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  1. In the 2nd bedroom on Breakaway, there's just enough room to walk by the bed to get to the bathroom, but it's tight. Kind of hard to see in this picture but there's a little space on the left of the bed. The bed itself is full size, so big enough for 2 if they don't mind being cozy.
  2. In the Splash Academy check-in area on the Breakaway there's a sign for max occupancy upstairs and downstairs. I think it's about 60 each. The youngest group, 3-5 year olds, were almost always downstairs, the 10-12 year olds almost always upstairs, and I think the 6-9 year olds were sometimes up/sometimes down depending on their activity. But there weren't enough kids on either cruise with my daughter (at 3 and 4 years old) that they'd ever have to turn anyone away so I don't have any first-hand experience with that.
  3. We were on Breakaway in February. It was a good cruise. The bars mid-day could be very busy, particularly by the pool and Waterfront. We eventually found others that were usually a lot less crowded like in the theater when they were doing game shows. Never had a problem in the evening. We found the crew friendly but often a little stressed, they seem spread a little thin. But still, a good cruise.
  4. Exactly. The Haven is like taking your family to the Wailea Four Seasons. Non-suite cabins are more like a Kihei rental condo with a kitchen. They're both a Hawaii vacation, but you pay very differently for the stuff you want.
  5. "Out of control" was quoting someone upthread (I should have included quotation marks). I'm sure there are kids of all kinds in the Haven, same as everywhere. I've seen a lot of complaints about Haven prices and the presence of children (who may or may not be unruly, some people seem unhappy when kids are there at all) combining to make the Haven an unpleasant experience. My point was that the two things are probably not unrelated.
  6. Seems pretty clear to me that many of the people who pay retail price for Haven suites are families with those out of control kids. People with kids generally aren't going to cruise on luxury lines.
  7. Then this forum would be full of Haven guests complaining that they book the Haven to get the butler/concierge/whatever and don't appreciate having to pay so much extra for the unlimited champagne and spa access which they don't use.
  8. Prosecco with cranberry. It's like a festive mimosa.
  9. You can sign your kids up as soon as embarkation begins and get a tour of the facility, but the club doesn't open for drop off until I think 7 or 8pm that night.
  10. We loved the Prime Meridian bar because it was never crowded.
  11. If you like margaritas but not super sweet ones (like me), and aren't turned off by the cilantro, sure give it a shot. Agreed the name doesn't really scream "I'm a delicious cocktail and you should order me!"
  12. This is a topic where people feel strongly about this stuff. But in general if you're talking about buses or some kinds of vans, you can't really use car seats there anyway so lap sitting should be ok.
  13. We were on a 2 week cruise in Feb earlier this year. Very few kids on board, but I think they had all the normal kids and family activities scheduled. It was nice because none of them were crowded!
  14. We sailed out of NOLA years ago, but it was too foggy to see anything out the way out, and the trip back up the river a week later was during the night. We're going on another in February, I hope we get to see more after we leave the city.
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