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  1. We haven’t been to Costa May since cruising resumed but been many times before. It used to be quite easy to get a taxi to the lighthouse, in fact the lighthouse used to be one of the roads where taxis waited for rides back to the port, otherwise they will drop you at a central location and you will be bombarded by vendors so best to have a plan. The length of the whole malecon (pedestrian only) is about 1 mile. Once we walked the whole length, plus a little beyond, bar hopping as we went, testing different locations! Prior to Covid, the malecon had deveolped into quite a thriving area with one restaurant/bar after another, many only separated by a rope.The ends of the malecon were quieter with the middle having more “energy”. However the whole area is very laid-back, rustic, with basic facilities, - no big beach clubs like Cozumel. I have several upcoming cruises to Costa Maya and have been trying to see which beach bars have survived by visiting TA to see which have recent reviews. Before cruising stopped there was a push by many of the bars to go for a day pass or AI model to stop people using the facilities and loungers all day without making purchases. Clubs that used to be popular included Jamies, Blue Kay, Krazy Lobster, Tropicante (definitely closed), Pez Quadro (popular with crew). Malecon21 was a fairly new bar/restaurant that is one of our favorites (quieter) and seems to have survived and continues to get good reviews. Easy enough to arrange snorkeling tour from any of the facilities, usually by small boat to off shore reef,( certainly I have seen this from Malecon21). Some people have had success snorkeling from the shore from Blue Kay, which is close to the lighthouse. All the facilities have their own websites usually with menus and further details. Away from the malecon Maya Chan AI is a very popular cruising destination which has reopened which you may want to consider in your research.
  2. Never say never! I hadn’t had any problems until two days ago when suddenly none of the buttons were active. I couldn’t log in from boards page, but could from main page. If i tried to quote it quoted the whole thread instead of the post I selected and then after replying it wouldn’t post my reply. This was on the IPad and has been an ongoing reported issue for several weeks now although I had no problems until two days ago. Private mode seems to be a temporary fix which I seem to remember has been a work around previously.
  3. I have been using this in Safari and works for me too.
  4. Taxi rates used to be posted on a board at dispatch - presume this is still the case. Taxi driver will certainly be cheaper and you may be able to negotiate. IF you are familiar with the island and know exactly where you want to go, I don’t see a problem. The cons are you don’t know what you are getting, driver may/may not speak English. We have had a driver from ToursPlaza many times, just because they are reliable despite the fact that I always know exactly where I want to go. If you don’t know they will be able to make suggestions. I will warn you three hours will pass very quickly if you plan to go right round the east side and stop for drinks and lunch.
  5. OK, in that case I stand by my original suggestions and think you will have to compromise in Cozumel. Best swimmable beaches are south of the piers at the AI resorts like Allegra or Occidental, or possibly AI Nachi Cocum beach club. Palancar is in the same area and used to be quiet due to distance from the port. Pre-covid it had become popular amongst people seeking somewhere quieter! Not sure how it stands now.
  6. Close to the ports you are going to find iron shore so the beaches are going to be man-made and, by default, IF they are close to the port, they are unlikely to be quiet. SO, it really depends what your main goal is - budget friendly excursion, quiet, actual beach? There are plenty of non-AI options but they won’t all fulfill all your criteria. A few of our favorites: Del Mar Latino Beach club - AI, BUT presently only $29pp - pool, but no beach. Adult only. Walking distance of International or Puerta Maya. Money Bar - no beach. Paradise Beach - PAYG but large beach club. Good facilities but elbow to elbow on beach. Popular with cruisers, especially families. Further afield, therefore taxi more expensive, Palancar (south) or Playa Azul beach club (north). For best quiet beaches, east side (no ocean swimming due to currents). More expensive transport and need to arrange return transport as limited cellphone signal. Cash only. I would suggest taxi for the day ( we use ToursPlaza) or negotiate hourly rate at taxi stand - Day at Punta Morena (get loungers away from main restaurant area); El Pescador/Chen Rio; towel on the sand at San Martin (limited facilities); day at Punta Sur ( entrance fee to park). If you let us know atmosphere you are looking for it would be easier to make suggestions.
  7. OK, checked out the description in one of my upcoming Adventure of the Seas sailings and found: Overview Indulge your taste buds with pure Mexican flavors while on a 3.5-hour adventure that will have you mixing up margaritas and cocktails like a Maestro Tequilero, plus enjoy cantina-style snacks. Your small group will be transported to the tropical waterfront paradise of BLU by Dolphinaris and join an expert "Mexologist" at the bar for an interacted lesson in tequila. Learn about the history and production process of Maestro Dobel, the world's first clear multi-aged tequila, while shaking up a traditional Mexican margarita and other lesser-known local cocktails. You'll also whip up fresh guacamole to savor with tortilla chips, crispy taquitos and more light bites from the cantina kitchen. Once the hard work is done, relax by the pool overlooking the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. Let the tasty flavors and beachside vibes of Cozumel sink in before heading back to the ship. CZZM Highlights Maestro Tequilero: Become an expert "Mexologist" during an interactive bartending lesson in the art of concocting tequila-infused cocktails. Please drink responsibly. Cantina cuisine: Sip zesty margaritas, make fresh guacamole and snack on tortilla chips and deep-fried Mexican taquitos. Dolphinaris: Relax by the pool overlooking the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea Therefore it would appear to be the excursion described by Crew. I have not seen many reviews on here about it but there appear to be some favorable ones on TA. HTH
  8. What location in Cozumel does the tasting take place? There are a lot of tequila tasting places. Any hints from the description - Discover Mexico, Chankanaab, Dolphinaris, Hacienda, beach club…? I haven’t been to any but if you can give more details someone may be able to help, or you could use the search engine and you may find previous reviews for the location.
  9. Is this through the ship, or independent? Where is it held?
  10. c-leg5

    Limited Mobility

    Agree with Crew, private tour would be the way to go to accommodate your needs. We have toured with ToursPlaza many times. Perhaps a visit to the chocolate factory, tequila tasting, a visit to the new cervecerías or somewhere for an authentic lunch. The driver can show you different neighborhoods from the van and take you round the east side for views of the “wild” coast. Several accessible beach bars where you can stop for refreshments and view on both sides of the island. Just discuss your needs before you leave.
  11. As Crew says even getting through the port to transport may be enough for youl and there are actually quite a lot of shops, bars, restaurants, loungers for people watching there.Although overpriced it has been quite tastefully renovated in recent years. Activities in costa Maya are limited -mainly beach, (if you are satisfied with eating, drinking, relaxing without swimming), ruins or limited bike, ATV, e-scooter rentals, which are obviously not suitable for you. I have several visits to Costa Maya coming up and have been researching for something new and reading reviews to see which old favorites are still open. One suggestion from my discoveries are several new cooking and beverage related classes - one by Karlita, (which I think @crewsweeper used to recommend for coffee?) and another by Jackie at La Chilanganoense, which is a new to me bar/restaurant, which I may check out further. Just a thought, these might be sedentary activities you might enjoy. Easy to find in Google.
  12. Early experience on Liberty https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2797321-galveston-passengers-denied-boarding-covid-test-not-back-in-time/
  13. Officially, yes, any public areas. Not sure why you are finding this so difficult. As I said in post above, masks are required in all public areas, particularly shopping and transport but not while on the beach, swimming, eating or drinking. In general, masks are required to arrive and leave, visit food areas and bathrooms. Will you find tourists who can’t/won’t comply, don’t think the rules apply to them - yes. Have there been fines issued - yes, but as a day visitor you will probably get a warning. We were there for three weeks in June, it isn’t that difficult to comply.
  14. Why would it make any difference until after they dock?
  15. I think the D+ was slightly higher than the Diamond. I know in the early days there was much discussion about whether it was better value to buy on board or on planner. Also you can buy on board a couple of days after sailing (therefore don’t have to buy for whole trip) but there would have to be a lot of sea days (we have considered it on TA’s but declined) before buying a package would be of value to us.
  16. I thought Diamond did get a discount on drink package? Did this stop with the four vouchers anytime?
  17. Have you tried the Facebook page for Sunscape. I agree Nachi sounds like a good fit given your criteria. Whilst generally, “quiet and relaxing”, I would caution that “mainly adult or adult-only”, doesn’t come with any guarantees - we had a very loud, self-centered group (male and female, and not teenagers), next to us once at Nachi playing their own music and doing shots. Other people have reported loud unsupervised kids in the pool on occasions. I realize these are not the norm, but it doesn’t seem like the staff at Nachi doesmuch to try to control it for the comfort of other guests. Most broker sites have limited resort day passes advertised at the moment although there are some on Resort for a day. The Westin is the only hotel I have seen actively advertising day passes. Let us know how it goes if you try somewhere new.
  18. It is irrelevant what has happened recently. You need to check the health at sea protocols listed on the Celebrity website for your particular sailing, near to the time of sailing. If this is for your sailing next year, no one has any idea what the requirements will be - hopefully better, but no one knows and recent experience is even less relevant.
  19. Yes but I have never had one. Here is a previous thread Another place that comes to mind is Occidental, which has an adult-only pool and quieter and busier areas. Park Royal has an adult-only pool too but I found that too noisy for what we were looking for and prefer their main pool near the lobby. Not sure if any of the hotels are offering day passes at this time. Have you considered a cabana at Mr Sanchos, or Cabana Beach, Chankanaab? Do you require beach (actual sand), ocean/pool swimming, water activities, massage, AI, quiet/active? Perhaps if you could say what your priorities are someone will be able to help you better. Also which cruise line/pier you will arrive at?
  20. You will have to check the healthy sail pass (or equivalent) for your particular sailing to see if independent excursions are allowed. The port itself allows them in fact Cozumel has just changed to “green” which although masks are still mandated, capacities at venues have increased. There are very few adult-only locations on Cozumel - Secrets Aura day pass or Del Mar Latino beach club. I have never been to Secrets. We like Del Mar for convenience (next to International pier) and price, and the fact we can walk to and from the ship. However there is NO proper beach there, only a small pool and snorkeling, which puts off many. Sounds like you would enjoy their sister property, Nachi Cocom, recommended by many on here, which although not strictly adult-only, caters mainly to adults due to lack of on-site activities like inflatables etc. It is possible to order some extra activities from third party vendors. It is by reservation, and AI only. We enjoy it occasionally for a change, but many return time and time again.
  21. We also enjoyed that cruise! It made a change from the regular Cozumel/Costa Maya/ Belize/Roatan route we have done so often and we found some nice surprises in Nassau. As I recall we left Galveston late due to fog (?),we arrived Nassau late and left late due to repairs taking longer than expected?
  22. For something different I can recommend Cooking with Josefina, Cozumel Food Tour, Bar Hop, Photo tour, Chankanaab or Punta Sur. We also use ToursPlaza for transport.
  23. We have also done the above option at El Cid. I have also bought day passes to Park Royal across the road, when we have had kids with us or wanted to stay more than couple of hours - more pools, larger and better facilities but you have to do AI and I am not sure if they would be offering it presently. Our recent favorite has been Del Mar Latino, a little further towards town from El Cid, adult-only, AI. however IF this is for your Norwegian Gem cruise you will probably dock in town and these would all require a taxi ride which negates their convenience. Not sure if specifically want a day pass to a hotel resort (there are several more) but easy enough to get a taxi to beach clubs like Paradise Beach or Mr Sanchos and buy PAYG or AI pass on the day. There are plenty of clubs or resorts to choose from - it very much depends on the ambience, or activities you are wanting to do.
  24. Have you checked the healthy sail pass for your sailing?
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