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  1. Hey, we're heading to NYC in the morning for our 1st cruise on the Gem. How early can we get on the ship? TA didn't know.... Thanks to all!!! Can't wait!:confused:
  2. tilly527

    What to pack, Gem 12/22

    Thanks for the great tips. I'm glad some of you will be along. The extra empty carry on is a great idea. We don't have kids. It'll just be me and my hub. See ya then; :):)
  3. Hey guys! I've posted before with questions and you guys have been great. We're newbies and we'll be taking our 1st cruise on the Gem from NYC on 12/22 to the Bahamas. What kind of clothing will we need? I'm guessing some warm stuff to start. How hot will the Bahamas be then? On land vacations, I tend to overpack and bring crap I never wear. I don't want to do that! PLease tell me any 'must' and 'leave behind' items; clothing or otherwise. Thanks!!!!!!!:)
  4. tilly527

    DVDs rental Gem

    Thanks both, now I know. Salty I love the pic of ur dog. We have a mutt and should put her pic out there. :) Too bad there isn't a share DVD out there.
  5. tilly527

    DVDs rental Gem

    :) Can you rent DVDs from the library on the Gem? Sorry if this is a dumb question; we're 1st time cruisers. We were going to bring the laptop to watch a couple movies during the travel part of the cruise. Thanks to all that answer.
  6. tilly527

    Surf & Turf (Cagney's)

    I'm such a newbie, hubby Dave and I are doing our 1st cruise on the Gem 12/22. I wish you were going. I love all your input. :)
  7. tilly527

    Luggage tags

    I'm on the 12/22 also and I haven't received anything from NCL. Is that because I booked with a TA? Should I email them? Does anyone have the address? THanks! I'm a newbie, this will be our 1st cruise.:)
  8. tilly527

    Gem Review 21-28 October 2007

    Thanks for the awesome review and pics! Love your dog too. :) So looking forward to the xmas cruise.
  9. tilly527

    More Gem news please

    Thanks Joan and John for pointing me to your great review. It had a lot of information. Being new to the blogs and cruising in general; I didn't know there was a separate 'review' section on CC. Good to know too! :)
  10. tilly527

    More Gem news please

    Hi all. I'm really hoping to get some more Gem news and reports. My husband and I will be on the 12/22 to the Bahamas as 1st time cruisers. Thanks to SLMS for your in depth report and the other cruisers that have given info. We'll be in a mini on deck 11. I'd love to hear more about the restaurants, entertainment, rooms, any problems, etc. I read a thread about a topless pool deck. Is this a joke?? Thanks all. I'm getting sooo excited and a little nervous. :o
  11. tilly527

    Gem Christmas cruise

    Thanks Traveler. We're so looking forward to our 1st cruise. Is Roll call something you sign up for before the cruise or just a general meeting of people early on, on board?
  12. tilly527

    Gem Christmas cruise

    Thanks Honeydog. lol on the dressed up donkey. I'm ok with Christmas being low-key, it's just my husband and I going. We don't have kids.
  13. tilly527

    Gem Christmas cruise

    We're doing the 12/22 Bahamas cruise. Will they be doing anything special on Christmas day? :) Thanks!
  14. tilly527

    Friends Of Bill W

    My husband and I will be on the 12/22 Gem cruise to the Bahamas. Are there meetings? I hope.....:)
  15. tilly527

    Gem 1st timer Help!

    Thanks for your replies. I think I'm getting nervous, but at the same time very excited! Any other tips would be appreciated. :)