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  1. As we left for late dinner, the early diners were arriving. I agree that music would have helped keep them there.
  2. I'm not sure how well reasoned that prediction is. The 2009 "great recession" was based on economic failures. While the businesses closing because of the pandemic certainly has had severe economic results, the economy itself was in better shape before the pandemic and may well not take six years to recover now that it is reopening.
  3. CCL was not the only line with Covid deaths. Take a look at this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_on_cruise_ships - Celebrity, NCL, RCL, etc.
  4. Other cruiselines suffered deaths, as well. Princess did, and I believe that Costa also had fatalities. Zaandam became the poster child for the horrors of being unable to find a welcoming port, thereby inviting the inevitable spread of the virus aggravated by the delay. It occurred on OA's watch, but was aggravated by factors beyond HAL's control. The obvious comment, however is: Why was the ship allowed to sail by that point? That is a valid point.
  5. But if HAL is giving you a 50% refund, they will be contacting the credit card. Why would you have to do so? I am probably misunderstanding you, but if you are contacting the credit card co. to dispute a charge, I thought that "disputes" usually involved the entire charge.
  6. Perhaps not, but his decision to let his ships sail was duplicated by every other cruise line during that time, which is why we now have dozens of ship around the world either anchored or trying to offload crew and staff.
  7. Curious - to those of you who think HAL will get chopped, rather than Princess, why? HAL has been around along time and has, arguably, the better itineraries. Would like to hear your reasons - but hope that you will be proven wrong.
  8. I don't think that you will get the premium refunded if you cancelled. In fact, I believe that this is mentioned on the HAL website, but I may be thinking of the policy itself. Don't know about a refund if HAL cancelled.
  9. Interesting reading. Thank you for posting it.
  10. The regulations being discussed here and in the article, however, was the one specifically addressing cruise ships, not the directives by the CDC toward re-opening of the country. However, it was the CDC who directed that the general public be restricted to travel only for "essential" matters. The article criticized the the CDC's disparate treatment of the ships' crews concerning repatriation.
  11. I agree. I try, but I still continue to overpack. I fear that the saying about teaching an old dog applies in my case. However, having paid a $100 fine on AA recently for being 3 lbs. overweight has given me some impetus to reform.
  12. Nonetheless, it is the CDC which made the regulations and is enforcing them while being fully aware that the rest of our citizenry is and has been allowed to freely move about the landscape for "essential services."
  13. Most interesting. Among the line most competitive with Carnival, Carnival had the lowest % of cases: Carnival - 18%, NCL - 22%, Disney - 25%, RCL - 37%, and MSC - 41%. Having been quarantined a couple of times on HAL ships and having watched their "continual cleaning" throughout the ships, Carnival's lowest percentage of the group does not surprise me.
  14. No, I have previously in other threads in this forum, shared his opinion on the unreasonableness of the CDC's severe restrictions for departing crew.
  15. This is another take from a former cruise director on an expedition ship, critical of the U.S.'s refusal to help bring home its own citizens while, at the same time, re-opening doors to restaurants, hair salons, etc. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/coronavirus-cruise-ship-nightmares-america-has-abandoned-its-citizens-sea-ncna1207346. The blame for this, of course, is the CDC's expensive restrictions costing cruiselines thousands of dollars while, at the same time, approving re-opening of public venues.
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