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  1. rog747

    I would like the new ship to have....

    No, Branson's mantra was against the increasing use of ETOPS twins at the time. We painted the motto on the side of the aircraft ! The DC10 and Tristar were on the way out by then - The newish MD-11 was around, but apart from Air Europe's order no one in the UK bought it and AE went bust in 1991 sadly. Yes, agree, today ETOPS big twins are the way almost all airlines now fly, even across the wide domain of the Pacific - but not too keen on that myself :confused::confused: The Atlantic is now completely possible to fly on all air routes with an ETOPS aircraft as there are now no no-go zones. There are plenty of alternate diversion airfields up in or near the Arctic Circle, Frozen North, all pretty remote, plus Gander and St Johns, or the Azores to land in an ETOPS emergency. For the Pacific there is nowhere between Hawaii and the US mainland and after that you have Wake and Midway island plus some others. (think amelia earhart here LOL):o
  2. rog747

    Queen Victoria Deck 1

    smashing where you off to?
  3. rog747

    Queen Victoria Deck 1

    the DELUXE insides on deck 1 and 6 are superb and very spacious if you can go for them - big settee to relax on and floor space
  4. rog747

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Solstice and Oasis Class may well have positioned the lifeboats on the Prom deck before CC disaster for both commercial and safety reasons as Oasis certainly have the Mega 370 seat lifeboats - A new design over the previously regulated maximum of 150 seats as seen in the past. After the accident the positioning of, and ensuring swift embarkation thereof the 'Mega' double deck lifeboats in large passenger vessels being newly built is def now in the statute book. One can look up the regulations both pre and post CC. As for the QM2, her use now, and her original role - Sadly in the past few years rising fuel prices and the economy thereof in all transportation modes (ship, planes and trains) have seen many changes and even complete U turns in procurement. I can vouch for that having working with Virgin Atlantic from the late 1980's/early 1990's. Our (Mr Branson's) motto was Virgin Atlantic, ''4 engines for Long Haul'' All our fleet had 4 engines, the 747 and the A340 - Well now the 747's are completely removed from the LHR fleet and at LGW they are used only on the high capacity leisure sun/beach routes, and they were supposed to be retired this year, but due to the (2 engined) Boeing 787 problems with their Rolls Royce engines it seems the 747 has now been retained for an indefinite period until these problems see the 787 Dreamliner fleet back on strength. In the day Branson was very vocal that he would only ever use 4 engined jets across the Atlantic. Oh how times and folk change when the price of jet fuel went up and up - Despite buying fuel in advance thus hedging the cost it's all about fuel economy in running todays' airlines - nothing else matters on the whole (nor in cruise ships) and many airlines have gone to the wall because of this. So the Virgin fleet now sees only TWIN engined Airbus A330 & A350 and Boeing 787 being ordered - with the exception of the oldish 747 fleet (since the 1990's) which were supposed to be phased out by July 2018. Some 4 engined A340's have been brought back out of warm storage (they were awaiting an unlikely new owner or the scrapman) and reactivated flying in the main fleet again whilst the airline is short of capacity due to the grounding of the new 787's. So, as you see Branson was no different to Cunard who in themselves changed the complete ''express TA role'' for QM2 as built and envisaged, by adding 2 whole days to a TA voyage because of the continuing high price of fuel. In the near term I cannot see that changing.
  5. BA Virgin and Norwegian are offering any stranded pax in the USA Canada or UK reduced fares for the next 2 weeks to get folk home Nice to see that WOW airlines are bringing the stranded crews back...
  6. rog747

    I would like the new ship to have....

    I do not think for one moment that Carnival's Micky has any regrets stumping up the $800m to build the QM2 He did this on his (very clever) gamble on the back of Cameron's movie Titanic of 1998 which then saw a surge in cruise bookings especially for the 'golden age' of cruising the Atlantic. Thankfully without the sinking - however the costa concordia saw that the films ending was almost faithfully replicated sadly with tragic results for 32 pax and crew - The losses much less than the Titanic, but the Concordia was a hare's breath away from being the worst peacetime disaster had she gone over a kilometre away in deeper water - Now, because of THAT accident any ultra large new build ships of today will have differing lifeboat location and boarding regulations which has seen designers now almost remove the wide Prom deck as seen on the HAL Pinnacle new builds K'Dam and the very latest N Statendam. The cruise boom as we all know see's Millions of tonnes for new build ships on order, and the QM2 was pivotal to that. Sadly due to fuel prices today QM2's extra gas turbines (old GE jet engines) guzzle fuel and they are not used like there were designed for a 29-30kts crossing. (2 days have been added to the TA voyages now as it is cheaper to feed the pax than fuel the engines) Cunard's latest ship due in a couple of years time is based on an enlarged Pinnacle class - whether they are widening the Prom deck remains to be seen...Let's hope they read the feedback and the designers can make tweaks - However based on the standard plans it's a very big tweak...
  7. Hattie - yes exactly what I mentioned yesterday - thanks for the link No ATOL applies to airlines (and Pimera were non UK anyway) Primera Air, a Danish scheduled air carrier which operated from Stansted UK to Canada and North America has announced it will cease operations WIE Primera Air is not covered by the UK Civil Aviation Authority ATOL Protection scheme which only covers passengers booked on a package holiday. Ticket refunds Passengers wishing to obtain a refund for unused tickets will need to contact the company directly. Passengers who booked directly with the company via either a credit, charge or debit card may alternatively be able to make a claim against their card provider. Some card providers will ask for a negative response letter confirming the position* Passengers may also be able to make a claim against their travel insurer. (*This letter will be published shortly) Passengers who have flown Passengers who have travelled will need to make their own arrangements to return home. They should contact their travel insurer or travel agent for assistance. (or Beg another airline to fly them home! - does work occasionally)
  8. They may do - Cunard use anyone these days, such as Virgin BA Norwegian et al, or if the client wants Stansted Birmingham or Belfast where Primera had flights to/from... Or if anyone has booked cruise only and had booked their own flights with Primera... If you paid by credit card you will get your money back - There is no CAA repatriation flights as they were not a UK airline.
  9. Not surprising due to various factors this summer, I saw it coming, but very sad though, some Monarch friends went to them after Monarch went bust a year ago today. Anyone on a Cunard transatlantic trip and has a flight booked to/from UK and the USA with Primera Air - sorry but it's bad news. Their aircraft are impounded at Stansted. Their website has been updated.
  10. rog747

    I would like the new ship to have....

    No not at all afaik - Hattie
  11. rog747

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Queen Anne is a ghastly name - she was a unpopular queen and an antique chair has more notoriety than her reign - QA means nothing to most people apart from some awful History homework we really did not want to do in grammar School....lol The 3 queens marketing was pretty good - as for 4 Queens? - Hmm doesn't quite have the same ring Queen Alexandra - she was popular but she was a ''Consort'' not a reigning Queen Mauretania would have been nice - a great Cunard ship, a traditional name and a third one would be rather good marketing I'm interested that the new Viking ships have a full width Prom deck - this maybe due to their smaller size and the pax numbers (less than 1000) are less. They only have 3 lifeboats per side - they then would likely be exempt from the new rules re lifeboat locations and boarding them on larger ships
  12. rog747

    I would like the new ship to have....

    walk around promenade deck full width with teak decks and steamer chairs....? Sorry - Fellow Cunarders, it is likely you will only get a narrow Prom deck (with fire proofed Faux teak decking, same as QE and QV) but it will not be wide enough for wooden steamer chairs (or any in fact - apart possibly maybe one or two wider areas) just some wooden benches... If you look at the Prom deck videos of the newish HAL Koningsdam or the very new (and similar) Nieuw Statendam you will see what I am on about... These issues have all been brought about because of the new safety lifeboat regulations about where they are positioned on new build ships after the Costa Concordia debacle -- So unless Cunard undertake a major redesign of the 'out of the box' Hull this is what you will get. I hope they do take our comments seriously that the wide Prom deck with chairs is a major tradition to be kept but don't hold your breath ;)
  13. rog747

    Baked Beans

    the coffee in the evening in the MDR is always hot strong and nicer
  14. look at getting a day room at a hotel? they look at wanting you off the ship pretty early you could have go there to refresh, have an early dinner then go to the airport for 9pm
  15. rog747

    British Airways charter cabin baggage.

    yoohoo hattie - haven't been on for a while - hope you are well I wondered that - what with QE going down to Oz as well - the only charter maybe will be pax going back from Rome to the UK on QE's pos'ng voyage to Oz Cunard are selling a SOU-Rome Med cruise next year on QE well no more BA charters then it seems ;)