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  1. Maybe you'll be given an OBC once onboard for the difference. That seems to happen on most of my cruises. It shows up as a credit on the acct. Let's hope.
  2. Well, I'm so relieved. I finally got through to an excellent rep at Celebrity and she was able to easily change the TFP back to what it was when I originally booked this sailing, as it should be. She confirmed that they haven't changed any policies that would result in any changes to the TFP after booking unless the booking is moved to a different sailing. I guess the computer has a mind of it's own and it changed the numbers! Thank you everyone for your input.
  3. It says this on the MSC website for my cruise: "After embarking and collecting the Cruise Card for your stateroom, you should activate it for onboard purchases by self-registering your credit/debit/prepaid card at one of the Cruise Card Activation Points. You can do this independently, at any time from embarkation until 11:00pm the following day, at any of the Cruise Card Activation Points located around the ship. These new devices let you register your card simply, rapidly and securely. Please note that you will be asked to enter the PIN number." Do I really need my credit card PIN to register or is this just for debit cards and prepaid cards? Thank you.
  4. Thank you for confirming that. I don't think mine ever have either.
  5. LOL, yes, it is a lot of trouble, and I am one of the obsessive ones, but it's still worth it. I don't bother to request price changes for a few dollars...but when I can pay a little more and get a valued perk I do it. Or if I can get a low cost (or sometimes free) upgrade to a better type of stateroom, I call. I'm a part time TA and most of my clients love my obsessiveness. I drive myself bonkers sometimes though! Still on hold...63 minutes and counting this time.
  6. Final payment is due next week. I understand the fees can be an estimate, but they are charging me a much higher amt than it's supposed to be now for new reservations. If it's an I.T. error there might not be the usual OBC refund. Still on hold for the 3rd time...they keep disconnecting the line after 60 minute holds. I'm sure I'll get thru tomorrow morning if not today.
  7. Yesterday I requested new promos on a reservation, which of course resulted in repricing. My cruise fare correctly matches the new bookings price with the same promos. However, the taxes, fees, and port expenses (TFP) are higher by $45.55 pp. I can't figure out why unless it's an I.T. error. My reservation originally had $159.52 pp TFP. (I then added flights, which did not change the TFP.) New bookings with my same promos have TFP of $175.91 pp, so I can understand that changing promos might raise my TFP to that amt. However, now mine are $221.46 pp. Huh? On hold with Celebrity for 2 hrs....so.... Any guesses of a legitimate reason for the discrepancy?
  8. Yes, of course you can sign out on one device and sign in on the other. For us, it's just easier not to, as my DH needs my assistance every time. So because we can't both be signed in at the same time on one acct anyway, it's just MUCH easier to pass the phone, LOL!
  9. That's great. They told us it was one or the other on our last 2 cruises (Infinity and Edge).
  10. You can call the Captains Club to order it at your 30% discount, or just wait until you board. If you aren't planning to use video, the unlimited surf package might work for you and it costs A LOT less than the other one does. Also, if you see a pre-cruise sale, you might be able to get your discount on top of the sale price. Someone on CC was able to do that. I've never seen the surf package on sale though....only the more expensive package. Since they only allow you to purchase the package for one device, if you want 2 devices the discount doesn't work out that great....the surf package costs about $20/day, but 2 devices is about $30/day...if you do the math, you'll see you're only saving about $1/day per device if you activate 2 devices! Here's what my DH and I do with our elite benefits....he gets his free minutes. I get the discount on one device on the surf package. I have both of our email accounts set up on my phone and we share once he uses up his minutes. If you just take the free minutes, be sure to sign out!!!!
  11. They CAN make money on a downgrade! They can resell the concierge room at a higher cost than the veranda room that the OP is willing to accept. For example....if a veranda is $1000 and a concierge is $1500, that's $2500. But the OP's request would net $3000 to Celebrity!
  12. I followed the link in the email to check on some sailings. The lowest price shown did not include any perks. There was a higher price option that included 2 perks, which I think is really 4.
  13. You will be able to choose free minutes, then pay full price for internet after that is used, OR get an Elite discount on a one device package, per person.
  14. Go to Elliott.org You'll find everything you need there for all the cruiselines!
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