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  1. Bring back the picture frames.
  2. leedm

    Diminishing Quality on Carnival?

    Well said. Everyone has an opinion. OP we have heard yours
  3. We have been cruising since 2006 and during that time we have visited most of the Caribbean Islands during all types of weather. The water and the beach conditions have ranged for Wow to Crap. You just take a chance due to the weather conditions. We enjoy the non crowded beaches and always try to find them. In Grand Turk when walk off the ship and go through the main shop, you can turn right or turn left to get to the beach. We have done both. Turn right and you can walk and walk and walk. No shops, no bars, the beach is rocky. You can swim and be alone and look for shells. I think now they have stopped everyone from bring them back on board. But you can still have Lots of fun.;p;p When you go through the shops and turn left you must go through all the beach chair operators trying to get you to set in their chairs, they are just trying to make a dollar. Keep walking along the shore for about 1/4 mile. Then you will find Jack's Shack. They have a web site with a lot of pictures. We go there every time we are in Grand Turk. The last Hurricane did a lot of damage but I understand they are back up and running. If you go there you will find a lot of the ship's crew enjoying some time off. My point is at Jack's Shack you will find good food (jerk chicken), cold beer of all types, a nice beach all at a reasonable price. :p:p:p
  4. leedm

    Triumph need to be scrapped

    There is a 1/4 inch o ring in the control line that was leaking causing the propeller to not change pitch. Well that could be the problem :cool::cool:
  5. leedm

    carnival loayalty question

    It is called a cross over cruise. When during the cruise you have enough cruise days to move you up to the next level. Search on Cruise Critic "carnival cross over cruise" and you will find a lot of information on this Congrats
  6. leedm

    Carnival Vista Entertainment?

    We sailed the Vista Nov 4. We liked Most of the changes and will sail on her again. What I did not like was the Liquid Lounge design and seating. This new design "kinda" worked on the Sunshine but on the Vista it has made seeing the stage/shows not easy. The main floor is flat as stated in an earlier post, and the chairs can be moved around. So people move the chairs which then makes viewing the stage around someone's head hard. The balcony has a lot of angles and with the tall glass panel walls, makes seeing the stage and singers hard. Last, I do not like the new playlist productions. No live band, lots of computer background singing to cover up the the lower quality singers. IMO Carnival has solved the over crowding of the shows. Lower quality productions = less people attending. The evening show were the daily event to not miss, now they are IMO the second or third evening choice. I talked to the entertainment director and Carnival is looking at what could be done to improve the Vista and hopes Carnival does not make the same mistake on the Horizon. We will see :cool::D:p
  7. leedm

    Nearing DIamond Level

    The above comments are correct. Congrts ;p
  8. leedm

    Alot of Negative Vista Feedback

    This makes my head hurt.......:* Someone has way to much time on their hand
  9. leedm

    Vista 11/4 sailing

    We were on the same cruise, had no problems..... What else do you want? The above post covered my thoughts. Hope you feel better and will cruise Carnival again. I have cruise with them 32 times and no problems
  10. leedm

    Vista thoughts!

    I would like to add my opinion. We found less storage areas in our balcony cabin, compared to the Dream/ Magic. The liquid lounge - who ever thought that design would work had their head in the sand. High back seats, the glass panel walls in the balcony made it hard to see the shows. The shows - I do not like playlist production. Since Carnival has changed to this type of show the quality of the shows has gone down. IMO loud music, flashing lights and computer background singing does not overcome the lower quality of the performers Overall I did like the ship and would sail on the Vista again
  11. leedm

    Changes to Loyalty Program

    How many times has a new Loyalty thread popped up and things just stay the same. Do you reality think Carnival is going to pull a bunch of new perks out of the air. Just re shuffle the deck or re name an old perk. I will still cruise CCL, NCL for where they go and the time of the year they go there - My shedule :cool:;p
  12. leedm

    Deciding between Dream and Fantasy

    The Dream does have more "things to do" Out Door Movies, Water Slides etc. If you have kids they may like the Dream over the Fantasy. The Fantasy may have a better crew to guest ratio.
  13. leedm

    Carnival Vista Questions.

    Cruise Critic has a review board. Find your port of call, look at the tours for that port, and the ratings by people who have gone on the tours Have Fun
  14. leedm

    "Bang for your buck" Drinks

    What are the total ounces in the pitcher?
  15. We have been cruising for 10 years. I do not have or want a high price camera with lots of lens. I have gone through a number of different types of cameras. I have found for me I need one that is a point and shoot, fits in my pocket, that can be used in the water, takes good pictures in low light, and has wifi ability to send pictures to face book easily would be great. What do you use?? Thanks:):):cool:
  16. leedm

    Nov 4 2017 Vista change

    We have been to these ports and they are great. Some of the best snorkeling/diving anywhere:cool:
  17. ZOOOM That was your comments flying over my head LOL. use your points to reduce your credit bill. Do the math
  18. leedm

    Dream leaving NOLA

    One of our best cruises was on the Dream, setting on our aft wrap balcony sailing down the Mississippi. After you get into the Gulf you will see a lot of lights from the oil rigs. If you can stay up that late, close to mid night.
  19. leedm

    Thermal Suite & Thalassotherapy Pool

    We were on the Dream in a Spa Balcony. Loved the Spa pool and rooms. If you are not busy on port days, that is a good time to use the Spa area. Sea days early in the morning and some times late (dinner and show time) it is not crowded. They limit the one day spa guest to try to control how many people are using the Spa. Enjoy
  20. leedm

    Rare Dream itinerary Jan 18, 2018.

    What has changed in Belize, increase crime? It has always been a high crime area. We went on a cave tubing tour in 2006 and passed men along the roads with guns, not solders, locals. Also were told do not go outside of the fence at the pier unless on a tour.
  21. I have used a PVP on our last few CCL cruises, she has helped me with getting connecting rooms, using my diamond cabin upgrades, looking at any discounts I can get when booking, and any booking changes that would get me obc. She has called her supervisor on any questions I may have had. I didn't need to call and stay on the waiting. She is just and email or call away. So for me PVP is best
  22. Thanks for all of the responses. :):)
  23. I am another who loves Tandoor. When we are looking for our next cruise to book, we always look to see if there is a Tandoor on the ship.
  24. Try the spicy Margarita, it was great. Makes you want another. Some Margarita's at the other bars are pre mixed, not freshly made
  25. We sailed on the Dawn the week March 4 - 12. We had the same problem off loading our luggage, parking and getting through the terminal. Getting off, our porter took the luggage to the car. That was a breeze. We also agree the ship looks great. We had UDP and Dinning. Food was very good. I found if you tip the bar staff a little extra you can get the top shelf stuff. Overall we had a great time.