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  1. Greetings, Is there anyone who has used the Hammam room in the SEA thermal suite on the Edge? I have several questions about how this works. Is there a special Hammam treatment you have to book or an is there an attendant on call to assist you with a Turkish bath? If you are supposed to do it to yourself, do they have the traditional black soap, rhassoul clay, and argon oil on hand or should you bring your own hammam products? My DD and I expect to spend a great deal of time in the spa and would LOVE to have a traditional Turkish bath!
  2. I am a spa sloth. I like to bring scrubs, masques, and sun screen to use in the steam rooms, saunas, and fancy spa showers. I do buy a spa treatment of two, but I really like to bring the goodies that make just lounging in the spa especially indulgent. Oh! I almost forgot - It's a bit silly, but I also bring a bottle of bubbles. Its my little tradition to blow bubbles from the veranda at sail-away.
  3. That is our ideal excursion!
  4. so how does this work? Would I visit the spa concierge with a list of treatments I'd like, my excursion schedule, and any shows/events/ dining times I don't want to miss, and sit down with them to coordinate it all?
  5. Arrival 3:30 pm Depart 11:00 pm
  6. My daughter and I will be making a port stop in San Juan in November 2020. We are looking for something to do that is natural or new-agey. We are making this a health/spa vacation. I realize it may be a bit "out there" to many of you, but we're making is a vacation to reconnect with water energy, heal our bodies, and nurture our spirits. What natural, healing wonders do you recommend? A Visit to the Laguna Grande bio-bay is our first choice since the ship will be in port into the evening. But I'd like to have a back-up option since it's unclear if that excursion will fit into our time constraints. Thanks,
  7. The entire cabin is magnetic, not just the doors. Since table top space is always at a premium in a cruise cabin. I use magnetic shelves designed as refrigerator spice ricks and bins designed to decorate school lockers to make room for odds and ends.
  8. I've been unable to find the San Juan shore excursion for Laguna Grande by kayak. Can anyone who sailed Eastern Caribbean on Edge tell me if they noticed whether or not the Bio bay kayak adventure shore excursion was offered? TIA
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw crab legs on a seafood platter picture from the Edge's "Raw on 5" restaurant but I won't be able to say for sure until my 2020 Edge cruise.
  10. I'll be sailing with my daughter next year over her birthday. She has taken aerial classes and loves performance art. I thought I'd take her to the Eden show for her birthday dinner. Is the Eden dinner offered every night or just on sea days? What time does it start and how early should we arrive if we'd like to interact with the performers?
  11. I think this is what I was worried about. Not so much worried about loosing my sign, but of being branded "that" guest ruining the sophisticated ambiance for everyone on my deck.
  12. Thanks everyone! It's my first Celebrity cruise. I'm glad my little door tradition will not be inappropriate. My adult daughter and I are taking this cruise together and we share a playful spirit.
  13. It's a HUGE thing on Disney ships and I've seen it elsewhere to a limited degree. But I would like to hang a door sign on the outside of our cabin door with a magnetic hook. The sign is made of thick, stiff felt hung on ribbons. (so it won't noisily smack against the door when opening or closing.) It's a sea shell, a dolphin, and an oval that says "Let's be mermaids". Is Celebrity culture too sophisticated to appreciate such whimsy?
  14. I keep thinking they are running out of four-letter geometric terms.
  15. Blow up furniture? Brilliant! And here I was thinking about making a lounging nest out of Kelly Hoppin pillows. (I still might) but this is a much more dignified solution.
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