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  1. Oh I was sure of that..just don’t want to be quarantined…
  2. If u r b2b , I’m hearing that u have to get tested at the end of your first cruise. In the event u tested positive, would it be treated like a new cruise & u would be denied boarding? Or quarantine?? Having second thoughts on our January b2b ! Ty
  3. It really is getting to that point of not worth it 😞. We have a b2b in January. Final payment is November & if things get any worse, we will cancel. Unfortunately we will lose $400 deposit.
  4. Do we get tested on the ship after the first of our back to back? At our own expense?
  5. Is there a “what if “ answer? Masks or no masks, we plan on cruising!
  6. My bad! Was just wondering as so many have said they would cancel.
  7. If you cancel (after final payment)because masking is required, I assume penalties still apply??
  8. Thanks..got it! Now for the Hub
  9. 🤔 I can’t figure it out! On the Hub app or on Carnival either!
  10. We have a b2b in January. I can load the first cruise on the app… do I have to wait until the next cruise begins to put it on the app? Ty
  11. Speaking of chairs…has anyone ever requested/asked for and received a chair in their ocean view cabin ? We usually have a balcony cabin but not this time..OV was a great deal! Elation is the ship.
  12. Does adding cancel for any reason up the travel insurance a lot ? I am going to call, just looking for feedback …thanks
  13. Are there any restaurants within walking distance from Country Inn & Suites…Port Canaveral ?
  14. If u pay a portion of your cruise in gift cards & a portion with credit card & have to cancel, will the GC portion be refunded with a GC ?
  15. Refresh my memory please. Usually have a balcony cabin, but due to a great deal we have an OceanView. Elation..any fridg? Hair dryer?
  16. When will Elation sail? Or other ships of that class?
  17. Just booked County Inn & Suites! Some places were sold out already!
  18. Yes, that’s what I’m looking for! And it doesn’t have to be the best.
  19. Suggestions for two night stay in this area that includes on premises parking while on a cruise .In January. Thanks
  20. We don’t cruise until January…is it too soon to call?
  21. We have the same situation…how do I contact the players club?
  22. Cocoa Beach Suites?? Any opinions??
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