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  1. Not yet. My TA contacted MSC yesterday and agents said they are processing. She sent and email to another department.
  2. I got my May 20 cancellation FCC on Tuesday. Think my TA really pressed them. Had requested in March and have 2 cruises booked, November and February.
  3. My TA had her own company and majority of her bookings are MSC. She was fantastic working with MSC when our May cruise was canceled. Rebooked with her for November 2020 and February 2021.
  4. We cancelled our 5/2020 cruise on 3/10/2020. At that time it was only a FCC for cost of cruise. We rebooked but have not received FCC. Is it reasonable to ask for the 125% FCC credit they are now offering as our cruise was cancelled? Or is that something MSC would not do?
  5. Does anyone know if you can make a deposit to hold the cruise you want to rebook then use certificate to pay for?
  6. Guess good minds think alike I didn’t know if link allowed posted two above yours elliott is a great resource
  7. I wouldn’t be posting on a message board. You don’t know who reads it. I’d go to Elliott.org and ask for assistance there. They will tell you how to write an email and the order in which to send. They will tell you to be short and leave out all fillers to your story, and not threaten.
  8. Just booked November 2020 Panama Canal cruise. It was a deal for past latitude members. We got all five promos and free airfare (yes I know 'free'). It had me select departure city. On confirmation it shows AIRPROM2, but no departure city. I phoned and they stated it's there and without my stating city the told me. Should I be concerned since no city listed? We took advantage previously of the perk and it showed departure city. Thanks
  9. I did search Cozumel and Costa Maya Ports of Call but couldn't find what I wanted. We cruised on the Getaway in May 2019 and did Roatan, Belize, Cozumel and Costa Maya. In one of the ports there was an all-inclusive beach day place you could book. It was highly recommended and I can't remember where it was or the name. You could choose your loungers and spot to sit- reserve it. It was small. I don't believe it was Jamies or Maya Chan as the websites don't look familiar. Food and alcohol was included....Maybe it was Maya Chan (do they only book a small number of people)? Does that sound familiar to anyone. I tried to book for our May cruise and it was fully booked. We are going to those ports on the Pearl next year and I was trying to plan way ahead. Thanks in advance if anyone can help. I also tried looking on TripAdvisor at those ports. I know it wasn't Roatan (saw the sloths there).
  10. Thanks This was for a May 2019 cruise Must have been a special as my husband, myself and I all got an OBC I believe it was about $75 each Just booked for November 2020 through a Latitudes loyalty offer
  11. On our past cruise we got OBC for each of us for our Latitude silver status. Was that a promo or does it happen each time? If it does what is amount? Thanks
  12. Usually after paid in full you're out of luck. I apologize if I came across as harsh. I usually leave a small amount to pay for final payment.
  13. In three days you couldn't find the time to stay on hold for almost $1000 price difference? (From May 22-25)? Why did you make the final payment without resolving the issue? Why now 3 months later are you complaining? You should have called and kept calling- Understand the frustration but this seems to be your fault. We are all busy but if it was that important you could have found time
  14. When Kenny was recommended to us by a fellow cruiser I was told to ask for Young Kenny. I just assumed there were two. I’m glad you had a good experience with Bodden but I stand behind my post about being stranded more than once. Maybe since Victor said he was suspending Kenny without pay after our issues, he learned how to properly do tours.
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