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    What is there to do in Kona?

    I just got back from a Pride of Aloha cruise and Kona was my favorite day. We ended up finding our way to Kahaluu Beach and snorkeled for hours. Saw two sea turtles! Downtown Kona is very walkable too and I could easily see just hanging around Kona for a few hours. I think it's a great city!
  2. A-Flo

    POAl game room

    There iss a game room. It's small. Typical video arcade stuff. All I can remember is Miss Pacman and Capcom vs...the other one?
  3. I just thought someone might know if it was very loud because of the atrium being so close...I've never cruised the ship before and didn't know!
  4. So I saw that the ocean view cabin that we have booked for October 20 is in the area (of about only 20 rooms) right behind the main desk on the same level as the dining rooms (the Atlantic deck). Is this an extremely bad place to be? Should I call NCL and beg to have the location changed?
  5. Hi all! This is my first post. Just talked to a NCL representative yesterday to request an egg crate pad on our beds on our PoAloha cruise in October. The representative had never heard of this but put a request on our account for "special bedding", even though he couldn't tell me what "special bedding" is. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is, indeed, egg crate padding...or if I just reserved myself a rubber mattress cover or something. Thanks!