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  1. Tampa Girl

    When would you book a 2019 Westbound TA?

    I am confused. Why is it "vs?" Are you referring to different sources for the OBC?
  2. I knew that there was a reason why I don't like flying regional carriers!
  3. Sorry, OP. You will just have to make up the difference in one more drink!:)
  4. Tampa Girl

    Does this sound legit?

    I don't think that poster you were quoting was saying that the NA has Vista Suites. He appeared to be speaking generally of HAL ships, and he specifically referred to Signature Suites for the NA.
  5. Tampa Girl

    Power strips

    Thanks for the info. That was what I was afraid of. But, perhaps, the Amsterdam might have added usable plugs during her refit this spring. And by usable, I mean one capable of charging toothbrushes, etc. I don't consider an outlet on the ceiling to be usable.
  6. Since this was done through HAL, call them and ask what they were thinking of in booking this flight for you!
  7. Tampa Girl

    why no X4 on longer cruises?

    It was offered on our 2016 TA from Rome to Tampa.
  8. Tampa Girl

    Power strips

    Can you please state what type of cabin you were in? We will be in a Vista Suite on our forthcoming Grand Asia, and I have been trying to find out if there are any usable outlets in the bathrooms. Thanks.
  9. Tampa Girl

    Power strips

    But I wonder if the surge protector police will know the difference between one which is surge protected and one that is not. I think, in my case, I will leave at home my non-protected which looks like it might be otherwise. I assume that an extension cord with a 3-prong attachment is O.K?
  10. Tampa Girl

    Power strips

    Whoops! One less item to pack.
  11. Tampa Girl

    HAL unlimited WiFi

    That's what I am afraid of, no minutes to apply it against. Suggestion to HAL - if you are there - reduce the flat rate by what 600 minutes would have cost. I think that cost would be $255? Wasn't that $100 for 250 minutes; $55 for 100 minutes? Wishful thinking.
  12. Tampa Girl

    HAL unlimited WiFi

    My mistake. From what HAL told me, the roll out of the flat rate was brand new. (I guess they meant specifically for the Amsterdam) and the early booking minutes for a GV was still in the "now what" stage. As of yesterday, the powers-to-be had still not decided how they were going to handle it.
  13. Tampa Girl

    HAL unlimited WiFi

    Since these unlimited plans are brand new, I assume that you are using other cruise lines for this observation?
  14. Tampa Girl

    HAL unlimited WiFi

    These are not "free" minutes. We got them in consideration for booking early, thus tying up several thousand dollars for up to 15 months in the necessary initial deposit. From my purely legal background, it is a contract and susceptible of being enforced. That having been said, I wouldn't bet on how HAL is going to handle this.