done and outstanding job. The biggest issues have been snowbirds and spring breakers. Even a friend in Chicago who complained about “people in FL” then drove down to Naples to rent a house to get away from Chicago. The hypocrisy was quite palpable. Ironically Cuomo had all kinds of restrictions yet threatened states with lawsuit who wouldn’t allow NYers in. Miami Dade was a hot me
  4. We r hopeful and have rebooked the FCCs for early 2022. Agent said she’s been busy as rebooking has picked up. We lost our OBC from those sailings which is unfortunate.... Fingers crossed. Any others rebooking as well?
  5. There was a fellow, I believe both he and his wife are Canadian Police/ Mounties. They did B2B2B and compared MSC with 2 others.. perhaps RCCL and Princess... anyway they do a long post with pics. You might want to search for it. We found it helpful when trying to compare MSC as we were big Celebrity pax Our friends in the UK didn’t like MSC in the Med but they had a regular room The pools are lovely on MSC and the water park is fabulous. There is a lot to do for children as well. ocean Cay is fabulous
  6. This is tempting though we’d want to sail later in the year I did just look at flights and it’s going to add significant $ to travel plus drive to a better airport hub, hotel on both ends near US gateway and hotel in St Marten on both ends. So significant $ we sail balcony rooms as it is... I am prepared for sticker shock on this
  7. We got the 125% on the cancelled Jan B2B 2021 less port charges and taxes just as we did for the late 2020 sailing that didn’t go. Those fees came back on the credit card
  8. Ah TY Its been at least since COVID that I tried and it didn’t work I will try to reset it Do I need to contact their loyalty cs for help? Or can it be done via the website?
  9. As some said, no. The FCc is one per booking shell. We had b2b and they won’t roll any unused over to a second booking. Instead they issue a new fcc after sailing. We hope to use all the fcc once they sail again and not lose it... their cs landslide is terrible. but their ship side service is fabulous
  10. If I’m reading the OP post they are eliminating the Prem Plus option by winter 21/22..? We had B2B booked for Jan ‘21 that sadly was cancelled. We were told they no longer allowed YC to upgrade which seems outrageous Guess we will all find out what’s happening when they are sailing more routes again
  11. our last 3 cancelled were 125% fcc for base fare taxes and port charges are slowly coming back to credit card we lost perks and obc or you can get it all back to your credit card
  12. I did notice that I could not login to our Azamara profile with our loyalty number We had status based on out Celebrity elite as well. Sent an email to customer service and the reply seemed to be clueless with respect to my question or what happens to our status
  13. No plan to vax. Since none of the powers that be indicate the even with the experimental vax it doesn’t eliminate draconian measures.....even the ineffective masking (see recent CDC data that masking is like a margin of error..virtually no benefit)
  14. Hi Cruising When did yall get that Connie cancellation? We are wondering about our Nov sailing...
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