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  1. We were there around 12 noon and onboard about 1pm last January and again in March
  2. We were booked to go on Smeralda on the 10th Nov from Marseille I cannot praise Costa highly enough for their efficiency in this matter - they’ve been so helpful. Air fare, hotel, rail fare , deposit - all refunded and 30pc off a cruise next year ( so we’ve taken a suite) They are also letting us have the points we would have earned on our 7 day Smeralda cruise Good old Costa! Caryl
  3. Excellent advice fro tenpin - as always 😊 I could never go anywhere without my straighteners and have never had a problem taking them on board. Caryl
  4. I can’t believe Costa would take mineral water off the package. It’s the cheapest item! I had many glasses of water on Deliziosa in March. I always take them back to my cabin and fill up a bottle I keep in the fridge.
  5. I look forward to reading your cruise report tenpin. We have a midships suite booked on Favolosa for the repo back to Savona late August. It’s a while since we have been on Favolosa so I will be glad to read what experience you have found with Costa this time caryl
  6. You could just order a non alcoholic cocktail (included in brindiamo) and order the spirit separately having watched them make these cocktails it really puts me off. I weakened 2 costa cruises back and paid for a Cosmopolitan at the pool bar. How disappointing! It came in an ugly plastic tumbler and was so sweet and sherbety I could hardly drink it! caryl
  7. We were on the same cruise but got off in Savona - much to our relief after 19 days. This was our 4th Transatlantic crossing with Costa and by far the worst one for food and entertainment. As we are diamanté we usually get to eat club restaurant or have a designated space in the main restaurant. On this cruise it was the latter and for the first 3 days the food was fabulous as it was one of our favourite executive chefs on board. Then after that everything changed - even the soups were different - tasting like they’d forgotten to put the stock in! I asked our waiter what was going on and he said it had been change over time and a different chef was on board. How disappointing! We had some awful meals and some mediocre meals and had 5 nights out of 19 in the club restaurant. Even in there (where they gave their own kitchen and chefs) the food was not as good as other Costa ships club restaurants. The service everywhere was excellent. The buffet at breakfast was so varied and good as it was geared up for the American guests. Lunch wasn’t so good, but the choices were so much better than in the MDR. Im really glad you had such a wonder cruise Samiam. You really do get what you pay for so we have given up on our usual premium balcony cabin for our forthcoming cruise in September and booked a suite. At least we will get all the little luxuries! The Deliziosa is a ship we won’t go on again. 3 times in 5 months was overkill! The ship has a very annoying judder which makes me feel a bit seasick so I had to wear bands most of the time. I don’t like the decor much either - just hope they pretty her up on her Refit Caryl
  8. We were on Victoria for a week last May. The Club restaurant is the nicest one of all the Costa ships we have been on. Its just a pity it’s one side of the ship as they turned the other half into. Burger /pizza restaurant Its very nicely furnished and the food was the best we have ever had on any cruise ship. Victoria is an older ship and doesn’t have the glitz and glamour the newer ones have, but we loved our 7 night cruise on her. There was a very friendly atmosphere too. The front of the ship on the outdoor deck has that green fake grass carpet stuff (yuk)and some pod things to sunbathe on. Sorry I can’t remember if there’s a special area for suite guests. Here are some pics for you. The first 4 are all club restaurant
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