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  1. I was booked on this cruise and cancelled in July. It looked wonderful and I hope it goes for you who are booked. However, I'm less optimistic about the future and more worried about being stuck one way or another without too many options to get home. I really hope it works great for those who are going.
  2. No. I am in FL, but Vantage is in Mass. So you use that Attorney Generals Office.
  3. I finally got all my money back from Vantage to my CC. They cancelled the June Iceland trip in April 2020. I had an email stating I was due a refund. I instituted an online dispute with the Massachusetts Attorney Generals office and they were responsible for my fund.
  4. I just got all my Vantage monies back to my CC after intervention from the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. Never again on Vantage.
  5. I just received most of my refund for my Iceland trip that Vantage cancelled in April. It came to my CC. I am still waiting for the deposit money to be refunded. I filed a claim with the BBB and the Mass. Attorney Generals office. I did have an email from them stating I was due a refund. I got a lot of BS from them every time I called. Yes refund. No refund. Your lucky, very few refunds. I was ready to lodge a dispute with the CC but I didn’t know if I had waited too long or whether the CC would ok the claim for a while and then ask for money back when the vendor didn’t reimburse. But th
  6. I paid by CC. Chase Sapphire Reserve. So far I have not tried to start a dispute claim because of the above issues. And maybe it’s too late for a claim. Although I do have their letter stating I a due a refund.
  7. I made my final payment one month before Vantage cancelled my trip. I have received many mixed messages about a refund. I would never travel with them again. Your decision about what to do but you might be kissing your money goodbye.
  8. Thank you. I have been talking of doing this. Thanks for the name of the station
  9. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. They have now closed the case. I have filed with the Mass AGO and I have an open case. I even have an email from Vantage stating they will give me a refund AND I STILL have not seen this refund.
  10. Thanks. Already did that. The only thing I haven’t done is hire him personally.
  11. In order to finally receive my refund, I am searching for email addresses of executive level employees of this company. I have already contacted the Massachusetts Attorney Generals office, the BBB, and Consumer Affairs. I have an email confirming my refund is due, with no timeline. Thanks for any help.
  12. I need employees names and email addresses. Are there Vice-Presidents? Henry Lewis doesn't work alone at Vantage. Is there a Board of Directors? I just received detailed notice that my Iceland Air refund is being sent to my credit card. I have pursued them as hard as I have pursued Vantage. I got lots of help on the Iceland forum of TA. We all shared information, names, and email addresses. Several of us now have refunds coming soon (hopefully). We need to share the same kinds of information here to bring pressure and receive our refunds. The last emails I sent
  13. I did get an email from Vantage stating I am due a refund. No word when. "Call back monthly". That is unacceptable. I received the name of the person handling my complaint at the Mass. Attorney General's office. I sent him the email from Vantage. Thats all I know for now.
  14. Today’s Vantage song and dance. On hold for two hours. I booked this trip April 2019. Paid by CC. Paid balance 2/2020 by CC. Vantage cancelled us early April. I requested refund to CC. Got phone call June 5 offering voucher again. Told them refund only. July 1 made report to Mass AG and Mass BBB. Called them today. CS said no refund, bigger credit only. I said impossible, let me talk to supervisor. She comes back and changes her story. “No refunds after May 7” cancel date. Since mine was earlier I suddenly qualify. She read me back what payments would go to the different CCs I use
  15. Yes. I am concerned they would take back the refund money if they don’t get satisfaction from Vantage. Not take back my card.
  16. I am one of thousands who had a trip that was cancelled by the travel company in April 2020. In this case it was Vantage Deluxe World Travel, Iceland. No air fare involved. No refund on the horizon. People say "file a dispute with your CC company". I have never done this before. I paid for the trip with Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. What happens if they start the dispute with Vantage and Vantage still doesn't refund the monies? I guess the CC company takes the monies back? Anyone with experience doing this?
  17. Vantage owes me $22,000 for a June Iceland trip they cancelled. I put all the monies on m Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, the bulk of the payment was in February, 2020. I too have written, called, Tweeted, sent messages by Linked In, filed with the Mass. Attorney General's office, and the BBB. I am thinking about a class action suit. If I do no hear anything by the end of August I am going to start writing the Boston Globe and contacting the Boston TV news channels. I have held off starting a claim with the credit card because I am concerned they will take it back if they don't get rei
  18. Vantage cancelled me April 8 for June 4 departure. No airfare involved. They said 90 days for refund. Then June 5 they called to offer me a credit. I insisted on refund. That reset the 90 day clock. I emailed them mid June. They said someone would contact me. I haven’t heard yet. So I have stepped up my efforts. I am waiting a few more weeks to contact credit card company.
  19. I have now lodged complaints with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau for failure of this company to refund my payment to my credit card after indicating this would occur. I will never again travel with them.
  20. I asked for a refund of deposit Mid March, way before the sailing date of Oct 26. I haven’t gotten anything yet.
  21. Next June 2021 I have a very expensive trip scheduled with a Photography company. I just went to Antartica with them in Dec 2019. I purchased insurance thru Squaremouth.com with Berkshire Hathaway specifically because they cover loss of trip due to bankruptcy of company. That could easily happen with my company now ..
  22. My answer to the OP. I just cancelled Oct 26 2020 15 night cruise before penalty phase kicks in. Supposed to get $1500 deposit back on CC.
  23. I had a cruise booked for Oct 26 from Montreal to Miami. I booked through Vacations To Go and initial deposit was $1500. Balance was due soon, so called VTG and said I was cancelling. Initially the TA said $1000 refund, and $500 voucher, then she called us back and said Oceania said to refund all $1500. I thought when I booked this last year that VTG told me it was completely refundable until balance due, but I did not have that in writing. It said it could take up to 60 days to show up on my CC.
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