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  1. Yes! trouble printing documents (size/margins etc were all off) The "size" of the luggage tags changed for me about a year ago. I had to go in each time and make them larger.
  2. Thrak, we had Callie on our Panama Canal cruise on the Coral 2 years ago. He was GREAT! Very involved and personable, lots of things planned. We enjoyed him.
  3. Totally agree, Jim - if not a sofa, at least a love seat in Balcony cabins.
  4. I hope that if Princess "followed" any cruise lines bathroom layout, it would be Disney's. A bathroom with toilet and sink. A 2nd bathroom with sink and tub/shower.
  5. We will be doing a Princess cruise in October, ports of Halifax, and St Johns in Canada. We would use our credit cards for big purchases or lunch/dinner. Do we need some Canadian dollars for small purchases, or do they take American dollars? TIA
  6. The newer ships have hand held showers. The older ships, you can request them in advance. HOWEVER, most of the time the hand held is installed and just hanging there. They did not put the "holder" on the pipe like shown. Out of 4 cruises I requested it, only ONE ship put the proper fittings on. This was last fall and earlier, so perhaps things have changed. You can email customerservice@princess.com and request it.
  7. Thank you - I had been waiting. My question: I scanned in my Passport and it gave me the "green light" to take the pic.... Would the app tell me if it's not readable or not good enough? I can see it okay - but, It's not real clear or doesn't seem big enough
  8. The coffee drinkers seem to like that they have another option. The food at all of those places is still free (one fancy burger has a charge) You don't have to pay, or buy anything to sit there. Don't get your complaint.
  9. Wow - I never saw them make Onion Rings! Love Onion rings ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. What is your issue with World Fresh Marketplace? Could you elaborate?
  11. That's what I meant The winnings are split and the extra in the envelope goes to the person who made us the most. I should have been more clear.
  12. We've done 16.00 to enter Dollar machine with max bet as 3 Each person gets 5 pulls = 15.00 The Extra dollar we put aside in an envelope We keep a list of participants and write down how much they made $$ for the group The person making the most money gets the extra dollar envelope
  13. Charles, my heart goes out to you. May your beautiful memories give you comfort as you go forward. ๐Ÿงก
  14. Charles and Judy - thanks for taking us along on this voyage!! Have a wonderful time and a safe cruise!
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