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  1. Ahhhh!!! Love this pic! I have been enjoying your posts! Can't wait to be there next month!
  2. You are absolutely right regarding the incorrect info. Thank you for your response!
  3. Thank you so much! We are traveling with an infant as well for the first time. This was very helpful!
  4. Yes, I did know the policy. I explained the situation pretty clear about my phone call with RC. I expected to lose the entire $750. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told I wouldn't and they would apply $400 to OBC. I was just asking opinions on what people would do if they were told this and then found out it didn't happen. Your post is why I am very hesitant at times to ask any questions on these boards. Your response with all caps and all of the question marks, to me, implied that you felt I was either ignorant or greedy. It's really a shame that some people on here are very quick to jump on someone instead of being helpful. People have enough in life to deal with. With that being said, my question was what would you do if you were told you would get $400 OBC after having to cancel a reservation. Not, did I understand the cancellation policy. I am not debating their policy. So I'm guessing your response would have been "I would take the loss, even after surprisingly being told about the OBC, and walk away happy". I truly do hope you have an awesome day! Take care!
  5. Good luck kelbell! I really hope they honor that price. And I hope you post your results. Sorry to jump on your thread with this... I hope you don't mind. We reserved three staterooms and had to cancel one of the reservations last month (non refundable deposit). The CSR I spoke with felt bad about the situation, put us on hold, then came back on the line and told us out of the $750 deposit they would give our stateroom $400 OBC but there was nothing he could do about the $350. I wasn't expecting that, but thanked him numerous times. A couple of weeks ago, I had to call about my reservation and doubled checked on the OBC. Nothing there. CSR put me on hold, then came back on and said they gave a $750 future cruise voucher to the people who were staying in that cabin. I hung up a little disappointed, I know what I heard. I was shocked and asked him to repeat himself. I've left it alone BUT... I am curious to what others would do...
  6. We had a wonderful time at Mr. Sancho's! Tipped the masseuse $8 each for the couples massage and our waiter $20. We had the romance package and really enjoyed it!
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