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  1. There is no such thing as a drink package sale.
  2. Do you really want him to carry that stupid cup everywhere?
  3. No need change your usual habits just because you are on a different cruise line. RCC is pretty like the rest. For info about the excursions & activities read the member ship reviews on this site.
  4. Actually it is a public forum. When you ask a question it pretty much becomes everyones business...
  5. What do you need to say to him that cannot wait until you get on the ship?
  6. It is pretty much the same as other mass market lines. There is not much insider things to know. You really need to just go and discover things for yourself. . If you really want to learn about the ship, best way is to read the member reviews......
  7. This is exactly why you should use a credit card. Not a debit.. Many don't listen....
  8. This is what I was told RC uses for the dispenser in the shower. A mixture of these two products...……..
  9. It really does not matter what it is.. It will work just fine.. You will be exactly as clean as if you used some very expensive shampoo/conditioner...
  10. I think this site has officially bottomed out......
  11. I really don't think you need to "scramble" . The voyage is almost 2 years away. Every other option is available....
  12. Speak for yourself. I have left the port area every time I have been in Jamaica and walked around the town with zero issues. Also, every excursion I have been on in Jamaica, not one was done through the cruise line. Not sure where you get your info from, but it is not correct...
  13. Here is a photo from my last trip on the Oasis. Sometimes you need to keep things charged...
  14. I have been on around 25 voyages. Not once have I ever known, sought out, or even cared who the ships entertainment was before or after I boarded. It never once affected the trip...….
  15. Sorry, Not sure about policy. but I would assume it is a banned item judging by other rules they have...
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