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  1. The shows are good the first time you see them then it gets repetitive after a few cruises The Costa dancers put on 3 shows which are very good. Their costumes and dancing are usually excellent. There’s a magician show, acrobatic show and a night with a singer performing. The other night is usually a crew show - sometimes very enjoyable. The Brindiamo covers drinks everywhere except for the Ferrari bar - usually empty because most people are on the drinks package. On Favalosa this is a very nice bar at the back of the ship on deck 5. They allow you in after 9pm when it ceases to be the Ferrari Bar - or that’s what was happening a while ago on Favalosa. Might all be changed again. Caryl
  2. Favalosa is a lovely ship with nice big cabins and spacious public areas There’s a chocolate bar where you can get a really nice coffee and liqueur after dinner or just morning or afternoon coffee/hot chocolate They have some good entertainment venues and people have plenty room to dance The theatre is big too All in all it’s a good ship. Been on her 3 times Caryl
  3. Well boo hoo sob sob! That’s us back in Savona and waiting for our Costa transfer to Milan airport. It’s been one fantastic cruise - mainly due to the lovely crew on this ship. The food has been outstanding- never been on a Costa ship with such perfect meals until now We started having breakfast in the self service restaurant as they served until 10.30 - and it was a hot breakfast with a great choice. Tasty gammon, minute steaks, chicken..!! Omelettes etc. We had to try to eat just a little as we wanted to enjoy lunch in the club restaurant. The bars have been the biggest problem for us. The nicest bar - the only decent bar worth going to is the Concorde and it sits at the front of the ship. Unfortunately 4days out of 7 when we went for pre dinner drinks it was closed for either honeymooners party or captains party (which we avoid) or private function. We found this so annoying . The Grand Bar is not a good place for a drink - worse than sitting in an airport lounge! Will have to stop there as it’s nearly time to leave this old ship which we have grown very fond of over 7 days. Caryl
  4. We boarded yesterday in Savona. There were 3 Costa ships in and boarding only started at 1 pm. No scrum to get on ship - it was quite painless and once on our first impressions were - “oh it’s not too bad!”Then we saw more......Oh dear what a tired old ship . The new carpeting and furniture makes it a bit better but it’s all shabby shabby old We were completely underwhelmed with our balcony cabin - it’s so small compared to the other Costa ships. Perfectly adequate with plenty drawers and storage space but shabby /old. Wooden floor in ensuite and very little space - lighting terrible - my husband couldn’t see properly to shave!! We can have all our meals in the club restaurant- dinner last night was fantastic. Great waiters and a warm friendly atmosphere . We were pleased to find out there is no 1st and 2nd sitting so we can eat when we want The bars all seem a bit small but the Concorde lounge is nice and we managed to enjoy our first night on board and only got to bed after midnight. It’s a really friendly ship - the staff seem happy and people talk to you. They’re all doing their best to keep this old ship alive! It seems to be working :cool: In La Spezia - going into town now Caryl
  5. Every time we have had the magic bag it has been at the end of cruise. Our last cruise left it to the 2nd last day which was good for getting most of your clothes washed but we were hoping it came back on time. Our cabin steward went to the laundry for us at lunchtime on the last day when we asked him when we would get it. Caryl
  6. Fantastic value and I’m glad you could pre book. Sorry for wrong info, but I have never had an opportunity to pre book this before How was your cruise? Hope you enjoyed it Caryl
  7. The magic bag can’t be booked The cabin steward places it on your bed a few days into the cruise Caryl ( a Shetlander) :cool:
  8. I am on Victoria on 6th May I’m sure I read somewhere that she was having a refit in March but can’t find any info about this Will let you know soon Caryl
  9. Hello Alicat Me and my husband are still cruising with Costa. Trying out Victoria on 6th May from Savona which is our favourite starting point. 7 days cruising in premium balcony cabin with drinks package for £500 each is not to be sneezed at! We love our Diamante perks so will be continuing to cruise Costa as long as we are fit to travel. We usually fly to Milan then take the train to Savona where we enjoy 2 nights in the Darsena Hotel. It gets us into the Italian mood before boarding a ship :D Our last cruise was on Diadema - our 2nd time on her. We like the ship but dont like the disruption of passengers embarking and disembarking all the time. We hate the budget cuts that are so obvious, but its Carnival policy so not just Costa who are affected. We havent been on a P&O cruise for a few years, but last time on there we werent impressed. We have to do a MSC cruise this year to keep our Black status, but havent found one that can match Costas prices. We like MSC, but my Carnival shareholder benefit gives me extra obc with Costa making it a better deal all round. Im hardly ever on here as I thought everyone had deserted the forum. ;) Caryl
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