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  1. New Just in - Cunard extend suspension of cruises until July 31. Cunard has also called off the Alaska season of Queen Elizabeth, meaning departures for that ship are cancelled up to and including September 8th https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories
  2. QM2 8013 - same as 8014 basically a full view - good cabin
  3. All the approx 250 passengers who were allowed to remain on the WC at Freemantle all of whom stated they were deemed Unable/Unfit to Fly....I gather Cunard required proof of that. Funny that some USA pax on board now are quite OK to want a flight back PDQ from the UK to get home to the USA!! What a travesty... The QM2 is not sailing to NYC any time soon - As for what Cunard does with the NYC originating WC passengers I do not know but I would think that Cunard has a duty to house them until the ship can operate again if they cannot fly. If any pax now elect to get a flight home from the UK to the USA (flights are still running, as are trains from SOU to LON, but many or most Hotels are closed) then Cunard could take the stance and not pay for it, but I doubt it.... Those pax are also attempting to fly against Dr's orders - Travel Insurance would be invalid and airline may not let them fly anyway
  4. rog747

    Save the Date

    I doubt any announcement about proceeding further with any new Carnival let alone a Cunard ship will be seen before Q3 this year. I can see the whole project on the back burner for quite a while until recovery of the industry (and us too) is stable
  5. I read she is to go to Portland Dorset to anchor
  6. this is 8078 - Had this for 2 weeks - all very nice, standard Britannia Balcony cabin - spacious with a small sofa 8077 will be more obstructed by the end of the LB/Tender 8095 should be a similar outlook to 8078
  7. We can pontificate all day about a name but the OP was actually about if we ever now will get a new ship LOL
  8. do we know how many pax stayed on board the biggest ferry in the world?
  9. Just be patient - they will get in touch - Your summer cruise is a way off yet.
  10. Very sorry to learn of the WC canx'd and most pax (1500+) will now have to fly home - We were due on at CPT to SOU but canx'd 2 weeks ago. I hope Cunard are telling the airlines to waive all excess baggage charges as many folk will have way over most airlines Y or even J baggage allowances. I might add if you are a US passenger and are now having to be heading back home then get Cunard to book you going East (over the Pacific) and not West to the UK and then onwards.........Its chaos here with UK-USA air travel.
  11. Deffo - I agree - - US pax should seriously think of getting off in FLL and NOT to continue to the UK with the idea they will be able to get back home - Cunard should strongly advise that to them - Both ends of air travel between UK and US are descending into chaos. Anyone who thinks this is going to improve or settle soon is deluded sorry.
  12. Only some WC pax are remaining on board from Perth back to SOU who are not able to fly home... Not sure if she is still calling at CPT to disembark any non-flyers there. All other pax were disembarked and Cunard is flying them home. QE will go empty back to SOU
  13. M009 from CPT to SOU is not nearly full - there is a loads of availability at cheaper than ever fares - I've canx'd and spoke to Cunard today and she said that the cancellations for it are immense. Madeira has stopped all cruise ships at the moment so that call plus Tenerife are both under review - what a shame plus I am puzzled why of all cruises they are not now honouring the $900 OBC they were giving - bizarre
  14. HAL already have a 3rd Pinnacle Class on order too, the Ryndam - Same type as the new Cunarder The Cunard build is not that advanced yet at the yard AFAIK
  15. Commerce s being affected all over - both Easyjet and Norwegian airways stock lost 20% this week - Easyjet company value went from £6bn to £5bn ouch
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