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  1. Is that the rowboat at the end of the dock? DH and I went fishing on Wednesday, now that I am on partial furlough. We caught 12 kokanee.
  2. We have had a few days in the 90's, but mostly not too bad. The nursing home where I work has had a few Covid cases recently, so now we are in full PPE...not fun, but hopefully we will beat it back quickly.
  3. We also did a partial Panama Canal cruise in October 2018, but on the Caribbean Princess. I am so thankful that my husband insisted that we do it for our 25th anniversary, rather than wait until retirement.
  4. I'm glad you are well and enjoying your cruise. Where I work, AMA means "against medical advice" 😁.
  5. We were enjoying happy hour at a hotel bar on Shelter Island, and saw the ship through the window as you sailed by!
  6. I use one of those tapestry looking mini bags on a long string about the size of a cell phone, that you can buy in some of the ports. I also carry my lactase pills, cell phone, tissues, etc.
  7. If you really believe this to be their last cruise, you may wish to focus your attention on enjoying the time with them. For the ports where the ship is docked, it should not be a problem for the 3 of you to push the wheelchairs for the 2 of them and look around town. Tender ports may need to be skipped, or you can take turns going off the ship and staying with them. They can also enjoy a quiet day in their cabin now and then, order room service, and recover from prior activities.
  8. Interpretation: Each Princess ship has one of the three restaurants listed above. Grand class ships have Crown grill, the Island and Coral have Bayou, and I don't know which have the Sterling.
  9. Dolphin deck side balconies are all mini suites, and not covered. There are 2 aft balcony cabins, not sure if they are covered or not, or partially. Emerald deck has covered side mini suites.
  10. We were escorted onto the Caribbean Princess last October in Ft Lauderdale. This was very nice (and very awkward) because the line to board was seriously backed up due to scheduled coast guard inspection. Our escort took us past everyone in line. Then it was funny, because he didn't believe that there were suites on the Fiesta deck. We had been in the same window suite previously, so we knew where it was!
  11. If the baby is accustomed to taking a bath, the mini suite would be a better option.
  12. I have had 2 different short cruises re-fared after final payment, with 2 different travel agents (one a big online agency and one an individual agent). In both cases there were still cabins available in our category and we didn't have any bonus offers attached.
  13. They did that for lunch on our last cruise, because our return was delayed, and it caused a real traffic jam. It was made worse because so many were doing walk off, they were dragging suitcases around.
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