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  1. Our "rights" have not been taken away. They have, in some states or communities been temporarily and partially suspended, but that is a far cry from our rights being erradicated. Furthermore, any rights granted our citizens come with exceptions and responsibilities. Attempting to slow down the spread of a pandemic is one such responsibility. Unfortunately, too many of our citizens deny this aspect of "rights."
  2. Apart from the judge's order, who expected that Carnival Corp. would be sailing from U.S. waters in the near future. One would think that Carnival could remedy its situations by the time Covid is under control and the ships might be sailing again.
  3. I thought that the QE and Victoria were based more on the Vista class. No?
  4. A reasonable thought. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. So you understand the danger of not wearing masks and still prefer that they risk this danger?
  6. I thought that the ex-Rotterdam was a sister ship of the Amsterdam. No? The Rotterdam does not have the aft pool?
  7. We were on the Zaandam in January and I asked about the library and crows nest. I remember them saying that the library would remain but I don't remember anything about the crows nest. Where did you hear that it would be changed?
  8. We also received this announcement. I do not understand why some people are not getting them. We have been regularly receiving HAL announcements.
  9. We have been receiving frequent HAL cruise notices, and we have always used a TA.
  10. How does one get these casino rates? I assume you have to apply onboard?
  11. You are making assumptions, however, that may or may not be correct.
  12. My thoughts as well. One of the pictures was, I think, of an NCL ship.
  13. Thanks so much, Karen. Much more doable than backtracking over 387 pages.
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