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  1. If you are waiting to book onboard because you are trying to use OBC, the problem is you may not be able to get the day/time you want. If you get “free” dinners (5*, TA gift, etc.) or a mariner discount and prebook, it will be credited to your onboard account after you dine.
  2. Thank you for our Wednesday Daily. 🙂 Hooray for emergency nurses! (And all nurses!) 👏
  3. Only if you are driving yourself. If you test positive, you are not allowed on commercial flights, trains, buses, and are not allowed to rent a car. Until you are COVID negative.
  4. To all our Canadian Dailyites: Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Thank you for our Sunday Daily. THREE BHBs with passengers! Woo Hoo! 👏😀
  6. Thanks for the reminder. I also received a message a couple weeks ago my storage being almost full, but couldn’t log in at the time so forgot about it. Just bought more space. 🙂
  7. I’m glad the oil spill didn't affect Catalina Island or your port stop.
  8. DH is tricking out a 50’s Willys truck. He named her “Louise“ as in “Geez Louise that truck is fast!” 😄
  9. Yikes! Hope no one got hurt. Some cool videos from usgs.gov.
  10. Pre-Covid, HAL departed out of both Seattle and Vancouver (and I think Anchorage/Seward for one-way cruises).
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