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  1. Doug, I know from experience that bad news usually travels fast, so if you have heard nothing about the biopsy, that is probably a good sign. Keep us posted. It is so nice to have a virtual community caring about people we have not ever met!
  2. Tony, I am so sad for your loss. 😥 I'm sure you brought a lot of fun and laughter to their lives, like you do for all of us.
  3. Prayers for a good report...waiting is so hard. Please keep us posted 🙏
  4. I guess its time to start looking for plane tickets to Boston! 😄
  5. I have spent our stay at this hotel pretending we're on a cruise...evening wine and snacks from Vines, cookies from the International Cafe, and of course our water view. DH said the waves slamming the pilings under the hotel were the thrusters 😆
  6. We came over for 1 night little getaway from Vancouver...we are neighbors!. CPH is a splurge, but I'm enjoying seeing moving water right out our window. Nice little seating areas scattered around too.
  7. The closest I can get to a cruise ship experience right now! The Cannery Pier hotel in Astoria, Oregon.
  8. The Crown promenade has upright chairs and little tables to set your drink/snack on. It is not wide enough for loungers to stretch out on.
  9. I'm glad they are letting the crew use the balcony cabins while there are no passengers.
  10. Don and I have fixed a number of things around the house with Youtube videos to guide us. I figure we have saved enough in repair bills to pay for a cruise! 😄
  11. I hear they run a "lobster dog" special: a lobster holding a hot dog in each claw! 🤣
  12. Keep in mind that the Emerald obstructed view cabins in the 100's have people walking by on the upper part of the promenade deck.
  13. I have no clue. I just know it involved a lot of phone calls and visits. They live in a small town on the Oregon coast. Unbelievable.
  14. My mom's front load washer had some sort of electronic rebellion. the door locked, and no one could get it to open. A repairman finally pried it open so she could get the laundry out. They replaced it with a top loader.
  15. It really depends on what part of the experience is most important to you. I am all about outdoor space, so I would definitely choose the Emerald. Discovery does not have a walkable promenade deck, only a small walking/running track on a very high deck. The balconies are also bigger on Emerald, if you are planning to book a balcony or mini suite. If you want a nice indoor place with a view, Skywalker's on Emerald is usually very quiet during the day, although sometimes blocked for private events.
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