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  1. Shuttles to and from LAX are licensed and controlled by the City of Los Angeles. At this time there are only two Shuttle services authorized to operate from LAX. They are Super Shuttle and Prime Time. Both have service to the San Pedro Cruise Terminal, with Prime Time usually a couple of dollars less than Super Shuttle. For two passengers in a shared van, the rate from LAX to LA Harbor (San Pedro) is around $32 round-trip total. To Long Beach (Carnival Cruise Line) the fare is also around $32 round-trip. If you want a private van (you have a party of 4-7), the fare would be around $72 total. A limo will run around $85. Go online or call ahead to book a reservation for other than shared van services. A reservation is probably also required to get the round-trip rate - that's my guess. For a private van or limo, the time could be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 60 minutes depending on the time of day. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes to get through the check-in process at either terminal - remember you are one of up to3,000 passengers trying to get on the ship in about a 4 hour period! The trip could take about 45-90 minutes depending on time of day, and how many stops a shared van makes for other passengers. There are designated pickup points at LAX - look for orange "SHARED VAN" signs in the arrival level area after you leave the baggage claim areas. There will a rep from both Super Shuttle and Prime Time under each Orange sign - there's an Orange sign at each LAX terminal (1 thru 7, including the Bradley International Terminal - pick one of the reps and give them your name and number of passengers, and whether or not you have made reservations. If you don't have a reservation, give your name to both reps, and simply take the first van that arrives with a "SOUTH BAY" sign in its window.