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  1. sixgun8

    We Saw Aurora from our balcony

    [quote name='232271']thanks for the giggle ;) NOW THATS a story to tell :D i would be just as excited as you! Leaving Saturday, hoping to have your luck! :)[/QUOTE] Also saw a wild bear at Mendenhall Glacier, tons of eagles and whales. Dall's Porpoise. It was a great trip.
  2. sixgun8

    We Saw Aurora from our balcony

    We were on the cruise as well. My wife woke me up telling me it was out at about 11PM. I jumped awake and ran outside on the balcony. My apologies if anyone saw me naked, but I was excited. As cold as it was I ran back in and put on clothes. It was amazing!
  3. sixgun8

    Coffee Card - Menu

    Thank you for that tip! I am diabetic as well and was hoping for sugar free.
  4. THank you so much for your review, I really enjoyed it. I wish you well and we will be hoping for a speedy recovery for you!
  5. [quote name='sh2738']alright. So i am posting here a link to a folder on google drive that contains all of the patters. They may be out of order but they are all there. [url]https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0b26iiuzcr6nmfjb1qljtqlatqla2qzi4dejysxvsoxvlzjbytkxeqnbkn29qc2jdvfdlafu[/url][/quote] you are aces!!!!
  6. Thus the PLEASE, geesh Thank you so much!
  7. Pictures of the Patters if you can please!!!
  8. sixgun8

    Princess Patter Sites

    Anyone have any recent Ruby Princess Alaska Patters?
  9. Hmmm, FOund a hotel that will pick us up from the airport, we stay overnight, they take us to the pier the next day and then pick us up from the pier and take us back to the hotel for $189? With 4 of us, sounds like it might be a better deal. Considering $48 each way with the shuttle?
  10. sixgun8

    Major Problems With Ruby Princess Cabin R301

    [quote name='satxdiver'] The second problem since the noise was emanating from the bathroom indicates the most likely cause as one has already pointed out as water hammer which is caused by air in the lines. It can be hard to get the air out and stop the noise. It is a very loud noise. We have had it at home when they shut off the water main for repairs and then turn it back on trapping air in the lines. Solution is to turn on all the water faucets in the house until the air is out. The water will spurt as the air works its way out the faucet. [/QUOTE] Ding Ding Ding!!! winner winner!!!
  11. sixgun8

    First time on Princess

    [quote name='shredie']OP will need to go on a Princess cruise and see if he has fun or not. Your definition of "fun" will determine that. I've done both Carnival and Princess, and I don't think either line benefits from their stereotypes. Carnival is not 100% drunks vomiting in the pools and wild kids throwing food in the buffet. Princess is not all ancient old crones and geezers snoozing in their wheelchairs, clogging up the halls. I have had fun on both lines. I just don't know exactly how to answer OP's question.[/QUOTE] That's kind of why I also put that we weren't the ones that were too crazy. Thanks for the input and I think you hit what I was looking for.
  12. sixgun8

    First time on Princess

    [quote name='Marseydotes']Just wanted to speak up on behalf of those of us "advanced age" people! We have fun, too! Everyone who sails probably has their own definition of fun, though. For example, when younger, we loved the parties, the pools, the sun, and the bars. More recently, though, we see the appeal of a quiet corner in the sea air with a good book or the conversation of other passengers or staff. We enjoy a nice meal in good company. We appreciate the music our generation grew up listening to, an energetic show, a gam of trivia, a walk around the ship, or magnificent scenery. I also have fun just watching younger people seeking more energetic pleasures and those activities that once appealed to me. Enjoy your cruise; watch us enjoy ours. Be kind to all, and you will get the most from any cruise![/QUOTE] I meant no disrespect of any kind. My apologies. [quote name='RSF Cruiser']I know exactly what you are asking about. After greater than 10 cruises on Carnival, we went on a Princess cruise because of the itinerary. At the time we were in our 60s. Princess does not have the same vibe you have on Carnival. It was fun, but not as much fun on Princess, and we generally do not participate in the games... We've now been on several Princess cruises. We like them - we keep going back, but they just aren't as much fun. We take Princess because of their itineraries. Overall, I'm hard pressed to say which one is better. They are different. We've done both Carnival and Princess to Alaska. There is virtually no difference between the two for Alaska. Carnival to Alaska was also more subdued - as a previousnposter wrote, Alaska is about the ports and scenery, and not the onboard activities. Alaska is wonderful and you will have a great time no matter which cruiseline you take.[/QUOTE] This is what I'm talking about. I will say that there are folks on the carnival cruises that I think are going too far. and they can ruin the experience too. I'm set at ease quite a bit by the responses.
  13. sixgun8

    First time on Princess

    [quote name='golfb4cruzing']You might be excited to know that I saw in the Patters that Princess now has the Hairy Chest Contest.:cool: That might help you feel at home....[/QUOTE] Well, I am a former winner. LOL We really enjoy the trivia games. We interact a lot with the staff. We just like to talk with people and have fun. We are both "theater people" so we don't mind being in the spotlight. I was just worried that the crowd on the Princess was more... advanced in age and might look down upon us for having fun. Like I said, we aren't the crazy type that get kicked off ships or anything.
  14. sixgun8

    First time on Princess

    OK, Let me start by saying we have only cruised Carnival before... and YES, we are the typical type of Carnival Cruisers. We like to have fun and enjoy the activities on board and be PART of the cruise. So, What are we to expect on Princess? I'm actually very concerned that we will not enjoy this cruise because of the other passengers. I mean, we aren't crazy people, but we enjoy having fun and like to interact with others. This is an Alaska Cruise in September of 2015.
  15. gotten a deck every cruise