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  1. Going to be at sea this Christmas. First time. Hoping some of you veterans who've done a Christmas cruise before (specifically on Celebrity) might be able to help with something. In all our previous cruises, evening chic nights -- dressup days -- have been sea days. However, we have a port day on Christmas day. So here's what I'm trying to figure out: I assume Christmas would be dressier for dinner. Am I correct in that guess? If so, in your past experience did they add a third evening chic night or simply move one of the others around. Just trying to decide what to pack. Thanks for your help. I know there are some Christmas threads here on CC but I haven't been able to find this specific answer anywhere.
  2. Thanks Keesar, that's incredibly reassuring to hear that they would do that.
  3. WestLakeGirl, your point about eating in Blu is perfectly valid. We are all in Aqua and want to enjoy that experience, it's just a question about eating together. Has anyone had success working with the maitre'd to facilitate something like this?
  4. We recently upgraded to Aqua for a coming cruise. Looking forward to it, of course. However ... We are a large party and had a table of 10 reserved in the main dining room. Haven't been able to get an answer whether that would still be held or if our Aqua status now forces us into Blu every night. The latter sounds wonderful but I'm a little concerned we'll never be able to get a table that sized in there each night and we really want to dine together. Anybody know? Appreciate any help any of you Aqua veterans can offer.
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