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  1. Nanascraps

    Stingray City

    We are going to Antigua in November on Princess and we have booked this excursion. Has anyone done this one and if so how was it?
  2. Thank you all for the info!! We’re going to go ahead and take the chance! 🙂
  3. It’s just my husband and I.We would be on standby.
  4. I saw all the questions after I asked the question. :) Southwest said that if we do miss our flight they will put us on the next flight out.
  5. We are cruising to the Caribbean on Princess November 7 and we’re coming in the day before so no problem there what I’m a little apprehensive about is our flight back to Phoenix. It says that the ship docks at 7:00 and we always take our own luggage off but we’ve never been to the Caribbean or Ft Lauderdale. Flight leaves at 10:10 am is the ship usually on time there?
  6. I reserved it yesterday on Travelocity and with tax total was $170.00. Which we figured wasn’t bad at all. We wanted something where we could go eat dinner and have a little bit of fun and not have to venture out anywhere especially since it will be dark when we get there.
  7. We’re not arriving until early evening flying in from Phoenix. So I’m thinking dinner maybe some slots and early to bed for the cruise the next day. 😊
  8. We’re leaving out of Port Everglades on a Princess Cruise in November. I just booked our room for the night before at the Seminole Hard Rock hotel and casino. Has anyone stayed there and if so what are your thoughts. Thanks!
  9. Quick question. Is smoking allowed on Princess Cays?
  10. I found the coffee menu on the Princess website. It's a pdf download. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ships/products/dining-included/coffee-and-cones.html
  11. Quick question regarding internet on the Crown Princess. The last Princess Cruise we took was back in 2010 and I don't think internet was an option. Due to my medical issues we finally were able to go on another cruise February of this year. Unfortunately we chose Carnival but we were able to purchase unlimited internet usage. Looking at our upcoming cruise November 2019 on Crown Princess you have to pay for packages that are minutes not unlimited. Princess doesn't have unlimited internet?
  12. Thank you all so much!!! The only other cruise line we've been on was Carnival and they didn't have it and their food wasn't good at all!!
  13. I know this is kind of a weird question but when we went on our last cruise on Princess in 2010 they had the best beef Wellington in the MDR. Do they still have that? We're sailing on the Crown Princess to the Caribbean November 2019.
  14. Our last cruise on Princess was in 2010. Due to a brain tumor I had and subsequently removed in 2015 we haven't been on a cruise until February of this year and we had limited funds but wanted to do something for our 25th wedding anniversary so we went on Carnival. We learned you get what you pay for. Anyway I digress! My husband smokes and we need to know where the smoking areas are on the Crown. We read somewhere that there is one on the Lido where our cabin is so I'm hoping it's close by. Can someone tell us where they all are? Sorry for the rambling post!:):)
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