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  1. On 1/3/2021 at 7:06 AM, rafinmd said:

    The regular celebration and shoutout list is on vacation today.  Instead, I looked back at Rich’s very first Fleet Report, done April 28, 2019.   It was one page with 14 replies




    I was in Praia da Vitoria that day on the Newuw Statendam.  At the time I didn’t know it would be my last HAL cruise for at least 2 years.


    Hats off to the faithful charter members:


    @Krazy Kruizers (Still with us in spirit)


    2 more post occasionally now




    And also:


    @woodworker&knitter  last posted 12/20/19
     @frankc98376 posted August 29
    @retiretwo (no subsequent Fleet posts found)
    @POA1  posted May 31
    @joekerstef (posted 5/3/19)
    @Skoogs  (posted 5/3/19)
    @slimknyzer (no subsequent Fleet posts found)


    Not on the first Fleet Report but very soon thereafter @erewhon@Himselfand @Vict0riann


    Finally, hats off to @kazuwho filled in for Rich for a while when I presume Rich was off on a cruise,


    And to the predecessors who I remember as originators of the Fleet Report @luvtwotrvl   and @Trvlcrazy  I did sail with them on the Ryndam 5 years ago.




    Hello Roy,

    It was very nice to meet on the Ryndam. I am so glad we had a chance to meet together will we definitely enjoyed the cruise on the Ryndam. We loved that DAM ship.


    I am not as active on the boards now with increasing hours at work. I am working a lot of hours now since I work in the pharmaceutical industry.


    Thank you very much for the Fleet Report!



  2. 4 hours ago, kazu said:

    Copying and pasting from the old, closed thread:


      luvtwotrvl said: 

    Hello Kazu

    Please add the following


    April 12, 2020 for a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on Nieuw Statendam





    Please add trvlcrzy to my post as well. Thank you and sorry about that. Working long hours now is really draining my brain.



  3. We have been on the Caribbean Princess  before, but it has been awhile since we have cruised on Princess ships. I cannot remember anything about their dining room experience since it has been awhile. Does Princess have large tables where at least 10 people can sit at one table? We have family going with us on our Caribbean Princess in June 2019. Looking forward to this cruise.




  4. I truly do miss the posting the fleet locations. Even when I post, every day I go back and take a peek of where all of the "DAM" ships located throughout the world. I loved to watch the web cam views of the dam ships in each port. I still do that some what but not like I did when I was posting the fleet locations.


    I am ready to go on a DAM ship! I am overdue for a cruise!


    You guys take care,


  5. 5 hours ago, kazu said:

    Many of us are already watching and will catch her sail a way on the sail away thread. 😉 


    She's in Fort Lauderdale for the last time on March 25th. Lots of us will be watching and on the sail a way thread for that day 😉 


    I'll be happy to be back on her when she arrives in Lisbon 😄 


    That 's on my birthday, March 25. Hint, Hint, that would be a LOVELY birthday gift. Two tickets to board the Prinsendam on March 25. I know my work will not like that, but oh well.😀



  6. 19 hours ago, mcrcruiser said:

     Cruise ships have to report to the CDC when there is  Noro virus  present  at 2.5% of both pax & crew . No other building needs to report .Reason is the close proximity to others in a cruise ship . Noro  is quite often found on sick cruise ships .i personally believe this article  .

    The Noro virus is quite often found in Hospitals, and Nursing Homes to name a few. But, the media does not report those findings as much as on cruise ships.

    Its all about washing your hands before you eat!


    I hardly every stay in proximity of the smoke stacks on a cruise ship or even close to exhaust on any bus, car, or any other combustible engine. They all POLLUTE the air!



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