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    Anybody else waiting on a response from Nativeways

    I did hear back last night. Hopefully everyone else who was waiting did too! ;)
  2. MommyTo6

    Anybody else waiting on a response from Nativeways

    I emailed a bit over 48 hours ago and haven't heard anything back. I used the email address I found on their website: nativway@candw.ky - anyone know if this is correct? Or is there supposed to be an 'e' in there???
  3. MommyTo6

    Question about Cat. 12 room

    Great answer, poncho1973! The only thing I have to add is Cat 12 rooms on both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder only sleep 3 and Disney generally always books these as Gty. They will allow a party of 4 to book and this results in an automatic upgrade to Cat 11 or higher. At least a portion, if not all, of Cat 11's have that pull down bunk.
  4. MommyTo6

    Debarkation w/ your luggage?

    The time posted to have the bags out is not strict... you can go beyond that time if you need to. We didn't have our bags ready during our last Disney cruise and because I had 6 kids and a husband to repack for (as well as myself) along with laying out the next days necessities, it took a lot longer than I expected and I wasn't done until nearly 1 a.m. Our stateroom host said to just stick them out in the hall when I was done and they would be taken care of. When we woke up at 5:30 a.m., they were, in fact, gone. I didn't notice anyone taking their own luggage off ship and I imagine it wouldn't be easy with the generally packed elevators, etc... that last morning. Have a good cruise! ;)