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  1. The WiFi is always extremely slow. We bought the cheapest Costa package twice but now just pay and use our own data roaming when in port - much faster. There is a business centre on the ship. Caryl
  2. Our first time on Diadema was awful as I got Norovirus. 2nd time on we were with friends and had a ball. The entertainment was good - especially the Red Alligators in the Country Rock Club. Our 3rd cruise which was New Years Eve embarkation in Barcelona was a mistake! A very very busy ship. Female Staff in Samsara were the worst ever encountered. We had breakfast and lunch in the very busy club restaurant and enjoyed the experience. We felt there was so much disruption at every port of call with people joining and disembarking. The entertainment wasn’t very good either! It really put us off doing another Diadema cruise. Caryl
  3. We always go to the casino on a Costa cruise just so we can cash in the OBC . My husband risks some chips on the roulette table and I close my eyes and hold my breath. Usually he wins a few euros then collects. We haven’t any experience of using the slot machines. Caryl
  4. I booked a cruise on their website more than a year ago and never had that problem but I haven’t been able to book online since then - I always have to phone to make a booking. I now find it’s easier to book by phone - if they are open!! Caryl
  5. Tap water on a cruise ship tastes awful. We used to get our glasses filled on P&O cruises and never could drink it. Ugh! We always see people fill up their bottles at the water dispenser - holding the neck of the bottle up to where the water comes out. A disgusting thing to do. It’s too easy to catch germs on a cruise, but that’s asking for trouble We buy the package on Costa. Ask for 2 glasses of still water in the bar then pour them into our own bottle which we then put in the cabin fridge. Costa used to give you bottles of water but there was too much waste. We still see this with Italian people - they order a glass of water with their coffee/wine and never drink the water. Caryl
  6. That was great reading Riana! Beautiful pics too. I love Bruges but haven’t been there in summer. When we did a Baltic cruise with P&O a few years ago, we decided to get a bus to Ghent as we had been to Bruges. It was a really nice town as well with some brilliant architecture. How I laughed at your husbands Amsterdam comments!! Reminded me of the few hours we had in Amsterdam 10years ago . We had a 12hr layover so decided to go into the city centre. The vomit on the streets, the old haggard prostitutes, the smell of wee and weed.....Stags and hens were everywhere and there were no quiet spots to sit and have a drink. We had a horrible lunch somewhere and returned to the airport with me saying “never again “ I’m so glad we are going straight on to Mediterranea. We won’t be taking a taxi either! We wondered about booking a cruise changing the names so the other couple could have the benefits too, but I thought it would be too stressful. We went on Favalosa with my husbands brother and his wife. We ate in the MDR with them instead of club. One night they decided they weren’t hungry and would get a snack st the buffet. Yippee! We ate in the club restaurant. The thing was, they ate at least twice as much in the buffet! In fact they ate so much they could hardly eat lunch the following day. They are buffet people but we are not. I can’t stand the queues, the noise, the food being cold by the time I find my table. We did eat buffet at night once on a long cruise on a costa ship. I had caught a horrid cold and said no way could I sit in the restaurant so we sat away from everyone else and I got my husband to fetch a bowl of soup. Oh those statues were funny - polished boobs! Hurry up and cruise again so you can write some more please!! Thanks again Caryl
  7. Hope you enjoyed enjoy Norway Caryl
  8. How pleased am I that you have found time to share all this. Well done! I’ve just quickly read it as we have friends coming for dinner tonight so I’m really busy in the kitchen. We wanted to stay 2 nights in Amsterdam but after seeing hotel prices NO WAY! Sorry you were ripped off with that taxi fare. Look in what’s in port.com and look up Amsterdam We love the bars on Mediterranea. I hope Georgio wasn’t the star piano man - he is very repetitive! He was married to cruise director Simone at one time.... We were considering taking a costa tour to Honfleur as we have OBC and it means we don’t have to walk into town to the station (Le Havre) Such a boring walk! Your thoughts please? Great photos which I will study tomorrow morning Thanks Riana Caryl
  9. Glad you got it sorted Take a look at that website as it gives you excellent info on all the ports you will call at Caryl
  10. Look at this website as it may help you. whatsinport.com
  11. Thanks for that Mary Ann. Honfleur sounds like a good idea. I certainly don’t intend to walk around Le Havre again Caryl
  12. Interesting breakfast reading for me this morning! Reading this reminds me why we never buy tours ( unless in countries like this) I can’t stand not being able to see and do what I want - and the waiting on other people....!!! Toilet stops! The tour is only as good as the guide you get - I think it’s all down to luck. We were on a tour in South America which was for English speakers so there were 2 English couples and the rest were German. Then just before we left the port, a French couple came onboard but they were on the wrong bus. They were told where their bus was, but decided they liked our itinerary more so they paid the extra and joined us. All this delayed us! Then the guide started speaking and all of a sudden the tour is in English and French! Infuriating! I didn’t know about the Indian visa change - I get put off looking at cruises with Indian ports of call as I don’t want to give up my passport - before we had to post to London and then wait weeks. It was expensive too. This is good news for cruisers. Thank you Stefan PS We also did a tour of Mumbai in private car (10+years ago) and told the driver NO shops NoNoNoNo!. Great pictures Caryl
  13. I’ve been waiting for this Riana! Thanks for taking the time. Please don’t be disheartened as I think there are a few of us out here very happy to read your trip report and enjoy your photos. (I can’t seem to upload photos from my iPhone or I just can’t figure out how to do it on this website) We were on Pacifica last September from Kiel to Savona doing similar ports. We had a showery day in Le Havre and didn’t really see very much. As a result we weren’t impressed. In Dover we sat in the terminal building and I downloaded films and BBC programmes on my iPhone and iPad to keep me going! I did say after that cruise that I wouldn’t go again as the weather was so horrid . But hey ho we booked Mediterranea in September from Amsterdam to Marseille. At least we could have lobster and ham as well as prawns and steak on Pacifica. Also in MDR upper lever - one side without any curtain. We got put right around the corner at back of shop in a nice quiet bit. We love Mediterranea and are hoping things will be as good this time as the other 3 times we have sailed on her. The bars are nice and I like their cabaret club/extra theatre which we only discovered on our 3rd cruise!! How hopeless are we! I did write a review of our recent Victoria cruise but as I was posting I lost it! I completely lost heart and just couldn’t bear to try and do it again. I would like to get some photos on if you can give me some tips on how please! Keep on writing!! Caryl
  14. Riana you sound a lot like me! On Victoria the animation group were really annoying. They were trying to get people to join in with the dancing , but really they were just being a nuisance. Instead of pulling up the people sitting around the dance floor ,they were pestering people like me - trying to have a quiet drink and chatting to my husband. We normally wouldn’t even have been in that noisy environment, but there were so few bars on Victoria.
  15. :)Funny how they do different things on different ships They didn’t seem to bother much on Victoria
  16. 20 mins to half an hour Depends on the queue/scrum You will be given a card with a number on it and they shout out the number when boarding - and put it on screens. The Continental passengers don’t pay much notice to this so they will push in whenever they can. Get there a bit earlier (11)and you will get on sooner. Suite and top level (Perla Diamanté) are first to board. The boarding process is pretty smooth. You will get your photo taken for your cruise card as you board the ship. It’s a swish operation and costa usually do it all so well. Just don’t let the mob push in front of you! They tell you not to go to your cabin when you board - they will show you to the lift and take you to the buffet, but you must go to your cabin and collect your cruise cards. This means you can have your drinks with lunch. Lunch will also be served in the main dining room (they keep that one quiet though) on deck 3 - much nicer imo. Only to 1.30 usually
  17. White night is the deck party night. Some people dress all in white. I don’t as it’s not very flattering when you get to a certain age There’s usually a 70s night but it’s mainly just the animation team who dress up for it. Caryl
  18. Great choice of cabin. Handy with lifts and stairs. We would usually go for this location. Cabins above and below so it should be nice and quiet. Caryl
  19. We joined Favalosa in Copenhagen 2 years ago. We took a taxi from our hotel to the cruise terminal around 11.15 am. Boarding rarely starts before 12. Signs are in English and staff will speak English. Make sure you have water and snacks in case you are kept waiting longer. Caryl
  20. Yes the cabin steward will remove the items from the fridge. Caryl
  21. The mini bar was fully stocked on Victoria last month. We never take anything from the fridge and would love it to be empty as we want our water chilled The cabin steward unlocks the fridge when you arrive and locks it on your last evening.
  22. Of course we are not allowed! You have to keep it hidden away. Only take it out when you use it. ;)
  23. Tea and coffee still available all morning. We were never in the buffet for lunch so I’m sorry I can’t say if it was available then. I did see people getting tea and coffee with afternoon tea (4-6) so I would think it would be available for lunchtime too Why not take a thermos flask with you - or a travel kettle and some tea bags and coffee. You can get milk at the buffet and put it in your fridge. Caryl
  24. Thank you for the very interesting report of your cruise. The photos are very nice. I was wondering whether to book this cruise next year or do a Transatlantic. I opted for Deliziosa USA to Italy as both me and my husband prefer bigger ships. Thanks again for sharing Caryl
  25. It is a really good service and they make such a nice job of the ironing. It’s so much easier to pack the small pile of ironed clothes than a bundle of dirty clothes. Caryl
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