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  1. Do people still take cruises because they actually like to cruise. Or is it more about achieving the next "status level"??
  2. I just checked it out. It is not a charge to get off the ship and walk around the port. They are bundling 3 port activities into one price and throwing in a few drinks.
  3. You should check out prices on 2 cabins. Then put the kids in their own room. It will probably only cost a little more, which would be worth it..
  4. They are not going to charge to walk around the port. Which is basically a cruiseline built area.
  5. Most Bahama tourist are at resorts & hotels. That is mainly what this is about.
  6. Carnival is getting rid of there Fantasy Class ships, which is considered one of them most successfull fleet of ships ever. All built right before the huge demand for balcony cabins. Which makes them seem very outdated in today's cruising world. They did attempt to add balconies on one or two or them but it made it the ugliest ship out there....
  7. When state & local governments cave to these clowns trying to take over the city Somebody needs to come in and run them off. Let's hope this really happens..
  8. What is wrong with some noise?
  9. "Free dinner or small perk'. I once got particular voyage, I had 2 cabins for our family of 4. We go free gratuities = $360 Liquor package for 2 & soda package for 2. $150 OBC for each cabin. And if I have an issue I don't have to sit on hold for a crazy length of time waiting for someone answer. I just let the TA do it. And they don't have cancellation fee's.... But your method sounds like a good deal....
  10. Why are you using a TA that has cancellation fees? That should be one of the first things you ever ask them....
  11. Perhaps you should get a Travel Agent. Let them take care of it. After 12 cruises with them, I cannot recall every having to phone RCCL once...
  12. I just looked at mine. It has all past voyages and goes back till the first in 2004.
  13. I thought the airlines were allowing cancelations? I had airline tix for a trip in June. They were the cheapest basic economy seats and they gave me a credit. As for booking, Never book directly with the cruise line itself..
  14. I always thought the founders names were Bob Royal & Al Caribbean..
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