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  1. Perhaps you should get a Travel Agent. Let them take care of it. After 12 cruises with them, I cannot recall every having to phone RCCL once...
  2. I just looked at mine. It has all past voyages and goes back till the first in 2004.
  3. I thought the airlines were allowing cancelations? I had airline tix for a trip in June. They were the cheapest basic economy seats and they gave me a credit. As for booking, Never book directly with the cruise line itself..
  4. I always thought the founders names were Bob Royal & Al Caribbean..
  5. Just wait it out. Things might settle down sooner than later. You most likely will end up wanting to go. And kick yourself for cancelling.
  6. Unlike most folks here, I give more realistic, direct, and honest answers to peoples questions. I don't offer Rainbow colored Unicorns, sprinkled in Fairy Dust. Because it is in text, there is no tone & inflexion. Making it difficult to see the Humor & Sarcasm. And because we presently live in a "I need to be offended" society, You take offense to something not meant to be offensive....
  7. I would believe TMZ before I believe MSNBC or CNN.
  8. Can you share the material where "you read" that you can get 125% credit for Drink packages? Also, Why doesn't your "friend" with the drink package ask this question himself?
  9. I didn't know people still use the term "Big Box" anymore....
  10. Deck 14 under the pool area. As close to the foward stairs as possible...
  11. Casino lessons have always been free on every cruise line I have ever been on. Go figure RC is the first to start charging kind of like the ship tours. Personally I stopped going to the casino when they raised all the min bets to $10.
  12. I do it all the time. My wife has little interest in planning. However we cruise on SpringBreak & Thanksgiving pretty much every year so she sort of expects it...
  13. Ships are just about identical...
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