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  1. We are Platinum and sailing on the Getaway Dec. 1st.  Booked a GTY balcony last Feb. and was assigned cabin 13710 six months prior to sailing!.   However, Since it is about as far from the elevators as possible, I expect we will upgrade to a GTY mini for $231. total, while keeping our percs (prepaid grat.) and will get and additional $25.OBC.  steve

  2.   We are NCL Platinum and booked our 1st GTY balcony (with promos)  last Jan,. for a Dec. '19 sailing on Getaway.  Of course I've been curious about our cabin assignment and check balcony and mini availability periodically..  After reading this thread yesterday I went to NCL site and was surprised to see that we've been assigned a cabin 6 months in advance !  There are still many balconys and minis available in all categories and I'm not too thrilled that our cabin is as far away from the elevators as possible, so am thinking about trying to change it, or book a mini for $100. PP more (providing I can keep the prepaid grat. and OBC).  Final payment isn't until late July.  I'm not really asking for advice, just relating our experience.  Thanks for playing.  Happy sailing!  steve

  3. WOW !!  Talk about comprehensive.  I can't thank you enough, Bird, as we will be on her for the first time in Dec.  Great photos and descriptions !  We prefer smaller ships, but have been on the Epic, so we have an idea what to expect, although it will be our first time in a guar. balcony, due to the $350-400 price difference of a reser. bal.  Best wishes, Steve

  4. Good to know, gofeo.  I see that 4 ships are scheduled when we return to CM in Jan.  Do you think the const. will be completed by then or will there be tendering ?  On our previous trips there have only been 2 ships docked.  Luckily we can still walk that looong pier if need be.  Thank you.  steve

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