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  1. I love aft-facing hump balconies!
  2. Very funny. Yes, RCCL sales is divided into regions of the world. U.S. and Canada both fall within the North America division. Citizens of either can book directly through that office. U.S. travel agents can sell to citizens/residents of both countries, although not all agencies are setup to accept both currencies. So I would imagine that the same promos are available in both countries.
  3. We're Elite members and didn't get the email. I was going to call and get this promo change first thing this AM because it's easier to get thru. By the end of yesterday the price had gone up, cutting our $100 savings down to about $60 total. I also noticed that they eliminated the senior, military, and resident rates at some point yesterday on this cruise (I wasn't planning on using them anyway because I prefer the 4PERKS promo). I don't feel like calling for this smaller amt, as sometimes the phone reps mess up the booking causing me aggravation. So I'll wait and see if there is another good
  4. Wow. https://loyaltoyoualways.com/news/ is definitely an official Royal Caribbean site, but it's for travel agents. I know that doesn't help you at this point but whoever told you that is wrong.
  5. We don't care for Persian Gardens. We like the Blu room and service, but DH is pescatarian and often prefers to order the fish or vegetarian dishes from the MDR menu. So we only book Aqua on M-class where that is available.
  6. If the flights are actually cancelled (as many now are) and the airline doesn't offer passengers alternative arrangements, they should be refundable from the airlines.
  7. I have personal experience with this CC travel insurance. If your doctor advises you not to travel due to an ACUTE illness that was not pre-existing ( you can also have another chronic illness,) and the doctor completes the Chase CC form you might be eligible for a refund through Chase. However, you will also need a letter from Celebrity stating any refunds AND/OR credits that you are eligible for, and won't be able to claim on that amount.
  8. If Instacart is available on your area you can have them do your grocery shopping and leave the food on your doorstep. You can tip them in the app/website.
  9. There were 3 on my recent 12 night Solstice cruise.
  10. You can usually pre-purchase discounted wifi starting at about $20/day and 2 devices for about $30/day. This is online on your cruise planner. People tend to dress nicely on Celebrity, but the dress-up nights have become less formal. Women will be wearing sundresses, cocktail dresses, clubwear, little black dresses, and nice tops with black pants or dark jeans. So wear what you like. I like to wear black with sparkly statement jewelry. If we sail from our home port in Florida I wear gowns and my husband wears Tux or dark suit. If we go overseas he doesn't take a jacket and I le
  11. Call Celebrity groups dept and find out the minimum number of staterooms required to get a free berth. I think it's either 8 rooms or 10 rooms. I don't think you are there yet, but you could be if you get a few more people to join you. Look at deck plans and choose rooms that have staterooms above and below. Those should be quiet. There is also a spreadsheet on the Celebrity boards on CC that has passengers' experience with room noise. Make sure that all of your passengers' booking numbers are cross- referenced shi that you are assigned the same table if you do tradit
  12. There really isn't a lot of shopping to get excited about. The majority of clothing is Chicos, Rebecca Minkoff, and Celebrity Logo. There is a $10 boutique one or more days. I don't buy jewelry so I'm not sure what brands they have, but I think they have Effy. There is a handbag store which carries popular department store brands.
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