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  1. The reason you have to buy 2 is because RC realized they can make a lot more money that way. Especially when the majority of passengers still bought the package. It is not because someone gave a drink away...
  2. There are plenty of recent threads already started on this topic. Pretty much Everyone is aware of the crappy RC website. Look back a few pages before starting a new thread...
  3. matj2000


    jTest post. Website Problems? - Royal Caribbean International - Cruise Critic Community
  4. You can give her a drink or 2 off your package. We have all done it...
  5. Can't you watch the stuff online before you go??
  6. Perhaps it's time to leave "Hunter", your Adult son behind. And keep him from holding you back from the things you want to do.
  7. Use the search function. Or go to the "East Coast Threads"..
  8. I don't understand why you cannot eat in the Haven restaurant if you have a Haven suite..
  9. You do not have to start a new thread on this website. Every time the RC website has issues. It is well known problem and discussed over & over...
  10. I wasn't talking about me. It was an observation that I have made over many cruises...
  11. Not very many look like they drink water. Sugary drinks yes, water, no.. Cruise passengers are not the healthiest...
  12. By looking at all the other passengers It doesn't look like people even drink water.......
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