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  1. I only read the title of the question / thread. The answer: YES. Of course, try to get a good deal, watch the prices and make adjustments as necessary - but yes, absolutely.
  2. The earliest we've been able to board is 10:30a. If you do decide to get a hotel - I'd highly recommend calling the hotel to book arrangements and a booking for the night before so you can get in, sleep for a few hours and then leave at about 11 for the ship. I'd think though at that point you'd be excited about the cruise and wouldn't be able to sleep. HOWEVER, I would HIGHLY recommend not flying in the day of the cruise. If anything should go wrong and the flight is delayed, then you miss your cruise. Yes, there is an additional expense in flying in a day early and staying the night, but you leave yourself a buffer. Early in our cruising years we did fly in the day of, and didn't have any problems (family did) - but we've come to find out that we were just lucky. After 40+cruises we've heard all the stories of flight delay's and cancellations. But you do whatever makes you happy! 🙂 Happy cruising!!
  3. Hey there - go to your summary on NCL.com - you should see the beverage package listed there with the names on the reservation that have the package. If you haven't created an account, just go to ncl.com and register - you will need your booking number in order for the system to find you and attach your reservations. 🙂
  4. Anyone else out there!?!?! Hans and Brett
  5. Anyone else joining us? Hans and Brett
  6. Hi all - We are looking forward to joining you on this cruise. We live in Ft. Myers, FL - moved here from Atlanta. Glad there is a thread! Hans and Brett
  7. I agree with Shawn - Ideally you can use the cruise credit for a short getaway - so you are not throwing away $700, but spending $200 for a lesson learned and now you have a forced savings account vacation with the other $500. My preference or "our" preference doesn't matter except to tell you our experiences. In this case, you've answered the question - NCL is preferred because of the great price drop, perks, and most importantly the destinations are what your daughter wants. Book it before the cabin or deal is gone and move on. 🙂 Happy travels! Hans
  8. Another misleading post and especially a headline. https://www.thelocal.it/20190810/no-venice-isnt-about-to-ban-cruise-ships-from-its-lagoon
  9. This title is so misleading - and frankly irresponsible. Read the articles - do you research. Yes - there are going to be changes and cruise lines may indeed go to close by specific ports - however ships are not being banned. They are looking for a reasonable amount of ship activity - especially for locals - that locals will participate in for those decisions. https://www.thelocal.it/20190810/no-venice-isnt-about-to-ban-cruise-ships-from-its-lagoon
  10. Right - absolutely will. I know when we had a similar room we requested a few that were not on the list and received them without issue. But requesting in advance is great advice. I like to get all the "paperwork" out of the way as soon as possible so we can enjoy the cruise.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. This just made me delete the special occasions celebration in our profile. Awesome that they celebrated you all but we'd likely leave (run) if we saw them coming in a group singing.
  12. Perfect, thank you! I did find the list - there is wine on the list too, but I think for the perk, most are interested in the liquor...so here's the list: Beefeater Gin Grant's Blended Scotch Whiskey Smirnoff Vodka Jim Beam Bourbon Seagram's 7 Crown Bacardi Superior Rum Cazadores Blanco Tequila Dry White Vermouth Sweet Red Vermouth Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry Sandeman Reserve Port Jameson Irish Whiskey Kahlua 🙂
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