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  1. Printed menus are available upon request. Kudos to the Cruise line whose doing their best not to possibly spread any virus by thinking outside the box. i like a printed menu, and at the same time, will comply with looking at it on the TV in my cabin or the one posted on the outside of the Dining room.
  2. Yes, this would work. She can walk with a rollator for a about à block. My concern is that she won’t be able to enjoy the ship if we had to continually stop and rest, though I’be seen people do that too.
  3. I agree - I loved that extra hour - though slept most of the time on the cruise - I usually have a lot of energy -all the fresh air and activities- and looking forward to seeing if going to Europe will make a difference, plus, I want to enjoy Barcelona and not feel as though I’m dragging myself around.
  4. I don’t do well with time change when travelling and felt sleep-deprived after flying to Barcelona first and not enjoying my stay because I was tired all the time & felt like a walking zombie. Looking forward to leaving from the US next time to see if it’ll make a difference
  5. People who took land tours this past summer said it was their best vacation- no crowds. i may have to consider ( being from Seattle ) should cruising not return for the 2021 season
  6. Article didn’t give a percentage of people affected by viruses on cruise ships, but states that they’re Petrie-dishes 🙄 CDC data Out Of 74 million pax 129,678 got sick AND 1 out of 10 were part of a norovirus outbreak. With Covid19, a ship better have a revised filtration system, imo, in order to squelch airborne particles. If people can handle not having swimming pools, cover them up & have outdoor dining, temporarily, till the virus multipliés enough so it’s no longer a threat. .
  7. I received an email today- as a health worker, I’m allowed to get the vaccine. Please read the last paragraph- from thé FDA There’s no data in how long the vaccine is effective and no data on the transmission of the virus with the vaccine
  8. I was just about to book the TA out of Fort Lauderdale on the Allure Spring 2022. no idea what an amplification is , though I’m assuming it’s a some sort of a dry dock ? I may have to reconsider Lyannea
  9. I’m not saying this will happen, but I can tell you my personal experience in working in 6 different buildings - If a COVID case is identified, for example, in one building, I’m limited to going to another building unless I have 2 negative COVID results, as it may take 10-14 days to catch it. I’m not sure how this will play out in the future- as I love to take longer cruises or back to back/ side to side cruises.
  10. I found out that the Pride GoGo Sport is what the Scootaround store rents out- it’s a 3-wheel Scooter, with a 21” base , holds 325 lbs and can be disassembled . I’m now off to research what size Balcony-cabin will fit that scooter
  11. Thank you again ! I left messages with both companies. I’ve never booked this far out, but have a feeling that this cruise will be planned and booked before the end of the year. If I hadn’t seen a fellow cruiser last year reassemble their scooter in the hallways - and maybe it was an electric wheelchair ? , I wouldn’t have given it an extra thought to check what was available.
  12. Thank you so much for the great information presented. Ideally, I would like to get the scooter when we arrive a few days ahead of time, so we can enjoy the home Port. I’ll call both companies to get an idea of what types of scooters they have & if any are collapsible for a larger person. I’ve been checking out cruises in Late 2022 through 2023 and most, if not all, accessible rooms are not available. My next step is to start making some calls in the next week to get the process started. thanks again ! Lyannea
  13. What hasn’t been addressed is whether a scooter user still has their driver’s license & why not ? A good friend used a Walmart scooter as we were shopping & kept on hitting things on the right- when I asked her about it, she said her eyesight was bad & that’s why her license wasn’t renewed
  14. That’s good news I just looked at them online and will definitely research more about them
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