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  1. I had a similar issue on my August 7th cruise. Turns out there was a glitch in my reservation. Took about fifteen minutes to fix. Definitely call customer service.
  2. (Hopefully not a duplicate) here’s the construction from the port side you can also see the darker clouds coming in, presumably the front edge of Fred.
  3. Good weather now, deteriorating later. The Captain just came on the speakers (in cabin as well) to tell us our on-board time has changed to 2:30 so we can stay ahead of “our friend Fred”.
  4. I’m on the Edge right now, the first X ship that required the pre-arrival testing at Port Everglades. I got two tests, one the PCR one the night before I left, and the quick antigen test on my route (ten minutes from my office.) I did not get the first test’s results in time to print it at the office, and the second’s results came while driving. CVS sent links via both email and text. I saved them to PDF on my phone. At the terminal, they took a picture of my phone showing one of the result PDFs. Easy, no issues with digital only documents.
  5. A note - after getting in the terminal after all the check-ins, they handed us our new itinerary. On it, they mentioned that “in consideration for today’s inconvenience all guests will be provided compensation.”
  6. I saw the message on the highway board on I-595 coming from Sawgrass Mills, where I spent most of the day (saw The Suicide Squad since I had more than enough time - highly recommend if you like comic book movies.) longest wait other than getting into the terminal was security outside the port. I think that might have surprised some people that there would be a check there.
  7. Uchenna and Joyce. Beat Rob and Amber or Survivor fame.
  8. I had to call Monday to clear the check-in and get everything right. Took them about 15 minutes of hold time while they did that. while waiting, I wondered if they were trying to tell me something! 😄
  9. I talked to Celebrity about another issue for my Saturday Edge trip yesterday, and the person on the phone confirmed for me that it’s 72 hours from boarding, not from departure. So I have a PCT test scheduled for 4:50 tomorrow (Wednesday.)
  10. Question to those that have sailed recently. When did your luggage tags show up as printable on your account? I’m ten days out from sailing (8/7 Edge) and am still waiting for them to go live. I’ve finished checking in other than the day before health check.
  11. (Sitting at the car dealer getting my vehicle ready, for the trip.) I’m leaving on Thursday, and detouring to Orlando before driving to Boca Raton for Friday night. hopefully I can find something on Orlando to do on Friday. 😉 (I’ll “walk off” the ship as early as I can to get a good start after the cruise, but don’t want to think about that right now!)
  12. I ordered the combo vaccine card/passport holder as well (thanks to the member who first posted that idea!) The pile of “stuff” to pack for my cruise is getting higher and higher (not including clothes!). Good thing I’m driving, not flying, to FLL from RDU.
  13. The Summit has outlets in the lamp bases next to the bed (inside cabin, but I’m pretty sure they were in all cabins.). I used them for my CPAP machine when I was on it in 2019. I am pretty sure I saw an outlet near the bed in a video posted of a IV balcony cabin on the Edge - I watched to see if I needed to ask for an extension cord.
  14. It has to be done before the ship sails; if too many don’t then the ship can’t take off. I haven’t done this yet, but I believe you can watch the video before you board. I plan todo so, and the. Go to my muster station right after dropping off my carry on bags I. My cabin. That way I won’t forget todo it!
  15. Here's what Celebrity emailed me today regarding my Edge (FLL) cruise in a couple of weeks: YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME AT THE TERMINAL IS 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Arrive only during your scheduled arrival time to avoid long wait times outside the terminal and boarding delays. All guests in your reservation must check in together. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, DOWNLOAD THE CELEBRITY CRUISES® APP • It’s the fastest way to check in, complete most of your pre-arrival requirements including the Guest Safety Briefing, and enjoy contactless service throughout your vacation. COMPLETE YOUR REQUIRED HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE The form is available 24 hours prior to sailing. We’ll send you a reminder via the app. HAVE DOCUMENTATION OF VACCINATION READY TO SHOW AT THE TERMINAL Acceptable documentation must be in the form of the original document issued by the country’s health authority or healthcare provider that administered the vaccination. Proof of vaccination will be recorded and reviewed for signs of fraud. Please be aware that falsification of vaccination records is a federal crime subject to prosecution and will result in denial of boarding or removal from the voyage. Additionally, it may: • Be a violation of state and local laws, exposing you to criminal prosecution in places we visit. • Expose you to civil liability for costs and damages caused. ALL UNVACCINATED GUESTS BETWEEN AGES 2 - 15 WILL REQUIRE A COMPLIMENTARY COVID-19 TEST AT THE TERMINAL ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR UNVACCINATED GUESTS 16 + • You will need to arrive for embarkation with a negative RT-PCR taken within 3 days in advance of arrival to the terminal. • You will be required to take a Covid-19 test at the terminal, mid cruise onboard, and again at the end of the cruise. • Please do not make early travel plans on the day of debarkation to allow time for the required testing process. • The per person costs for these tests is $178 and will be applied to your onboard folio. • Masks will be required at all times onboard except while eating or drinking. • Unvaccinated guests are required to book a Celebrity curated tour, and depending on local government requirements, unvaccinated guests may be further restricted from going ashore. • Unvaccinated guests will have designated seating areas in some venues such as the dining rooms, casino, theatre, etc. Guests that do not meet the testing and health screening policy requirements will be denied boarding. ARRIVAL AT THE TERMINAL ARRIVAL TIME Please arrive at your scheduled arrival time. WEAR YOUR MASK, SANITIZE YOUR HANDS, AND FOLLOW PHYSICAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES LAUNCH MUSTER 2.0TM Begin via the app in the terminal and complete once on board. For families with children 12 years and under, your Safety at Sea wristbands and information card will be in your stateroom. CHECK IN AND WELLNESS SCREENING Have your Xpress Pass ready on the Celebrity Cruises app. Screening begins with presenting your original vaccination card, visual check, and health questionnaire. If you show signs of a fever, cough, or fatigue, you’ll be directed to a secondary screening. PROCEED TO THE GANGWAY BOARD YOUR SHIP You’ve completed your check-in requirements. Now, your unforgettable vacation begins.
  16. Well, the Edge (current sailings from FLL) sails at 6pm, not 4, so the 2:30-3:00pm slot isn’t that tight.
  17. I put down a $100 deposit on A cruise at the end of Nov., with a final payment date of Sept. 30th. It still shows up in my upcoming cruises, despite the announcement of cancellations through Dec. 15th. I have not received an email about the cancellation to date. I assume that maybe I’ll hear something AFTER the August 31st deadline to opt out of getting a cash refund, and will instead get the “double” future cruise deposit credit. anybody else not get a direct notice about cancellations? (Glad I stay informed here on CC.)
  18. I’m using Safari right now and my birthday’s off by one (4th instead of actual 5th.). I don’t have another account under carnival that I know of. If they’re going to screw up my account data, I wished they’d confuse me with my father (same first name) so I’d get credit and standing for his ~25 Princess cruises instead of my two.
  19. From the Princess announcement a few days ago indicating that their pause in cruising will extend to Dec. 15th... Princess will protect travel advisor commissions on bookings for cancelled cruises that were paid in full in recognition of the critical role they play in the cruise line’s business and success. if you already paid in full, then they get their full commission. If you didn’t, then I could see some justification for a fee.
  20. So, back to one of the OP’s questions: How are the obstructed view balconies right in front (facing forward) on the higher decks? I’ll add “for when we are all back cruising” so hopefully won’t get the repeated “you won’t be going” responses. I’ve booked one of the Lido 101-104 cabins on the Caribbean Princess, similar but no private balcony. I’d be interested in hearing from anybody who has sailed in one of these four. Noise? More movement? Great views?
  21. Well, the jury's still about about that, but at least not regarding the solo filter option! 😉
  22. The issue is that I do not believe you can search for one guest; I don’t want to have to do a mock booking each time to find the actual price and what cabins are available. My last try, the lowest price cabin disappeared when I changed the mock booking to one guest. It reappeared when I went back to two. other cruise lines allow it, why not Celebrity and Royal (it appears they use the same general web system.)
  23. Thank you for confirming what I thought. I looked on the Celebrity web page for a feedback link, but surprise-surprise, there was none (have to email, it seems.) While Princess rarely has a single supplement other than 100%, they at least let you search for 1 guest.
  24. I've started looking for my next cruise, and I can no longer find the "1 guest" filter on Celebrity or Royal. Seems I have to check each cruise individually, doing a mock booking. Anybody else having this problem (ie, is there somewhere I can actually search for one traveler without calling or talking to a TA? I'd rather do the research myself.) (There's also the issue of the disappearing "lowest cost" cabin rates once I try to book, and change from 2 to 1 guest.)
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