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  1. I got off the Inspiration last Friday, attended the Chef’s dinner and one person was allergic to mushrooms, which Carnival confirmed with her before the meal
  2. Um, lol, probably not, though I’ve seen people play cards for a long time... while looking for a place to sit down and eat Would you be happy with 1.5 hours as in 90 mins, darling ?
  3. Going to the buffet early helps in getting just-prepared food that hasn’t been sitting around. You’ll see a lot of frequent cruisers at the buffet vs MDR- not wanting to spend 15 hours in the MDR every night.
  4. Night light in and out of the bathroom in their cabin, especially if there’s a small step up or down to get in/out. Make them aware of it first thing when you get to the cabin. Avoid putting their items on high shelves/cupboards in their cabin- anything to throw them off their base of support could be a disaster ( I work in Rehab) With my Mom, I kept her same routine with meal times ( even with time change) and her nap times- it made a difference ! enjoy your cruise! Lyannea
  5. If someone complains about almost every aspect of their cruise They just want to be heard- I pity them- they most likely missed out on having a better time or They may not have expected to have a great time because their expectations were over the top Or they spent more money than they wanted to on the cruise and expected everything to “be perfect” - whatever that is
  6. I get my garlic fix at the pasta bar in the Garden Cafe- they make a dish based on your preferences- extra garlic, basil/spinach and tomato. it’s my go-to meal, at least once on a cruise
  7. Great deal- congrats. I’ve taken some last minute cruises out of Seattle up to Alaska- always fun to get a deal like yours, as you never know how many cabins are going to be available as you get closer to the cruise date
  8. I like the buffet- enjoy making my own salad with whatever I want, and, being a slow eater, don’t have to rush through my meal and cramp my style in the MDR Last 2 cruises on the Joy and Bliss, the ‘washy-washy’ was a joke. MANY people just walked through. One time, I put my hands out and the gal wasn’t even looking- sprayed my clothes around my stomach, lol
  9. I walk to McDonalds, buy desert for the WiFi, from there, walk to the Pirate Museum, from there, walk down the street to a beautiful church, from there, walk back to the ship & stop by a small local park for pictures
  10. I read somewhere that wearing a one piece bathing suit is better to make it down the slide vs getting stuck or slowing down with a 2 piece.
  11. In making my shopping list today, For Safeway, i noticed that the $100 Visa gift card is $10 off i checked Carnival’s website and they do accept VISA gift cards
  12. Not carnival gift card but safeway in Seattle has VISA gift cards $10 off of a $100 Gift card i checked Carnival’s website & they do accept VISA gift cards
  13. Lucky you ! I asked NCL if I could use 2 Cruise Next when I booked an inside 3 weeks ago & they said no. It was a last minute cruise on the Joy at the beginning of May
  14. Google Jack Shack coupon and get a free rum drink- I do this every time ! You’re welcome !
  15. Great review- if I may add, there were 4 dedicated news channels, including BBC. Just got off the Joy this past Saturday as well.
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