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  1. My immediate thought on reading OP's plan: How much money is the cruise and flights costing you? And how much money is one night's hotel room? Doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I have been doing that with no problem, but others have experienced troubles. I always click on "Back to Manage Bookings" after browsing. As long as my original confirmation shows up, I assume the original reservation is O.K. Or is that being too optimistic?
  3. Unfortunately, Flight Ease prices to MIA - BA - SCL - MIA are exactly the same as the airlines'. No savings, and much less choice. The only advantage I see is in not having to pay for it until final payment on the cruise is due. I booked with Flight Ease but if they haven't lowered their prices by final payment, I will book directly with the airline and get the AA operated flight that I need in order to upgrade with miles. I guess the problem with SA rates in December is that it is summer and high season.
  4. Sorry, I hadn't realized that I had already hit the quote, so my preceding post said nothing. Referring to Miss G's post that the OB is listed on the first page of the booking confirmation, it is unclear whether she was referring to a HAL booking or a TA booking. If the latter, each TA has a different format, and the OBC's were initially not shown on my confirmation by the TA. I had to threaten to cancel the booking if they didn't show it. His response had been: "Well, it shows up on my computer and it shows up on HAL's computer, so I thought that it showed up on yoursl" Really??? I'm glad that I did not use him for our recent Grand Asia. It seems that we all agree that OBC's show up when you booked with HAL or if you purchased them. They do not show up on your screen if you booked with a TA. The TA should list them on your confirmation. Is that everyone's conclusion?
  5. Yes, but that was not the problem. I also booked through Flight Ease, but could not use the services of that office to change any flights or see if there were other flights available. I had to take what was shown on the computer. As a result I booked the MIA - MIA segment with Flight Ease, and will book the TPA - MIA -TPA segment directly with AA, using miles. The other problem with using a TA is not being able to see the confirmation on Manage My Booking. You have to get it from the TA or the airline.
  6. Although my AA flight is not shown in Manage My Bookings, I did find it on the AA website. Same confirmation no., BTW. One poster said that since she also booked through a TA, that info would be shown on the TA's computer, not on our account with HAL. Since I was able to confirm that AA has the requested booking, I will deal directly with them hereafter. As you pointed out, the beauty of Flight Ease is that the booking is refundable, changeable, cancellable, etc. It was very easy to make the reservation, but not quite as easy as talking to a real person. No surprise at that. Now, I will confirm with AA that we can upgrade with FF miles. Even if it is only to Premium Economy, it will be worth it.
  7. But it isn't. I think that is because I have not booked the cruise through a PCC. When I called Flight Ease, I was told that they could not assist me personally because I had not booked through HAL. I could use Flight Ease, and she would tell me how to use it, but she could not give me personal assistance, such as finding other flights. I was able to find the confirmation by clicking on "Find Flights", however. I did make a booking, not because the price was any better than I could get elsewhere, but because it was not payable until final payment of the cruise,and I can change or cancel up to 60 days before the cruise. If we don't book directly with HAL, our account does not show other things as well, i.e. OBC's, etc.
  8. Our cruise reservations were made through a TA. I made Flexible Fare plans through FlightEase, but how do I check it on line to be sure that it is there? Do I pretend I am beginning a new flight and then something pops up, notifying me that I already have reservations?
  9. We have AA FF miles. If we book our flights through Flight Ease Flexi-fares and get a confirmation no., can we then go to the airline to get an upgrade to Business? Or do we have to first pay for the ticket through HAL?
  10. Why do you not consider it a "sale?" For those who feel that a non-refundable deposit is the way to go, it is a sale, because it is $500 off a fully refundable price.
  11. Not to mention the annual cost of the card itself.
  12. Which December Zaandam cruise are you taking?
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