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  1. We bought at the recent bottom. Not a lot-- just enough for the discount/"credit" when booking. So very little money at risk. We realize that "benefit" may disappear.... still, not a lot of money on the line in the grand scheme of things There were plenty of great buys when people lost their minds and threw out the baby with the bathwater
  2. We need a SHOCKED face emoji. Holy moley-- thats worse than the towel/robe stealers and mini bar hoarders Am missing that Med Fragrance myself and the ambiance
  3. bawahahaha hilarious though we did meet a fellow who BRAGGED that he put the minis in his suitcase. I was dumbfounded... Asked him WHY he had to take the minis home when he had an open bar/plenty of food options in YC-- He said he really "liked" the minis.... Made me think he couldn't really afford to be there--or was a cheapskate. Cannot imagine what he tipped/or didn't tip his butler and other servers. We have several ships here and I had been researching how to store them for future eating/baking. The one we cut into-- we used a chefs knife. I do think it may be good for baking as well.
  4. TY Yes I knew there was a thread speculating about what will happen to the revolution etc. The Celebrity site shows the timeline "broken" and nothing beyond that. Connie was to be coming out of dry dock this week I wanted to know her condition as of Feb/March. We sailed Infinity on a TA in April-May 2019 and while she was clean--there were some areas of wear (split carpet on stairs), Split upholstery in theater. Upholstery in lounges was quite saggy... Wondered how Connie looked/felt when last sailed since she wont be refurbished/rev for sometime. Shame really to not have a way to take advantage of the "down time" if onboard crew/maintenance staff was well and idle.
  5. She had a refurb in 2013, yes? Or am I confusing ships?
  6. TY I had found mixed messages on Italy... We are to have like 3+ days in Turkey... several in Greece, Cyprus etc... Glad to hear something-- Have a great evening
  7. So Connie didn't go to dry dock, correct. Who sailed Connie in Jan/Feb/March 2020 and how tired/worn was she then? With the revolution suspended-- we are wondering what condition she is in.... we sailed the Infinity in April-May 2019 on a TA and she was showing some wear and hadn't been to dry dock. We are suspecting Connie is in approx the same shape. Thoughts? TYIA
  8. Hello-- Again. Does anyone have any Official NCL information to add Just spoke with someone whose dd lives in the EU and claims their borders (imagine that - EU nations with closed borders) will be closed well into fall. Does anyone have any information from gov agencies regarding this? We have a Med sailing and wonder if she will go (late fall)
  9. OK We have a booking for a Med sailing and it has amazing ports later this year We got an NCL email that the cabin class was given some other amenities... Not a lot of $ on the line with that one for the cabin deposit. Haven't booked air yet--and its gone up about 20%. Crazy given the scant bookings. Looked into next year and we'd have to do b2b to get those ports in one trip Re the EU and eastern Med, Turkey, Israel etc... does anyone have some links re policies for travel? Also-- has anyone found an OFFICIAL NCL statement re what life on board will look like? Or a TA that may prove insightful?
  10. What dates are you looking at? The Feb Meraviglia sailings Feb 9 16 Everyone got temp checks going on and things like group pics and handshakes with officers at the Meet/Greet were dispensed with because of flu season etc FWIW I asked a MD about antibodies test and was told that here we must have a positive covid test before they would do an antibody test Go figure
  11. February 2020 B2B Meraviglia No facial rec No GE
  12. Not living in fear here. Old enough to remember Hong Kong flu, swine flu, avian flu, SARS, MERS... How many here annually get the flu vaccine? The pneumonia vaccine? I know folks who didn't know there IS a pneumonia vaccine
  13. How many other lines have built their own terminal/berths? For certain Celebrity has done it for the Edge. Carnival has done it/doing it. The immigration is not an MSC thing-- I put that on Miami and the gov...not MSC We stayed as late as possible in YC. May instead choose to be off early next time. We shall see.
  14. We LOVED our MSC experiences in YC and will be back Food, service etc was outstanding OC is a lovely island--the water was perfect, beaches lovely--and our Cabana experience in YC was top notch. Would be happy to start booking...and need to look for sailings again. Would prefer a longer sailing in the Med... and to be able to do it in YC. When we looked last year--the east/west option meant an overland transfer and it wasn't possible to do YC on both legs as one of the ships didn't have YC . We'd like to do b2b to make the flight across the pond worthwhile. For South America--we'd like a munch longer sailing--even around the horn-- and in YC. Americans wanting an "American style" cruise/food/entertainment have lots to choose from...let them do that. I prefer to keep MSC the best kept secret Hands down we preferred MSC We have a booking with Regent in 2021-- however if we can find worth MSC YC sailings... we will drop the Regent sailing. The only "gaps" we had with MSC were --the B2B process which was not nearly as seemless as our other experience (we'll admit the MSC B2B group was substantially bigger) AND the disembarkation --Miami is a mess. Its a land/port issue..not MSC. They need facial recognition or a GE entry line at the MSC berth
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