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  1. We've been aboard Oasis for 3 days now, and have so far everything has been nothing short of SPECTACULAR! This is our 9th cruise with RCCL, our 12th together, and our first on Oasis of the Seas. We have sailed on her sister, Allure of the Seas, two times. I'm making notes and taking photos so I can post a full review upon our return to land, but thought I'd get started with a few notes now! I can also answer questions while we are still onboard. We were a bit trepidatious about this cruise, having read some recent reviews where folks found the ship lacking. That has not been the case for us, DH, Kurt or myself, Lindy. The couple traveling with us has also found many things to be delighted with on this cruise. We traveled from just south of Tampa to Port Canaveral. We spent both Friday and Saturday nights in Titusville at Hampton Inn, so we could visit our son, who lives in Cocoa. On Sunday, March 11, we made the short drive to Port Canaveral and parked in the parking garage to board Oasis of the Seas. Boarding took all of 22 minutes from the parking garage to having lunch with friends at the Solarium. Couldn't ask for a better boarding experience! More about lunch in the Solarium on boarding day later, but let it suffice to say that there were no crowds, plenty of tables, a smiling staff, and mini-buffet filled with delicious food. Oops, I've barely gotten started and DH just reminded me I need to start getting dressed for dinner at 150 Central Park! I'll be back with more later. I'll do my best to answer any questions.
  2. Our son was on that cruise. The passenger was recovered alive and apparently fairly unhurt. Epic was late getting back to port. That is one lucky passenger!
  3. Quality over quantity would be my choice.
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been cruising since the 1970's and have cruised RCCL many times and I too have noted a decline in quality of MDR food and cleanliness and service on the RCCL ships. It is kind of sad that my family has, up until now, just lowered our expectations with each cruise. There is still plenty of acceptable food, decent entertainment, etc. We are however, thinking that it may be time to explore other lines and perhaps even land cruising! We leave on Oasis this month and are going back on Disney this summer.
  5. We leave for our first Oasis trip in 6 days. I am in a wheelchair and really appreciate your detailed review and all of the insights you have shared. We did get an accessible room on the boardwalk, as I need the roll in shower. When we sailed on Allure at Christmas one year, we too had issues with security at Port Canaveral. They made my dear mother-in-law do a stip search when she forgot her medical card that indicated she had a metal hip replacement. She was 85. Embarrassing and scary for her. I was in my wheelchair and insisted on staying with her. They did not make me leave. The did make the rest of the family meet us later. We told them to meet us by the Christmas tree and not leave without us. They made me take out my portable oxygen generator, and I told them they could not turn it off as I needed it to breath - they still disconnected the battery to 'inspect' it - so I had had no air for about 5 minutes - which was not big deal, but frustrating. This did not happen on our previous cruises out of Canaveral, and never out of Tampa or Lauderdale. I'm all for keeping the ships safe, but keeping us safe from little old ladies with wheelchairs and oxygen and nebulizers and replacement hips may be going overboard.
  6. Thank you - we leave in 10 days for Eastern Caribbean on Oasis and greatly appreciate the compasses.!
  7. We've sailed on Allure twice, both were Christmas cruises. We booked Boardwalk Balcony cabins 14301 to 14311 for a party of 12. Noise was not an issue at all. In fact, others complained of the noise from the boardwalk, and once our doors were shut, we couldn't even hear the noisy Rita's Cantina (since closed down). There was absolutely no noise at all from the deck above us (I believe we were under the mini putt-putt golf). We liked deck 14 so much - we've booked the same rooms for our March 2018 trip on Oasis and our Harmony May 2019 trip.
  8. Room Service 7.95 charge is fleet wide on RCCL. I wonder if it is per person? Would a family of 4 pay 31.80 for a snack from Room Service? That would not include any tip given to the room service delivery person. This change affects me as I am disabled, on oxygen, in a wheelchair and seldom eat more than 1 meal out of my room. So, I will have to pay an extra 15.00 a day plus additional tipping. Friends with a son who is fed with a feeding tube have at least one parent stay and eat with him each meal, so they would be paying an extra 60.00 a day, plus tips for the room service delivery, to their cruise for room service. When I first started cursing RCCL, I could get any meal off of the regular dining room menu delivered to my stateroom. Then, we had the abbreviated menu. Now, I am to pay for an abbreviated menu though I won't be eating the food I've paid for elsewhere on the ship. Guess the hubby will be schlepping sandwiches and pizza back to the room for me. SAD.
  9. A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean confirmed the report to Cruise Critic: "This is just a pilot that applies to a small group of sailings, and at this time we do not have plans to roll it out to any other ships or beyond the select sailings on Oasis." We'll be on Oasis in 10 days. I will check it out when we are there and let everyone know. I am Not sure if our sailing will be one of the 'pilot' sailings.
  10. We've been on Allure twice, but this will be our first Oasis trip. On Allure, you could actually add reservations for entertainment, meals and excursions right on your television the minute you entered your cabin. Other than the tiny comedy club, we saw that most people in the wait line with no tickets got into the shows. We've hear that CATS is so unpopular you should be able to get a good seat, even without a ticket.
  11. On large ships, like Oasis and Allure, they actually have a separate kitchen for room service. You an order off of the children's menu in the dining room, but I don't think you can get the actual room service items.
  12. We were booked on Empress to Cuba out of Tampa in Oct. 2018. Got a message that we'll be sailing on Majesty instead. We were sad because the crew and size of Empress was one reason we booked that cruise. Not sure what is going on with Empress, but it looks like Majesty will now be doing the Cuba run instead of the trip you have booked.
  13. EMPRESS REPLACED with MAJESTY on our October RCCL cruise to Cuba. I believe they are still using Empress to shuttle relief supplies to Puerto Rico and the other islands affected by the hurricanes this past summer. I am not sure it matters to you, but I would expect your cruise might be on Majesty too.
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