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  1. Usually after paid in full you're out of luck. I apologize if I came across as harsh. I usually leave a small amount to pay for final payment.
  2. In three days you couldn't find the time to stay on hold for almost $1000 price difference? (From May 22-25)? Why did you make the final payment without resolving the issue? Why now 3 months later are you complaining? You should have called and kept calling- Understand the frustration but this seems to be your fault. We are all busy but if it was that important you could have found time
  3. When Kenny was recommended to us by a fellow cruiser I was told to ask for Young Kenny. I just assumed there were two. I’m glad you had a good experience with Bodden but I stand behind my post about being stranded more than once. Maybe since Victor said he was suspending Kenny without pay after our issues, he learned how to properly do tours.
  4. Yes that is true- but others posted their experiences there also. My experience was less than two months ago so fairly recently. OP can make decisions on their own but deserves to see good and negative reviews. Then base decision on that.
  5. Please read my review of BODEN TOURS in the Roatan forum of Ports of call. Not good-
  6. How was the cabin location? We have 16005 next year (hubby doesn’t know we aren’t in interior YC yet). That’s an anniversary surprise! We are doing same cruise in May 2020- thanks for the excursions tips and review!
  7. A few down I posted my experience with Victor Boden- WARNING VICTOR BODEN TOUR. Please read my experience and do what you want.
  8. Why should they make allowances? There are cabins big enough in the Haven proper to accommodate your family. As PP said imagine if everyone did this- the Haven has limited space and it would be too crowded.
  9. We were in Breakaway Haven in May. We had specialty dining and prebooked . I tried to change one reservation and it wasn’t easy- took a day for them to get us in. Just because you’re in the Haven doesn’t mean things that aren’t there magically can appear. I’d definitely book restaurants then if times need tweaking see what they can do. I wouldn’t not book anything thinking I’m in the Haven so I don’t have to - I can get in whenever I want to wherever I want.
  10. Used in May with no issues. Nonstops both ways from Indianapolis to Miami.
  11. We were in the Haven on Breakaway our of Miami in May. We went to the Haven sundeck and there were only 8 people up there- the smoking section is at the front but nobody there was smoking. There was a pool attendant who brought us drinks. I attached a couple pictures I took from there .
  12. We cruise out of Civitavecchia in May 2020. We are in the Yacht Club. What time are we able to board? What time is debarkation? On confirmation it just shows what time ship leaves. Thank you
  13. What type of YC cabin were you in? We are sailing the Seaview YC in May 2020
  14. Thanks everyone! Have booked a VRBO with 140+ positive reviews and premier partner. Still will monitor hotels (some of recommended show no availability- wondering if since I’m so far out).
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