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    Carnival, since this is my first cruise
  1. fruitypebbles30538

    Attn: Glory Cruisers

    We are suppose to leave on Sat. 8th. Is it going to be a mystery cruise? This is my 1st cruise so anyway, it doesn't matter to me. It will be somewhere I never been before.
  2. fruitypebbles30538

    Printing our airline ticket electronically.

    Thank you, that does help. We are flying on Delta. This will be my first cruise and 2nd time flying.
  3. They say the only dumb question is a question not asked. ( whoever made that quote has not met me). We are sailing on the glory on Sept 8, this will be our 1st cruise and I am soooo excited. Carnival booked our flight, so we ( by mistake) chose the electronic way of receiving our info, including our airline tickets.I am almost embarrassed to ask, but here goes, where do you go to print your airline ticket. Someone please help!!:confused: