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  1. Thanks for the news! Maybe I can get DH interested in a line other than HAL. Would still prefer HAL, however. I am beginning to think that my suspicion for HAL leaving Tampa was a breakdown in financial negotiations is probably correct.
  2. Washington's National (Ronald Reagan?) Airport.
  3. I don't ask for their last names on the internet. I ask for it in order to place it on a confidential M&G list which is not published online. I do appreciate that people don't want to identify themselves and their specific location on the internet. However, this reluctance on the part of many extends to their interaction with other cruises while on board. And that I do not understand. I don't know whether it is fear of identify theft or fear of identification. Not sure.
  4. Since there were no DL numbers, phone numbers, email and physical addresses, credit card or other financial info, I fail to see why the furor. As has been pointed out, we have no expectation of privacy even as to phone numbers, names or physical addresses even had they been used. Passport numbers? The former can be obtained via Google, and what is anyone going to do with a passport number? Someone could try use it if they looked similar to the picture, I suppose. From doing roll calls on various cruises, I am always amused by people who refuse to give their last names, towns and sometimes states of residence. Particularly when they are handing over their credit cards - and, worse, debit cards - at every port. We need to be a little more realistic and a little less paranoid.
  5. Why would it affect your booking early? The sixty days runs from whatever date you actually book. OTOH, I never really have understood the advantage of first booking with a PCC and later transferring it to a TA. We always book with a TA.
  6. It is a controlled substance. DUI's are not just for alcohol.
  7. We don't have a choice. We booked in March and are well beyond the waiver for pre-existing exclusions. Further, our cruise is to SA/Antarctica so we needed med-evac coverage. We could buy travel insurance for the latter but lose the pre-existing waiver. HAL gives us both. So we buy it plus the MedJet evac insurance. I don't think that HAL'a evac coverage of $50,000 will cover us for this trip. The two policies are costing us $400 more than if we had purchased the travel insurance within 21 days of booking. However, we may have cancelled prior to final payment, and have unnecessarily paid $1,200. And that is what makes the HAL policy, which we can take out at final payment worthwhile. I will be curious to hear what others may have been told by the reps: Are we going to be penalized for not buying a CPP policy until final payment?
  8. I was attempting to locate the prices of the CPP policies on HAL'S website, and could only find this: "Call Reservations to find out your price." So, I did. I was informed that HAL has just changed insurance underwriters and things have changed. According to this rep, the price would depend upon when you book the cruise. Whatever that means because she didn't correlate it to anything. In any event, to get the lower price you have to have booked by June 13th, depending on when you booked the cruise. Therefore, I was instructed to call my TA. When I complained that HAL had not notified anyone of this change, she informed me that a mass mailing re the June 13th deadline had gone out to all TA's and, besides, it is on HAL's website. If it is, I have not found it. I called my TA, who said she had never received any such notification. She then called HAL, who quoted her a price which is about $50 more than what I remembered seeing online when we booked in March, 2019. The point of this post, therefore, best to confirm immediately after booking, what the price will be and if it really does increase the closer it becomes to sail time. My feeling is that the rep really didn't know what she was talking about.
  9. Yes. But wouldn't it be easier to leave your luggage at the hotel and board much later? We had the same situation last September in Seattle. Our ship sailed at 11:00, and waited until 3:30 or 4:00 to board. If I remember correctly, we could have waited until 8:00 p.m. to board. I'm not sure where the Westerdam docks in Hong Kong. We were on the Amsterdam, and it was not a short ride to the port.
  10. The one Pinnacle dinner that we thought was really worth it is the seafood one (can't think of the name). They had Dover sole meuniere on the menu, and it was delicious. Well worth it.
  11. It will come back! Hopefully, she says.
  12. I want to thank OP for bringing up this topic. We are 20 pts. shy of 5*, and we have always had insurance. But I have been thinking of foregoing it in December for our 22-day SA/Antarctica. This post has reminded me of why that would have been a very bad idea. Thank you, OP.
  13. The endorsement might require personal information that would be helpful to the scammers if that is the case. Driver's license, etc. Best to simply call HAL.
  14. $130/day for a balcony? I wish. It is $272/day for our forthcoming balcony on a 22-day SA/Antarctica cruise.
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