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  1. Hello. I have reviewed multiple threads but still cannot see the answer. Can someone determine where the sofa versus the bed are in Edge Cabin SV 7315? In other words is the sofa closest to the balcony? Many thanks.
  2. Can someone tell me where the sofa versus the bed are in SV 7315? In other words is the sofa closest to the balcony? Many thanks.
  3. I do not book a cabin if there are no afts available as those cabins with a wake view are simply the best.
  4. actually wd love to see a porthole room as I have not before! Does it have a balcony and window? Thank you for recording for us. Many prayers that this is your only excitement for the cruise.
  5. Keep us posted. I go in late January and am using it as a getaway from people...haha.....will be living on my balcony and only eating outside. And when I walk the halls or inside, will wear a mask. May be extreme for some but after 18 months of awful, feeling the sea breeze and communing with nature sounds like heaven!
  6. Hopefully the family is quarantined in their cabin as it could take a few days for them to develop symptoms or test positive if they do at all. I believe CDC says they do not have to be quarantined but if I was a fellow cruiser, it wd make me feel safer. Very sad for them. Breakthrough infections happen and hopefully the guest is doing well. Pls keep us posted.
  7. Are the ladders hard to get up & down. The key with ladders is to have to lowest step far down.
  8. You are so awesome to reply to me. So there are steps somewhere to get in? I cannot see it in any pictures. Sometime, could you take a pic and post? I have had 4 surgeries on my foot after an accident and I love the pool but am afraid of the ladder. So regular steps would be amazing!!!
  9. Hi - I see that there are no steps going down into the main part of the pool. Looks like 3 ladders. Can you tell us how those work for older people or heavier people? Just cannot believe there is not a set of steps but I am told there is not.
  10. Lots of cobblestones. I would rent har an electric scooter as it would be much safer
  11. Well this certainly warrants monitoring as it affects all Carnival brands. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article229069589.html
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