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  1. The doctor on board had other pills she gave out. I forget what they are called, they don't sell them in the US. Here is my review on trip advisor from our trip. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i12337-k13090523-Just_back_from_Photo_Expedition_to_Antartica_Dec_2_to_Dec_13-Antarctic_Adventures.html https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i12337-k13145846-Considering_Traveling_on_MV_Ushuaia_Need_Cabin_Advice-Antarctic_Adventures.html
  2. They come on land to breed and hatch chicks. They spend the rest of the time in the water.
  3. I was just there on the MS Ushuaia in Dec 2019. There were 80 passengers and 30 crew. The Drake was rough on the passage to Antarctica and smooth on the way back. This was also a very small ship without stabilizers. We had a cabin on the lowest floor with twin beds. I thought it was very rough, the staff thought it was not so bad, so I hate to see what bad it (we had no storms or rain, snow, wind). There were no hugh waves, but still a lot of rocking. Being in bed felt like being in a rocking baby cradle. We slid from side to side, so glad for twin beds. Going over, that lasted about 20-24 hours. Normally I don't get seasick as long as I take one Bonine daily. Unless seas are very rough. I took Bonine twice a day, probably a double dose. At one point I also took Zofran (prescription only). I was ok as long as I laid flat in bed and just waited it out. If I tried to stand and walk I was dizzy and sick. So I just drank some Coke and ate some crackers in bed and listened to music on my phone. My husband on the other hand only took Bonine and felt pretty good. He went to all meals. Many of the men on the trip were also quite sick. Big strong men felled by the current. Some people who used the patch were sick, others were not. One man I talked to used the patch and took Zofran and said he was fine. Our cabin steward was very kind, but said he has never been sick. I loved this trip. I would go again if not so expensive and crossing the Drake. One of our best trips ever.
  4. So to clarify the above, I am a very experienced traveler. I am a stickler for details. On the rare occasions I have used travel agents, they made more mistakes than I have ever made. And I have made some, like showing up a day early for a reservation. More than 12 cruises, more than 6 Road Scholar trips, 20 years worth of independent travel around the world, some Tauck trips, and small group photography tours and riding tours around the world. We camp, we RV, we stay in 1 Star if we have to (near Sydney airport) to 5 Stars for very special occasions. I love Road Scholar. They stay in mostly 3 star hotels, location is more important than accommodation. Most of the time the food is fine, occasionally not. But the learning and experience, as well as the fellow travelers we meet rate 5 star in my book.
  5. To those who commented: The gluten-free folks made arrangements with the TA ahead of time. They ordered meals a day ahead of time ( but only after the two of them requested this, the staff never suggested it). The meals were still mixed up, even with pre-ordering. And the normal meals were sometimes poorly prepared. Given a choice, I will sail Oceania every time. But our friends wanted this itinerary and we thought we'd give it a try. I have good friends who have like elite status on Holland and do 40 day cruises, and they are pickier than I am about food, etc. I don't get it. And yes, I am a Road Scholar. I could live in the library.
  6. We sailed to Alaska from Seattle for 14 nights on the Zaandam. We have previously sailed Carnival (1), Regency (1), Norwegian (3) and Oceania (4). Our room was nice, our cabin attendant was lovely and attentive. The ship was clean and furnishing were nice. The itinerary was fine. The price was very reasonable. The food was sometimes good, and usually ill-prepared and uneatable. This was both in the main dining room and the buffet upstairs. The orange juice tasted like powdered Tang, and the coffee was so weak you could almost see through it. Sometimes meat was so rare it was raw, and when sent back, it came back like shoe leather. Mushroom omelettes had mushrooms floating in lots of liquid. Vegetables were overcooked. Several people in our group of 7 have celiac disease. It was important to sit at the same table with the same wait staff for all dinners, so that the correct gluten free meals could be ordered. It took 4 nights to get this arranged, and that only after a discussion with the dining room manager. There were very few on board activities that didn't involve a fee of some sort. Very few lectures or educational activities. Movies were shown during the dinner hour. I told all of this to the powers that be midway through the cruise. They, of course, are unable to change the situation because poor management starts at the top down. My last Holland America cruise. Someone else can have my cabin.
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