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  1. Unless things have changed very recently, only two of the M-Class ships (the Summit and the Millennium) have an accessible AQ cabin. On the Constellation and the Infinity, cabin 9164 is still an accessible Concierge Class Cabin and there is no accessible AQ cabin.
  2. Royal Caribbean has already announced that they are resuming cruises out of Florida next month in July and that they will not require passengers to be vaccinated. I assume that they must not be making any port stops in countries that require all visitors to be vaccinated. Any cruise line could do the same thing.
  3. IMHO, unvaccinated people should be allowed on the ship since the governor of Florida insists on it. However, as soon as the ship is in international waters, all passengers over the age of 12 should be required to show proof of vaccination and those who cannot should be quarantined. If the unvaccinated know that will happen, they will choose not to cruise.
  4. I think you might have misread that. The complimentary specialty dinner seems to be designed to (very inadequately) replace the access to The Retreat and Michael's Club. The free cruises seem to still be offered at those levels.
  5. It looks to me like very little has changed for those of us who are Elite Plus members. However, with the removal of access to Michael's and The Retreat, there no longer seems to be much of an incentive to try to reach Zenith level. I wonder whether this is a harbinger of similar changes at Royal Caribbean. It would cause quite an uproar if Royal threw their Pinnacle Club members out of the Suite Lounge.
  6. IMHO, there will probably be some cruise lines going into bankruptcy. However, there is also a good chance that they will also eventually come out of it, simply because it makes no sense for creditors to liquidate a cruise line at a time when it would be almost impossible to sell a cruise ship.
  7. It may depend on the ship. On the Edge, there are 176 suites, which are 12.0% of the total rooms on the ship. By comparison, on an M-Class ship, there are 50 suites, which are 4.6% of the rooms on the ship. Maybe, Celebrity is just not able to provide the same quality of service in Luminae to the 176 Edge suites as it is able to provide to the 50 suites on the Infinity. 4.6% is a much more select group than 12.0%. I am not sure that any other mainstream cruise ship has 12% of its rooms in the exclusive class and, perhaps, it is just too many. Certainly the percentages of room
  8. The people occupying the larger suites are escorted onto the ship and to Michael's Club (or The Retreat) so people see who they are. We Sky Suite peons can go to Michael's too but we have to find our own way.
  9. "Should be" is just an opinion and everyone is welcome to his or her opinion. The Welcome Aboard lunch in the MDR is for Concierge Class people and the Welcome Aboard lunch in Luminae is for Suite Class people. I cannot think of any objective reason why B2B cruisers who are not in either of those classes should be invited to one but not the other, other than historical practice. This circles back to the OP's point. B2B cruisers who are not in suites are not invited to the Welcome Aboard lunch in Luminae because having them in Luminae would probably cause overcrowding at that venue. This i
  10. Back-to-back cruisers on their second (or subsequent) cruises are invited to the embarkation day lunch in the MDR, regardless of what kind of room they are in (although they have a choice of either the MDR or Luminae if they are in a suite). I think B2B cruisers were invited to lunch there even before CC cruisers were.
  11. But you can get a flu shot and, even though that doesn't guarantee you will not get the flu, it means that you would probably get a mild case if you do. Those 10,000 who died in the US are nearly all people who did not get the vaccine or who had compromised immune systems. No vaccine for this Corona virus is expected until 2021.
  12. I do not know the answer to that but I can repeat (from the Washington Post) that "Japan’s prime minister said Thursday that foreigners would not be allowed to get off Holland America Line’s Westerdam, which left Hong Kong on Saturday, unless under special circumstances." The implication is that "foreigners" will not get off the ship when the Japanese citizens get off. It is possible that the Post miss-translated Prime Minister Abe's statement but it is also possible that they are simply waiting until they can safely disembark those passengers who need urgent medical attention or
  13. Since the ship does not fly the Japanese flag, I believe that international law would allow them to disembark the passengers who are Japanese citizens and then provision the ship and order it to leave.
  14. That really sounds horrible. If prisoners were treated that way, it would probably be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
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