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  1. We took our family on their first cruise on monarch OTS out of Galveston and that started a tradition of cruising for them . I miss all the fun & relaxing on a cruise going to the wonderful ports. Hope it regains the necessary protocols to begin sailing the seas again.
  2. I do not support mandatory vaccines. What will be next the cruise lines & our country will be telling us is mandatory?! I will not cruise having to take a ship sponsored tour so they can keep us in a bubble (as they want us to believe is for our own good) they are taking care of us. I’m 78 yrs old & I can make my own decisions. This is a free country🇺🇸.
  3. I agree I cancelled before August final payment & used my deposit to rebook in Nov 2021 at a cheaper cruise total. Also I understand that if the cruise lines lower the number of passengers (capacity) the people that have booked first will be among the first ones counted to go on the cruise they booked- In other words first booked go first or last booked won’t be going if Ship will be full to whatever capacity they chose. Also they don’t need to be holding/using my paid in full money. I can be making interest on it not them. They are counting on people to use the FCC for the money they n
  4. Not my idea this is one of the ideas that was in a possible protocol.
  5. Totally agree I’m not for the government controlling the mandatory vaccine. I will not take it until it is been proven to be effective and don’t believe the cruise lines will make the vaccine a must before allowing you to cruise. Temperature & a Covid test not more than 10 days is adequate for boarding
  6. Totally agree if their decisions are something I think would prevent me from enjoying my vacation I will also cancel my 3 cruises I have booked and keep my money in the bank. I assume the diamond lounge will be a thing of the past also. That was just a matter of time anyway. We get 3 drinks a nite on our card now to use at bars during happy hour. 5:30-8:00 so bye bye for that.
  7. You are so on point. Just read the reviews & enjoy what others have to say about their experiences. I do love cruise critic -keeps me informed.
  8. Love your positive attitude and I know you will be cruising again soon. By the way- would love to be included in your grand party on board. Bless you & yours
  9. This thread was going along just fine & I was enjoying reading them until Pinboy had to make snarky remarks which were not necessary . No one said that we aren’t affected by this virus & realize the hardships it has caused . Just be nice!
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