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  1. Thenk youe everyone for the quick replies. This is just the way I'd hoped Princess handled this.
  2. We always leave the auto tip that Princess charges in place, so we know that everyone gets a fair share tip. My question is... If we give an additional tip (like to our room steward) does that money have to then go into the general tip pool? It seems that if we receive extra good service, and want to tip that individual extra for it - that money should go to that person.
  3. North-Bound, Thank you, I really appreciate your having tried to find the caffine free diet coke for me - lots of small stores here don't carry it either. I think I may just have to be satisfied with trying to get some regular diet coke before the ship sails. We are only going to be in Sweden for several hours before sailing, I wish it was going to be longer. My Grandfather immigrated from Sweden when he was a young man in the late 1800's. When my Mother passed away, I inherited his Bible, which he received from his parents prior to leaving home. Susan
  4. Does anyone know if there is a grocery store within easy walking distance of the Frihamnen Dock. I drink Caffine Free Diet Coke, and would like to pick up several cartons to take on board ship. We will be on the Royal Princess leaving June 22, sailing for 16 days. I know they don't have caffine free available on the ship - and since I'm totally and horribally addicted to the stuff, fear I'll just dehydrate and wither away without an ample supply. :D Many thanks, Susan
  5. This statement: made by Baltigator, is both assumptive and annoying. Not everyone, or even most anyone who takes ships tours should be categorized like this! I have traveled in both the northern and southern hemispheres, so I am not a newbie. I have taken both ships and private tours, and toured on my own, so I'm not sheepish. I've gone deep sea diving and hot air ballooning, so I'm not a risk adverse type. I'm going to be taking the Princess ships tours in St. Petersburg in two weeks. It offers the agenda that I want to see, and for just two of us traveling together, it is much more cost effective than a private tour.
  6. There is a Walmart that is not too far from downtown, but too far to walk, you could take a taxi maybe. Also, there is plenty of shopping around the Captain Cook, so you could probably find your Coke at a drug store like Walgrens near the hotel. I too am a Diet Coke (mornings) Caffine Free Diet Coke (afternoon and evenings) person. We're sailing out of Stockholm next month, and I'm hoping that I can find somewhere to buy a case before we sail. Hope you enjoy Alaska - we love it there and have been many times. Happy sailing, Susan
  7. Thank you, to each of you that responded, especially Ephraim. I've taken several folks advice, and contacted both Air France and Delta. The Air France agent told me that the two gateways are a less than 10 minute walk apart (she did it last month), no customs to go through. The Delta agent changed our seats from the back of the plane, to ones much closer to the front. I've also made a list of alternate flights to both Stockholm and Tallin, so hopefully I've got that covered. Changing tickets to the day before, just isn't an option. I wish it was something we could afford, but we just can't. No matter what happens flight wise, this trip is a dream come true for us, and we plan to relax and enjoy every minute of it. Wishing each of you Happy Sailing... Susan
  8. Princess made our flight arrangements, but I'm really worried about the connections. Princess booked our flight through Delta, but Delta arranged for us to fly Air France. (Yes, I know that sounds strange - but it is true) We are on a flight from Seattle, due to arrive in Paris at CDG Airport at 8:50 am, our connecting flight to Stockholm leaves at 9:30 am, that's only 45 minutes to get off one plane, go to another gate, and board the other. Our flight is due to arrive in Stockholm at 12:05 pm, and our ship sails at 5:00 pm. I've allready called Princess, and voiced my concerns - they said, "Don't worry, that's the way the airling schedules that flight, and if you miss it, we'll just make arrangements for another flight". Well heck yes, I am worried! :eek: The Princess agent said I could change thier arrangements for $75 per ticket, plus any additional amount the new ticket costs, more than the one we already have. Replacing the tickets would cost quite a bite more, not an expense that fits in our buget. We did purchase the Princess Travel Insurance, but didn't get it thinking that we might have to use it for what I think is awfully risky planning on thier part. Has this happened to anyone else? What would you do?
  9. I live up in the woods, and spend most of my life in t-shirts, jeans and sweats. When I go on a cruise, it's time for the dress up side of my personality to come out, in fact, that's part of the fun. I'm going on a 16 day cruise in June - I've already started a list of clothing so that I'll have something different to wear every day, and every evening! Then there are shoes - so many pairs, so little luggage space - decisions, decisions. Joy and Blessings, Susan
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