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  1. Same here, with Marriott. Allowed cancellation of non-refundable res, no problem.
  2. That's a pretty big "all." For a lot of very good reasons, people need to get their money back if the cruise isn't going to happen. And until Celebrity makes it clear that people who need the refund will get it, people will stress. Sure, some people have the cash to let it ride, but that is not realistic for everyone. Celebrity needs to put people's minds at ease.
  3. Do you have this on good authority? I am on the 4/13 Apex cruise out of UK, and our Roll Call is in a tizzy waiting for new about whether the cruise will be cancelled. We can't imagine it proceeding with all ports closed, but no news is frustrating.
  4. That's why Celebrity should just offer everyone the "we cancel" deal, so no one feels like a chump and they know where they stand.
  5. If you cancel you get 100% future cruise credit. If they cancel on you, you get 125% credit or your money back. If you plan to cruise again in the time period allowed (through 2021), 25% extra is a pretty sizable sum. And if you don't plan to cruise in that time period, it's either 100% back or a total loss.
  6. I agree with you. They must not need to know what their "true" passenger load is, presumably because they can read the signs, Based on the Roll Call for my April 13 Apex cruise, there are a lot of people holding onto bookings who have no intention of cruising,
  7. I think if Celebrity wants to know how many people are actually planning to sail on their booked cruises, they would make the offer for taking the CWC option as good as the offer for when they cancel. It would be eye-opening for Celebrity to see how few customers have any intention of getting on a cruise in Europe in April, and are just waiting until X cancels first.
  8. The letter we got from Celebrity on March 12 said that the over 70 restriction would be in place for 30 days and be reviewed. Our cruise (which will never happen) is leaving on Day 32, so I guess we don't have to worry about it unless they say something to extend it. These safety precautions will remain in place for a projected period of 30 days and will be reviewed daily.
  9. By now it is patently obvious that cruises in Europe cannot happen as advertised in April or probably May. Most of the ports are closed to tourists, the countries are on lockdown, and all major countries of the world have told their citizens to stay off cruise ships and away from many European countries. For countries with socialized medicine, they have added the power of denying insurance coverage to citizens who go against these "advisories." Meanwhile, Celebrity says its April and May cruises in Europe (and TAs) are still going as scheduled. Really? How? So we passen
  10. Argo, when I saw you had posted on this thread I eagerly opened, thinking, "if anyone knows what's going on, he will." How disappointing to hear that Celebrity's most valuable customer was in limbo like that! We are in the US, eagerly waiting for them to cancel our 4/13 Apex cruise out of Southampton since every port is now closed, and I'm now discouraged that we will get a timely update. I know we have CWC, but if they cancel we get more credit, plus it gives us certainty. Since they aren't giving the 125% FCC to people who accept CWC before they cancel a cruise, it makes no sense
  11. I still want to see Apex or Edge. My cruise is not yet cancelled (April 13) but I can't see it going forward. So I've been looking at options in 2021.
  12. Depends when they implement it. First TA doesn't leave until April 17 (31 days from now) and would arrive some 10 days later. Still, I sure don't see this actually clearing up in 30 days.
  13. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/82/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/?fbclid=IwAR1S7u0qgQvvNYzVvb89Wm5jY2k8dhDOA5-mJGsmZjLvBVphvAt8R_wucno Saturday, March 14, 2020 MIAMI - Given global public health circumstances, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has decided to suspend the sailings of our fleet globally at midnight tonight. We will conclude all current sailings as scheduled and assist our guests with their safe return home. As with our announcement yesterday regarding U.S. sailings, we expect to return to service on Apr
  14. Someone posted a tweet from Trump thanking the cruise lines for honoring his request to stop cruising for 30 days [out of the US]. If it was requested by the government, I expect (and hope) that the cruise lines and their crew are getting some federal money to help cover the immense losses.
  15. We're on one of the Apex cruises in northern Europe which for some reason have still not been cancelled. However, they've said we can't go because hubby has a chronic illness (MS). All they are offering us is 100% FCC. We are holding out for the cruise to be canceled, and if it is not and they still won't let us go, we will insist on a cash refund instead. That's the least they should do when they are denying us the chance to cruise. So, I am not yet calm about the trip. But, we are also in Atlanta. Our community is all shut down, and we are in our home for the duration. We have a
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