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  1. Very happy to hear some of your home! So glad for you. They sent out tickets this morning and let some people off around noon. Nothing since. No manifest approved for this afternoon. I guess it could still happen but I'm not holding out any hope There are 290 of us still left.
  2. We sure do! Nothing since last night about 7 PM. Like I said earlier had I not been reading this thread I would not have known that people are getting off and getting on planes. I've not had any plane reservations, tickets, any contact at all.. nothing
  3. Thanks Sue! I haven't gotten anything. So I guess that probably means I'm not getting off today or tonight. But I can still hope
  4. Well, thankfully I got on this board and read that people are disembarking and getting on airplanes. Very happy for them! However, I'm a little unhappy that for those of us on the starboard side that cannot see the dock area that we had no idea this was going on. We have just been patiently waiting for an announcement from the captain or the passenger service desk and we've not heard anything since last night It would have been nice to get some kind of announcement to give us some kind of update and hope that we were getting off
  5. We've not heard from the captain since early evening last night. They delivered our breakfast, and we're hoping to hear from the captain soon about or status
  6. This Cruise left March 5th from Santiago Chile. So no one drove to the port ....the first segment was to end on March 19th in Buenos Aires and those people getting off had flights to go home. The rest of us that were on the full 32-day Cruise would have ended up in Fort Lauderdale on April 6th. We got close🐧😄
  7. that was The Love Boat theme, that the Regal played for us. It was the theme song for the television show The Love Boat in the United States. And when you're on a ship now, they play it at the muster drill
  8. How do you know they have a lot of gloves????
  9. The families were told first. And the captain just now came on at 10:22 pm Eastern Time and shared with everyone that people tested positive for the coronavirus. But he did not give a number yet. ..he said they would be Distributing masks for us. He said more information tomorrow
  10. PAMMY Of course, valid concerns on your part. However... You stated that it is a spreading of the Coronavirus we do not have any confirmed cases of coronavirus only flu-like symptoms. This is how rumors get started
  11. The Captain said in his announcement about Barbados today NO PASSENGERS would be getting off the ship
  12. That is not a rumor... I am on the ship and the captain announced that
  13. I am on the ship No info about going to Barbados. Please don't pass on rumors
  14. I love EZ check! On our last transatlantic we had gone to Morocco and EZ check wasn't available for us to use in Fort Lauderdale. Bummer. But, they still have it for most cruises there.
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